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watch your garden grow

Both Nathan and I grew up with parents and grandparents who gardened. It didn’t necessarily sustain us, but we watched as our families enjoyed the relaxing thoughts, motions, and successes of playing in the dirt and watching something grow. Because of this we naturally began to garden as soon as we moved in together. After moving to Chicago 3 years ago I never found much of an opportunity for it (and missed terribly the garden beds in my old house in St. Louis full of ripe old elephant ears and hostas).

While last year’s garden wasn’t much of a success (We did see tomatoes until September though!), we are continuing to learn. This year I’ve already seen radishes and lettuce from seed! While I was in New Hampshire I got to help Debbi and Heather plant some of their flower and veggie garden. It was so much fun playing outside all day in such a big piece of land (so big compared to what I see here)! We planted carrots and beets and marigolds and zinnias and gladiolas! Debbi had already gotten a head start on her flower garden. It’s just beautiful! She and Heather planted many of the flowers I like that should be available come wedding time! I can’t wait.

My mother-in-law's garden is gorgeous!



Those are a few that are already in bloom! Love Iris!
She’s got plenty of sunflowers to plant, too which of course are a favorite of mine.

And, finally Heather and I having fun!

American Gothic

tin can lanterns

My friend Aron showed me this picture of tin can lanterns not that long ago, and I fell in love.

lantern designs

While not the easiest thing in the world to do/make (I guess it’s more tedious than hard), I thought that they would be a wonderful addition to our wedding decor. My sister-in-law to be Heather began saving the larger formula cans that she used to feed baby Griffin for the project. She even made one herself to see how long it would take, and how it would turn out.

Our tin can lanterns!!

This is the one she made, and it is beautiful!

So while I was in NH last weekend I began the project a little more in depth. We weren’t really sure where the tin cans would even go until we got to the house. I would love them hanging, but all the trees they could hang from are far from the reception action. Heather came up with another idea of spacing them across the stone wall in front of the house at night time with candles in it. It would be a small glow but so pretty evenly spaced there. Perfect!

I then spray painted them all with a bronze-y rust color. I wanted to take 6 of them home so Nathan and I could make some, too. But I was only allowed to take 2 home. Heather says she will be able to make them all before the wedding, but if not I’m sure we can poke some holes the week of. With 15 people at the house, and a glass of wine it should be fun!


Wedding Prep!

Another sidenote if you ever want to try these yourself. Heather ran into an issue with the can denting in as she poked the holes with an icepick. My father-in-law cut a piece of wood that would fit inside perfectly to act as a structure for the can on the inside. This helped, and the can shouldn’t dent any longer.

I’m back!

I’m back from wedding planning weekend in New Hampshire with my future sister and mother-in-law! It was so much fun, and I have so much to write about. First I must upload the photos, though. Pictures of the house are on their way!

124 days to go and we’re knocking things off the list!

I took the day off from work today as my cold progressed to a killer head/sinus ache all night, and my cough is worse. The dogs and a loud thunderstorm kept me up most of the morning (the dogs were scared), but it was nice to lounge in bed with Nathan a little longer than we are used to.

The windows are open right now, and for the past few days nothing but small puff like things have been floating around. Nathan’s allergies are terrible, as are Tuckers. He keeps rubbing his eyes, the poor thing. I need to see if they have anything for that at a pet store or if I would need to take him to the vet.

Hopefully after today I’m over the worst of my cold because I really need to be better by Thursday when I fly to New Hampshire. At least by then I shouldn’t be contagious, but I still want to have a lot of energy to do all the wedding stuff we have planned. Friday we are driving up to THE HOUSE

the estate

to check it out and take lots of photos from different angles. I don’t know if anyone is staying there at the moment or if it is gated (I don’t think it is), so it might be a little tricky getting too close, but I don’t mind trying. Then we are going to stop by some barn sales if there are any, and I would love to drive around the little town to see the blue school, the white church, and the covered bridge that are close by (these are all spots we might take some additional wedding photos at). We may even have a picnic if the weather is nice (just checked it’s supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees every day I’m there)!

The other night Nathan and I were able to knock a lot of things off our list.
We finalized the menu. Now he just needs to call his cousin Robbi! Robbi is a chef, and has access to a big grill if we need it. The house already has a grill, but two is always better than one I suppose. Nate and his mom both think Robbi wouldn’t mind grilling for us, which would be awesome since he is a master!

