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Just Like That…

She’s one and a half years old, 18 months, on her way to two…


She’s full of life, spirited, and strong-willed. She runs through the rooms of this big old house as if time is chasing her. She gives the best hugs every morning without fail as if to say I missed you while I was sleeping. She hides behind chairs and couches for moments of quiet. She would do anything to play outside all day. She tests our patience, strengthens our will, and doubles our potential for love every day.


Eleanor James, you are a firecracker.


Molly Francis, 4 weeks

Little Miss Molly,

You are officially one month old. I wish that the days would just disappear into each other so that someway somehow you could stay small and warm curled up against my chest (and your daddy’s, and grandparents, and aunt and uncle’s) forever. Is that possible?

Molly Francis, 4 weeks

Molly Francis, 4 weeks

You are growing like the wild chives in our yard though… so fast and so strong. Today at your 4 week check up you weighed 10 lbs and 14 ounces and measured 22.5 inches long! That puts you way up there in the charts for both weight (87%) and height (94%). Go Molly Go! You are focusing so well with those big pretty blue eyes. They are so blue I’m sure they will stay that way! Your hair is also starting to turn from brown to blonde, and you have given us all a little smirk from time to time. I see a dimple and it makes my heart swell.

Molly Francis, 4 weeks

You spent all of last week with your Mammie. You two get along so well. She has the magic touch especially when it comes to burping you (which you need often)! And your sister Eleanor always wants to hold you. She sticks her hands out as if to say “Gimme baby Gimme!” whenever you are near. This past weekend we went to Charlotte and you got to meet your Uncle Aaron and spend some time with your Gramma who you haven’t seen since the day you were born!

Molly Francis, 4 weeks

Molly Francis, 4 weeks

There is so much love for you in our hearts. I hope you always feel that.


So many people say Eleanor and Molly look just alike, but I see so many little features that make them each their own. Molly is the first photo, Eleanor the second.



Molly Francis, 2 weeks

Happy 2 weeks Molly Francis!
You are getting bigger by the minute. You are such a good nurser, and demand to eat as soon as you wake up. You make some funny little piggy noises when you are hungry and if I’m not fast enough you will start to cry pretty loudly. You had your first serious growth spurt non-stop feeding day yesterday! I’m hoping I can figure out a way to nurse you in a baby carrier so I can still get things done and play with your sister. You also have had no trouble at all taking a bottle from Daddy! This makes us all very happy especially since Daddy loves to cuddle you.

Last week you went with us to see the goats at Central Park, the Raleigh Flea Market, and your first East Durham Neighborhood meeting. You were a quiet sleepy bug through it all. You also met your grandpa, Aunt Heather and your cousins Jacob and Griffin!

You are doing really good at sleeping at night with two three hour stretches and a two hour stretch if I’m lucky. I’m trying real hard to not bring you to bed in the morning but the last two days I’ve been so tired I gave in.

Your sister loves to hold you. I was watching Eleanor cradle your head and was hit by this amazing feeling from your sisterly bond. I told your dad this thing is so much bigger than I thought at times. We gave you life but we also made two people sisters. It humbles me.




We love you baby Molly.

Sisterly Love


After A Week



I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since Molly joined us. It’s been a great week. Each day has gotten easier. Somehow we’ve managed to have three meals a day, run a few errands and even have some fun. Though we are all still rather exhausted. Eleanor has even taken to sleeping in until 9:20 am!

Molly loves to eat! She gained 6 ounces in just 4 days. She’s a sweet tempered baby girl with a loud cry! It’s amazing the lungs she has. She even wakes up her sister. Eleanor is doing really well. She loves Molly, and runs to her as soon as she sees we are awake in the morning. She loves to help me with diaper changes and loves to give Molly kisses all day long! She has been a bit more frustrated and sensitive at times, but overall seems to be adjusting to being a big sis fairly well.

Let’s see last week Molly and I went grocery shopping together, her first pediatrician’s appointment, and then we all went on a school tour and to the neighborhood block party (I think that day I might have overdone it a bit)! There is an amazing old school building (built in 1910) on the block across from us. They have been rehabbing and renovating it for a little while now and offered a tour to the neighbors. It was amazing! Afterwards we had a block party where we got to meet a lot of our neighbors. Every day we feel more and more confident in our decision to buy this house on this block in this neighborhood.

