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sleepy face

Sleep. It might as well be a four letter word in my house. I am having a hard time prioritizing it. I haven’t taken a nap (when Eleanor naps) in weeks. You think I would since my baby naps so well, but nope. And, right now? Well, she’s been on this funny little schedule of waking up every hour to hour and a half the past two nights. So instead of sleeping after I put her down I came out to the living room.

The issue: I would much rather stay awake than get woken up again. Some nights, okay most nights I will stay up as long as she is sleeping until her first feed. Her bedtime is 7 pm, and normally she would sleep until 10:30 pm which seems perfectly okay. Then she started sleeping until midnight or 1 am and I kept kicking myself for not going to bed with her. 5 to 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep?! That’s like gold!

If my body is awake I don’t notice the tension in my back or the weight that 7 and a half weeks of interrupted sleep has done to my state of being. It’s only when I’m pulling the covers back or rocking my baby that my eyelids begin to droop with exhaustion. I know I am doing it to myself. I’m sure even one extra hour of sleep is better than me sitting here in the dark typing this out.

Okay, okay I’ll go to bed now.

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Core Strength

So I thought postpartum recuperation would be dropping a few pounds. Boy was I wrong! Who knew that I would actually have a space between my ab muscles and not be able to pull myself up anymore? And, don’t even get me started on my pelvic floor muscles! I mean are you serious?!

Okay so it’s not that bad, but I have been thinking a lot about my health and activity levels now that I am feeling my energy levels return. When I lost weight last year it was with the help of weight watchers, bike riding and zumba. I really wish my local dance place had a special going on again this year! I’m trying to convince myself that $15 a class is worth it, but it’s so hard when I had such a great price before. Okay back on track. The great thing about weight watchers is it calculates points for nursing moms so last week I tracked my points just to see what I was taking in. I did pretty good, and only went over a few times. (Thawing the chocolate chip cookie dough did not help, however).

So my plan is to understand what my new body needs to thrive and support Eleanor’s health. It really takes a while to truly understand the kinds of foods and how much a body needs, and create a routine out of it. So I’m giving myself 4 weeks to solely concentrate on what I am putting in my body. I have no expectation of weight loss in this 4 weeks just complete understanding and confidence that I can care for my body’s health properly. By the end of June I will be back at work which means bike riding! Riding 6+miles a day will definitely do wonders for my energy and legs! Hopefully I can see about doing a zumba class once or twice a week, and fit in a few (100 hahaa) crunches. I’m kidding about the few hundred crunches. Maybe just one hundred a day. It’s not like I had abs before but I did have some core strength, and that is what I’m working for.

Overall my goal is energy and core strength (hello muscles are you in there?)!
Do you have any health goals for the summer?

To Market To Market

Green City market finds
*from last year’s market

It’s official the market opened outdoors today! We didn’t make it because Ellie was up every single hour last night. She wasn’t sad or mad or wet or hungry or wanted to be held or any of that. I think she actually thought it was day time – she wanted to stare at us. Wide awake in our arms or in the bassinet staring with the light on. Oh boy! Needless to say Nathan and I are both exhausted. I thankfully got a nap in, but no market. But we will be there Saturday! And, I cannot wait.

The market makes me happy. I usually shy away from talking to strangers or trying new places because I have a bit of anxiety about social situations but not at the market. I love talking to all the farmers and the vendors. What’s their story? Where is their farm? How long have they been doing this? And, it’s so nice when they remember you the next week!

Last year frequenting the market coincided with both mine and Nathan’s focus on clean living and healthy habits. And, I’m looking forward to that happening again this year. Nathan is back on his bike today (yay!), and hopefully soon I will be, too. I am so excited to share this with Eleanor, too. I’m also hoping that while pregnancy killed my energy for cooking the market will help ignite it again – even if I only have enough to make one new, delicious fresh dish a week.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some asparagus and arugula and beets and eggs and fresh flowers this Saturday!