We decided on ceremony time – 2:15 pm!

We came up with the idea for our invites! I am so excited about them. Nathan and I were sitting on the couch, and he goes, “Do you want serious, or do you want …” and I said, “Fun, quirky, and US!”
So that’s what they are going to be. I can’t wait. The invites are more important to me than the cake!

I worked on the timeline of the ceremony today. Nathan and I had talked about it before, but now I just need us to go over it once more and then send it off to his dad!

And, we decided on the wedding favor! Whew. That was a tough one.

So as of today we have 124 days to go. I mean, it’s going to be here before we know it!

we pulled over to the side of the road

a covered bridge!

Oh dear lord, guess what I found not far from where we are getting married?

A covered bridge!!

photo by C. Brock

Littleton, NH (the town next door to Landaff where we are getting married)
Littleton NH
by Greg802

We have got to take photos here. I mean, how beautiful. I would just love a covered bridge in our photos. Granted I don’t want to spend all day travelling to photo spots, but maybe we can hit this one.

by Tom Herde
I honestly don’t think we could have picked a more beautiful place to get married.


I booked my ticket to New Hampshire the other day. I’m going June 4 – 7 to visit my lovely in-laws, and prep wedding stuff. I will hopefully get up the house, too. I am so excited to see my nephews, too! They are so cute and are going to be so grown up.

Jacob and Baby Griffin.
If our kids are anywhere near that cute I might squeel.

I’ve accomplished a few other things in the wedding department, and chatted with my mother-in-law the other day a long while. It’s getting so close! Next up is wedding invitation prep, inspiration, and planning. ::nudge nudge nathan::

Today we are cleaning, and relaxing. We went out last night with some good friends to a gallery show and then to dinner. I’m afraid my tolerance for Arturo’s margaritas is not the same though, and I woke with a killer hangover. Much better now, though.

Other brides and ways to throw a wedding party!

So this year a lot of people I know are getting married. Currently all of my partners at work are engaged, and planning a wedding or about to be married. Abigail will be married in a mere two weeks in Mexico. Katie is doing the traditional outdoor summer golf course wedding in North Dakota, I’m doing the rustic, laid back bbq wedding in New England, and Faymi is planning a sophisticated affair in Asheville NC with cocktails.

I joked the other day that we should have all started a blog – 4 Anthropoogie girls get hitched in style! Or something silly like that. We are all planning such different events so representative of our style. I love that! I really do. I’m starting to let go of the idea of “judgement” about how one would/should plan a wedding. It really should be about the couple, and because the guests love them so they will have a lot of fun!

This brings me to this photo…

I love that this couple was able to make cans of PBR look sophisticated and fun! I can see their event in my head without even looking at another photo. But I do have more…

All photos by Jen Fariello via one of my favorite inspirational blogs Snippet and Ink


Nathan and I registered two weekends ago. It was fun.
We just registered at Target because we really only need the basics. We’re not really in to China. I mean, I think it’s cool and stuff but I don’t do too many fancy dinner parties. We did get funny and register for some far out things just because we started to feel like it could be an on going list of things we might “WANT” as opposed to “NEED.” Either way, I personally loved the scanner.

It of course goes without saying that we just want our guests to attend the wedding and bbq thereafter! We want nothing more than your presence, but if you are inclined to purchase a gift there is a list over at Target or at Club Wedd on Target.com

Also don’t forget to check out Our Wedding Details page for other information regarding the wedding. I will slowly be updating it as time goes on. You can also find our shipping address on Our Wedding details, and any gifts can be mailed there.

Have a good Tuesday.
It’s rainy and snowy here.


I’m really in to buttons right now. I see a button, and I think OOoooh I like.
Yes they are slightly trendy/emo/indie or whatever but for the most part they are just cool. They are small and colorful or not and quirky and descriptive, and I think they would be perfect somehow incorporated in to our wedding. I just don’t know how yet.

I found some images I especially like though.

by Christina Likes Birds

by Kate*

And, the work of Feeling Is Mutual

So many ideas…

our little town…

This is the website of the little town we are getting married in. It’s tiny, but super cute.

The old blue school…it’s 150 years old!

The Methodist Church

Photos by Mary