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Author Archive for Carey Griffin

Encouragement from the big sis

Eleanor holding Molly’s hand, “walk Molly walk. I got you. Good job. I’m holding your hand. I got you.”

Little things

My mom said she wished I had an hour to update my blog. I said, me, too. I keep meaning to grab a notebook to record things I want to remember some day or scribble down one of Molly’s firsts. I guess I never expected it to be this wild with two kids 2 and under, an old house, and a full time job. Well, that being said this week Molly started walking holding on to her walker. She is so proud. And then yesterday she was playing in the play room and I heard her whining. One of those come help me whines! She had climbed up the stairs and got stuck about 6 steps up. Thank goodness we just got baby gates. She is going to be walking in the next month I’m sure of it.

Eleanor’s current obsession is animals. More specifically watching animals poop. All days that’s what she wants to do, “I wan guh see Aminals poop mommy.” I crack up every time. She went to the Museum of Life and Science last week with her daddy, and she must have seen a lot of animals poop. She also started taking the food on her dinner plate and sort of ravenously stuffing her mouth with it. We told here no, we don’t eat like that. It’s not good manners. And she said, “I’m eating like the animals.”
Oh boy!




From the beginning Molly and I have had a great nursing relationship. She latched immediately, we had no troubles, and I had a strong supply. But here lately I’ve noticed every time I go to pump I get anxiety. Shallow breaths, twitchy eyes…it’s weird. I pump 4 times a day! That’s a lot of anxiety. I don’t want to stop pumping, but I don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

Sitting up

Molly woke up last night sometime around 1 am. For the most part she sleeps through but at least twice a week she wakes up for a midnight cuddle. I got out of bed to get her (she sleeps in our room in her crib), and when I looked down my little baby girl was sitting up! She somehow moved from a laying down position to sitting at night nonetheless! It was pretty darn cute. I cuddled her a bit longer after that. She’s growing up too fast.


Getting dirty and clean



Yesterday was a fun day trying to balance getting things done with keeping babies happy. Eleanor was soooo dirty by the end of the day that instead of putting a new diaper on her at 5, I stuck her in the sink to get clean. She loved it, and it kept her occupied while I finished up dinner.



Favorite place




Another day spent outside all day. That’s Eleanor’s favorite place. She comes in to eat, get changed, water refills, and naps. We brought out the chalk yesterday and tried “painting” the tree, but our trees are a little too rough for that. And then she spent the rest of the evening with her hat turned backwards flailing herself up and down the yard yelling “RUUUUUUN! RuuuuuuN!” oh, man I laughed pretty hard.


It’s that time! We pulled out the kiddie pool yesterday. Eleanor’s favorite things are being outside and water. She’s in heaven.




Just Loving Her


This little lady is growing up so fast. Everything is clicking. In a little over a week she will be two! Two! We spent most of the entire weekend together, and it was extra special. Even though I’m still juggling the how to give each child appropriate attention I’m trying to really listen to Eleanor when she asks me to hold her, “sit sit sit” to play blocks, or watch her as she’s mesmerized by birds and being outside. I just have this feeling this time is going to fly by – this small window between toddler and child. She’s as special as the day she was born.



When all else fails, bake a cake.


This is the King Arthur vanilla cake recipe. The cake is dense but delicious. Eleanor helped me with the butter cream icing by choosing our color. She loves to cook-ia whenever i am in the kitchen. We added a few sprigs of rosemary in bloom to the top.



Eleanor has been adding the sound “-ia” to the end of all her words lately. It’s pretty cute.

Mowwy-ia ( Molly)
Sweep-ia (sleeping)
Side-ia (outside)
Wawee-ia (water)

And so on…and so on