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A New Era In Communication

[From the bathroom. I'm washing dishes in the kitchen]
Her: “I wish when I went to the bathroom, it didn’t feel like I was going to push my baby out.”
Me: “Yeah, I can imagine that must be a bit awkward.”
Me: “Can I blog about this?”

[She checks herself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom]
Her: “Oh my god! I have a beard!”
Me: [silence]
Her: “Oh my… you KNEW didn’t you! You knew and you didn’t say anything!”
Me: [silence]
Her: “Why didn’t you say something?!!”

I know better.
We laughed.
I adore my life.

I also assured her that her ‘peach fuzz beard‘ would go away. I could be wrong but it sounded good at the time.

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I’ll Be Your Huckleberry

“I want something healthy for dinner… ooh, pizza!”
[not a direct quote but close enough]

This was the situation while walking through the supermarket soon after leaving our six hour “Mother Me” class. Our conversation began with a yearning for something healthy for dinner. I think with the early signs of Spring in the air, we have both been secretly craving fruits and vegetables and good food again. Winter is always such a hard time for maintaining diets or dietary habits. We settled on a delicious salad with seeds and raisins and maybe some egg, broccoli, peppers, onion etc.

I could tell immediately, however, while walking through the veggies that it wasn’t really what Carey wanted for dinner. I knew she was on a mission for something but I wasn’t feeling her excitement about the salad. It didn’t help that the broccoli was limp, the mushrooms overpriced and the layout of the whole area not particularly ideal. I should let it be known, we had stopped at a supermarket we didn’t frequent.

We continued our search, a fast-paced walk among the aisles of food. I always like to give Carey some breathing room when I can tell she’s on a mission, whether it be at the Farmers Market or the Supermarket. I’ve learned there’s a fine line between too close and too far away. I can’t imagine she’s alone in this. As we neared the frozen food aisle, she exclaimed, “Oooh. Pizza!”

So there it was, our healthy dinner had gone from salad to… pizza… WITH a salad. Don’t get the wrong idea. I am the farthest from a health nut there is. In fact, I’d say a dinner of pizza and salad was one of the more healthy meals I’d eaten all week. It simply struck me as funny that we had gone from one to the other.

We talked about that very thing on our way out to the Jeep and by doing so, it helped Carey admit that it wasn’t so much an issue of wanting healthy food, but more an issue of wanting food that she didn’t have to prepare herself. She didn’t want to cook.

[blank stare]

Are you kidding me? I don’t blame her! Of course I’ll cook dinner. I’m no Chef Ramsey but I’ll figure something out. So there it is, I’m committed to cooking dinner. But tonight, we dine on Tombstone.

If you want to know what I plan to cook, click twice.

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I wonder why my parents didn’t raise me with the desire to work out, to exercise? And, how do I change that? How do I number one consistently commit to a work out routine, and number 2 teach my future children to enjoy exercise?

Any ideas?
I know it starts with finding something you like, but then it seems like I end up paying and arm and a leg to stay fit. Yeah it’s important and I assume I’d rather spend money on a yoga class than on a Chicago dog with everything and onion rings but I want free or relatively cheap exercise that I can also enjoy.

I guess I’m just going to have to kick this dog and cat out and lay down a yoga mat in my living room – 3 days a week.

Weigh in

I have officially lost 33 pounds, and am down to 156 as of this morning! I will admit it has been hard adjusting back to my routine of tracking food every day on weight watchers. I used to be religious about it, and after getting back from vacation it hasn’t been a priority.

I read an article recently on why people fall off of their weight loss wagon (after losing a significant amount of weight). The number one reason is boredom. I think I am probably falling in to this category. Well, and an interruption in my routine. I had my routine down to a science. Eat, record. Come home from work, record.

That being said I am proud to say that it seems as though I have not only lost weight, but that I have made a lifestyle change. Even though I haven’t been tracking as religiously as I once was I am still making every meal count. I did buy some Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Coffee ice cream last week. And, I almost ate all of it. But I took control, and decided to make it count. Then I asked my husband to finish the other half off for me!

