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Archive for the 'Life' Category

Christmas (a week later)

Christmas …whew! December was a bit hurried, stressed and wild this year ending with just about everyone getting sick. But was also such fun especially dressing in Christmas outfits, baking cookies, hanging out with family, and big smiles from Eleanor. How is it already 2013? Yesterday Nathan and I hugged and he said something about it being the new year. And, I said well we get to do it all over again! Anything could happen. Anything!







My Everything

My heart has been heavy all weekend thinking about those little children in Connecticut. The families they left behind. The parents who tucked them in Thursday night wishing sweet dreams and kisses on the head not knowing that it would be the last time. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said. But in my heart of hearts I will do my best to be a good parent, to raise these two amazing girls with love and compassion, and hope that whatever bit of good this tragedy can inspire will multiply itself ten fold around this broken country full of broken families.



I’m Feelng Older By The Day

I wish I had time to write about all the milestones Molly and Eleanor are both meeting. Or how work is going. Or how I probably speed too fast on my way home to see the babes. Or how it’s nearly impossible to have a moment of quiet time or a conversation when there are two children around. Or how my mom is doing now that she’s moved to North Carolina. Or how we spent way too much on a giant beautiful tree because I had a brain lapse. Or how it’s been in the 70s for days and how I love it and hate it all at the same time. Or how my back is killing me from my posture when I nurse. Or how I don’t have any presents for anyone. Or how I sweep when I’m stressed but the floors are always dirty. Yeah.

I’m feeling older by the day.
And I crave quiet. And clean surfaces.




The First Day (Away)

I really don’t want to leave my babies today. Nathan said it best, “it should be normal that a family is together every day.” Yes, yes it should. I’ve made my lunch, left notes for everyone. There is coffee for Nathan, milk for Molly, and Cheerios with raisins for Eleanor waiting when they get up in a few hours. I hope they feel me missing them.



Friday was a big day around here!
Molly rolled twice from her belly to back. And is now literally on a roll. I got a great video of her doing it yesterday. I’m so happy she did it before I head back to work, and that I didn’t miss it! What a sweet baby girl that Molly Francis is.



Eleanor has also been growing and meeting new milestones every day it seems! This age is so fun and so trying. She gets frustrated so easily when she can’t figure something out; I can see her brain working overtime trying to piece words together and mechanics of toys and everyday things. She had a little package of fruit snacks the other day, and as soon as she finished she walked over to the trash can to throw it away. This pleased us so much since we’ve been working on cleaning up after yourself. Also it’s been on my mind lately why people litter or have a lack of care for their environment (example: trash on streets or a recent grocery store opened in our neighborhood and is now just a mess)!

That night Eleanor also used her “potty” for the first time. She sat on it before bath and went pee! We aren’t full on potty training yet; though she has set on it a few times, and usually goes in with me now. I wish we had time or energy to do that on my maternity leave but it just didn’t happen. She’s pretty much ready as can be though as she always tells us when she has gone in her diaper, and hates a messy one. So that is on our to do list soon!



Big week ahead of us! I head back to work, Nathan stays at home caring for two babies, and then my mom moves to NC!! A lot of changes and adjustments on the horizon for our family just in time for the new year. It’s going to be a good one.

All kinds of thankful

We had a nice, mostly quiet Thanksgiving. We sort of meandered about with the cooking since there really wasn’t any rush. The babies are both sick with colds, and are rather cuddly (clingy) because of it. Eleanor wanted me to hold her forever after her nap so I finished up dinner with her on my back in the ergo. She loves that thing…it’s like a constant hug!

I’m thankful for so many things. This was a pretty tough year with equally rewarding experiences. I’m a lucky lady. I’m proud of this family.









Bull City Coop Tour

If you look you will find it. That’s what I’ve noticed the last few months about Durham. One night looking up fun events for us to do I happened upon Durham’s chicken coop tour. I knew Raleigh had one for years but had never heard of Durham’s – just so happens it was only their second attempt at it. I purchased a map at a local brewer and restaurant and Saturday morning we headed out to see some chickens and coops!

Nathan and I are still deciding where we want our coop to go now that we can officially have one! (Yay for home ownership!) so the tour was not only fun but informational, too. We didn’t see one coop or meet one chicken owner that was like the last.








It’s Time

Wishing I had more time for things besides laundry and cooking. But thankful for this family, this time home with them, and this life.



Fall is Brighter Here

The temperatures have been dropping and leaves have even been falling. (I’m slowly trying to identify all the trees, shrubs, and flowers on our property – its a fun project). The mornings are spent wrapped up a little longer, sipping hot cups of coffee, and playing in footie pajamas. The days always warm up, but we are loving the crisp morning air.





We’ve been going on walks every day lately. Short ones, longer ones, multiple ones a day. It’s nice because Eleanor loves sitting in her little car talking up a storm about everything she sees and of course waving hello to all the neighbors we pass. It’s nice for me because I love discovering our new little neighborhood. Its perfect for Nathan because he admires the old homes and picks up trash as we go.

There are some really beautiful homes in East Durham and on the flip side lots of homes abandoned and in ruins. We love this part of town because it reminds us a bit of Chicago – the city bus drives by, there are interesting neighbors, people say hello, wave, introduce themselves, and as poor and in need many of these people are they care about building a community.