Hopefully soon I’ll have a bit of time and energy to write about Molly’s birth story. I’m looking forward to it. But until then here are a few photos from our week.

Last Import-23

Last Import-30

Last Import-29




We’ve been home a few days. The second day was easier than the first so today being the third day should (I hope) follow suit. I don’t remember this period with Eleanor which is probably another one of those things our minds do to keep us procreating. Miss Molly eats a lot but not for long, and sleeps about 40 minutes at a time at night now.

In the hospital there was one night when I couldn’t get her to calm down to latch so I called one of the sweet nurses in. As soon as the nurse came in Molly was bright eyed and bushy tailed curled up to me. The nurse said, “That’s a baby who just wants her mama. She’s not hungry.” so she helped me prop the bed so we Molly could sleep on me. that was the longest stretch of sleep we’ve had at night. I tried it last night, too. Two separate one hour stretches!


She’s here!

Molly Francis Griffin is here!
She arrived on September 2 at 11:51 pm. We made it to the hospital about an hour before she was born! I labored at home for nearly 36 hours, and thought it had stalled. What an experience! She came out beautiful, healthy, and chubby – 8lbs 12 oz.

We just love her!



Oh Contractions and Whatnot

Since I didn’t have the “oh my god I’m in labor!” moment with Eleanor’s labor I may have hyped it up a bit in my mind. Aren’t there supposed to be fireworks, water breaking, champagne bottles popping? I mean how am I supposed to know I’m in real, true labor?!

Yesterday I pretty much had contractions all day. Nothing too painful but definitely uncomfortable. Once I got home from work I mentioned to Nathan I may go lay down to see if they’d subside. They didn’t really, but they also didn’t change. Mostly averaging about 6 minutes apart and mild. I couldn’t sleep so I watched Medea’s Big Happy Family on Netflix, and drank ice water. Besides getting up to pee every other hour last night nothing happened.

Ever since breakfast though they’ve been rather painful and somewhat sporadic. I rested for a while then we all went to the grocery store. Now they are more painful and about 6 minutes apart. The annoying part is that I’m feeling the strain more so on my right side due to my SPD. It makes walking through them difficult. Though I never walked during Eleanor’s. Being still and calm was my best approach to riding through the wave.

Maybe we will have a baby right on time!

38 weeks

We should be meeting our littlest girl soon. Any day I hope, but knowing how long Eleanor stayed inside (11 days past due) we may have to wait a little longer. Technically I am 38 weeks and exhausted. But I am measuring 42 weeks so it’s safe to say she is definitely on the above average side! I’ve been swelling and having plenty of hot spots on my right leg since Monday. My blood pressure is still normal and I am as healthy as can be as is baby, but I’m ready to slow down – to take a break. It’s just such a integral time in our lives with moving into the house and needing little things to get us set up for my leave that I can’t really afford to leave work two weeks early. I guess ultimately I would go back to work two weeks early, too. And I would have to leave baby earlier than I would want, but I’d also get a few more weeks with Eleanor and Nathan – our family of three.

I guess I will make a decision sometime tomorrow as to what I will do.

38 weeks

38 weeks


38 weeks

I have her bassinet and changing station all set up in our bedroom for now. All of her clothes are unpacked, and washed. Minus putting in the car seat we are ready for her arrival. My midwife told me about Blue Cohosh as a natural inducer. I’m a little nervous to take it because she said it would definitely cause mild contractions. With Eleanor I drank Raspberry Leaf tea and used Evening Prim Rose Oil. She said I could probably do without the Primrose, and to just try the Cohosh. So I picked some up at Whole Foods today. Wish me luck? Has anyone else out there tried it? At my 36 week appointment I had her check me because she offered (normally I think I may have waited a bit longer but curiosity always gets the cat)! And I was already 40% and 2 cm dilated. So I’m thinking this Cohosh might help some if indeed my cervix has ripened any more.

This pregnancy was vastly different than my first -I didn’t have enough time to truly savor the small moments. To slow down. To enjoy. But I think I tried my best. I love this little girl.I know my world is about to change forever and I really can’t wait. I just want to meet her.