The great thing about weight watchers this entire time is that I can eat ice cream or a slice of cherry pie or corn on the cob with butter. The key is remembering to balance that.

So in order to celebrate my husband is going to do a little photo shoot for me in the next couple of weeks. You know I love a photo shoot! I’ve taken a few snapshots here and there, but I want something tangible to signify that “hey I did that!”

Biggest Loser update

Oh, and thanks for all the support along the way!

bmi what?

In health news I’ve lost 14 lbs!
Just writing down 14 sounds so amazing. 14 …wow!
My clothes fit better (my favorite jeans are just about loose now), and I can wear a lot of those dresses I haven’t been able to in a year or so. It’s funny thinking back to how I justified how tight a dress felt on me, but never admitted to gaining weight. The good news is I’m on a roll.

I’ve had moments of oh my god all i want to do is eat everything! Well really just pizza. But I have done a good job of breathing, focusing, and making a better decision like whole wheat spaghetti with homemade meat sauce instead (this is what I made last night).

I am 3 pounds away from my first goal I set for myself when I started this 8 weeks ago. After that I will be on to my next goal. This probably sounds crazy but I really want to have a normal BMI. I mean who even really knows or cares what a BMI is but I want mine to be nomal. Not overweight! So once I hit my next 3 lbs I will set myself up to that goal which equates to another 14 lbs. I would weigh 158 pounds!

A part of me feels guilty for being so obsessed with weight loss and health and the number on the scale, but I know I am doing it in a healthy way, and that ultimately it is good for me. I think I have to be obsessed to a certain point to keep going, right?

Oh, and I found the most amazing ice cream bars!

Delicious!! And, only one point.


I need to start de-stressing before bed. The past few nights I haven’t been sleeping well, and I have been extremely tense. I don’t think I had any time to relax all weekend (Tucker went missing, the Jeep battery died, the craft show, it was the designated shopping weekend (groceries, household, etc) and I’m just tired.

I want to treat myself to something.
A weekend trip.
A pedicure.
A massage.
A Zumba class.

Or I just need to cry.
Or take a midol.

Bobble Head10
me not feeling so blah Saturday morning before my buttons were pushed.

food diary

The key to feeling in control and aware of your food intake is making your own food. I know that I shouldn’t deny myself the “treat” of eating lunch out or dinner out on occasion, but it actually stresses me out now. I mean, what is in this sandwich I’m paying $13.50 for?! Really? Or this basil chicken with brown rice?!

I guess the second key is portion control which I feel as though I have a much better understanding of with weight watchers. I actually know how much I should be eating, when, and how to prepare it which is a satisfying feeling.

I’ve been making my lunches pretty regularly for the past month. I’ve saved money and have lost weight! It does take a bit of extra energy to prepare my lunch the night before (like right now I should be making it, but I am blogging about it instead while watching the new show Parenthood (it’s good!). This week I am lowering my intake of food (weight watchers points) so I’m having to adapt for 0 point foods in to my diet during meals. I normally snack on those during the day.

Basic Day

Breakfast (5 am)
1 cup of raisin bran or special k or heart to heart
1 cup of fat free milk
tall coffee

Snack (930 am)
Red peppers or an apple or grapefruit or celery

Lunch (12 pm)
Greens with peppers/tomatoes/mushrooms
sugar free balsamic vinegarette
leftovers from dinner (usually not carb based)

Snack (430 pm)
Apple or 1/2 cup of Cottage Cheese

Dinner (630 pm)
WW recipe – my favorites are Cashew Chicken Stirfry, Turkey Chili, Turkey burgers, Talapia with veggies

Fudge Pop

It looks like I snack a lot because it is a slight habit. I don’t know if I am really HUNGRY when I get home from work but I want a snack. Celery and carrots really take care of the crunch that is so satisfying with snacking.

So far 11 lbs is gone!
Let’s see what I can do next!