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In the last three days some sort of negative mojo has been swirling around us. At least that’s how it feels. Let’s see….

1. our washer stopped working (thankfully it was the one that came with the house – its a double stack washer dryer from the 70s! We have a newer model but because of the way the laundry room is built we can only put our new washing machine in there which means no dryer. So we are getting to know the clothes line. But let’s just say how inconvenient that is with two babies and lots of laundry).

2. The dishwasher actually fell out of the cabinet on to Eleanor. It only landed on part of her leg and didn’t hurt her thank god. But I have never been more shaken… All of my ceramic mixing bowls also came crashing down and barely missed her head. It was close and scary!

3. Nathan’s electric meter stopped working. He’s used it three times.

4. I broke a mirror minutes ago getting out of the shower. (can someone dispell the 7 years bad luck theory for me, please?)

5. Eleanor slipped while in the kitchen. The tv remote that was in her hand went flying into the dog water bowl. Bye bye remote.

I guess it could all just be a coincidence. Juggling two fussy babies with no time to breathe (Eleanor hasn’t been napping very long and Molly wants to be held all the time) will make things appear a little wild at times. But my goodness it’s weird! And I really don’t need 7 years of bad luck. So any theories or no theories at all that you can share would be very comforting at the moment.

Finding A Rhythm


I think I’m going to have to start making dates. Me dates, Nathan dates, Eleanor dates, Molly dates. I’m getting bored. And I’m getting anxiety about the redundancy of every day. This anxiety leads into me being even more anxious about going somewhere alone (without Nathan). The first week of being home as a family of four was amazing. There were many times Nathan and I would look at each other and say how awesome it was, or how we wish it could always be like this. We make a good team. But then week two came which means more exhaustion and less sleep. And now week three. I’m feeling on edge. And I’m also feeling guilty. Guilty that I can’t give anyone my undivided attention.

My mom will be here tomorrow which will help tremendously. And Nathan’s birthday is Friday and I have a fun little date for us planned (sans kiddos) on Saturday. So that’s something to look forward to. I guess really I just wish I knew if I was doing all of this right. I knew as much as I was looking forward to my maternity leave it would be nothing like the first go-round. And it shouldn’t be. It’s beautiful and messy in so many new ways.

I just need to learn to breathe, to accept and to know that in all due time a rhythm will be created.

If I Didn’t Say It Already…

the days are going by too fast.


She’s here!

Molly Francis Griffin is here!
She arrived on September 2 at 11:51 pm. We made it to the hospital about an hour before she was born! I labored at home for nearly 36 hours, and thought it had stalled. What an experience! She came out beautiful, healthy, and chubby – 8lbs 12 oz.

We just love her!



Falls Lake

Since I strained a muscle in my back last weekend I’ve been resting as much as possible. It was pretty much impossible to sit, stand, or walk for a few days. And I started praying that I wouldn’t go into labor anytime soon. (Someone listened). I also decided to take a few days off work to rest up even more. My leave starts next week but the extra bit of rest has definitely helped. We decided to check out a nearby lake since we were all getting a bit of cabin fever. It’s not far from our house, and is so peaceful! Perfect for future kayak and picnic dates!





Eleanor right for the water even though we weren’t prepared for swimming. She is such a fish and would have kept going if Nathan wasn’t there to hold her back.

Pool Party

We went to Charlotte this past weekend for our nephew’s birthday! Griffin turned 4 and Jacob turns 6 in under a month. They love having a joint birthday and this year it was a pool party! They have definitely turned into two fish over the summer. It was a lot of fun. How I wish I had a pool up the street from me every day especially with this big belly of mine.

Eleanor loves the water, too. She much prefers to be held than to be in a floaty for too long. So we all took turns swimming around the pool with her.

Oh and check out that watermelon shark my brother-in-law made! Cool!











Alligator Tear

This is how we’ve been feeling lately. A little bit hormonally off balance.




Cooling Off

We’ve resorted to a few other ways of cooling off, too.





A Saturday With My Girl

Eleanor and I spent the morning together at the farmer’s market, and then hanging out at the park. It was the first time she’s been in a stroller in a few months, and she seriously did not want to go out. At one point I tried to get her out so she could run around but all she wanted to do was be pushed around as she ate her fresh, juicy peach. It was packed today since there was also a Chili Cookoff and the Craft Fair going on so I was a bit nervous about pushing a stroller around but we managed well. At least we didn’t end up running anyone over.






We picked up some local whole wheat flour (what should I make …bread?!), green pepper, summer squash, purple onion, celery (oh my amazing. I thought I liked celery before but I never knew how it was really supposed to taste), duck eggs, blueberries, and shitake mushrooms. I’m thinking of making Nathan breakfast tomorrow for Father’s Day and having Eleanor and I bring it to him in bed. Maybe blueberry muffins or duck egg omelet with mushrooms!


It’s been down right gorgeous here. We are lucky to have such shade cover at our current house, but I really have been craving some hours by the pool or lake in the sun. Maybe on my (stay)vacation in a week I will take advantage of the local pools or swimming holes (I’m a little nervous about snakes though!) We went hiking last weekend and the river was full of big fish and a water snake!


Heat Wave

Last week North Carolina was hit with a major heat wave! I couldn’t believe we had to turn our air conditioner on May 1. In Chicago we would wait to the very last minute before turning it on. Usually sometime in late July when the humidity and powdery mildew set in on our garden. But I have a feeling North Carolina is another beast entirely.

My mom is in town so Nathan and I were able to run some errands together last week, too. First stop: pick up a pool for Miss Eleanor. Oh she was so happy when she saw us filling it up. As much as she hates to get her hair washed she loves swimming. I honestly have been waiting for the moment she could play in the swimming pool by herself. It’s just such a strong memory from my childhood – my brother and I frolicking around in the cool water on a hot summer southern day. I think we are going to be spending a lot of time in the back yard cooling off this year.





She looks so big!!