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pillowcase dress

Confession: I’m really beginning to enjoy sewing!
I guess all you need is a little patience and practice after all.

And, I made a dress for baby girl!

baby pillowcase dress

I used the tutorial for a pillowcase dress on Prudent Baby, and it was really as easy as it looks! I’m just so excited that I finished it in one day without pulling my hair out. :)

baby pillowcase dress

baby pillowcase dress

I can’t wait to try another one. I need to work on my stitching (I have no idea how to serge, or if my machine even does that), and try a few other fabrics!


I love this idea for a mobile! I looked through my drawer of fabric, and of course picked up a few new fat quarters to begin. It’s been a lot of fun so far. The tutorial recommends hand stitching each bird, but I am doing a combination of machine and hand. I get very anxious if I have to do anything to precise with my hands! It’s coming along, though and I have four birds complete.

This is what the finished project should look like.

image from Spool.

And, here are a few pictures from my project so far. I’ll post a finished version when I am done. Can’t wait!

Spool bird mobile

Spool bird mobile

Spool bird mobile

Spool bird mobile

Spool bird mobile

Hello my name is Carey and I am a fabric fiend

I like to buy fabric. I buy fabric if it’s on sale, if it’s cute, if I like it. But rarely do I go in to a craft store with the intention to buy fabric for a project. This is why I have bins of fabric and no finished projects! Saturday Nathan and I ran to the grocery store since he was going to make quiche for dinner (oh it was so delicious!), and since the grocery store is right next to Joann’s I thought I would go in there while he picked up the ingredients. I had seen that batting and filling were on sale – two things I do need for pillows, stuffed animals and a baby quilt I plan to make.

Somehow I ended up with no batting or filling (turns out it’s on sale today), but instead I waited in line for ten minutes to get three 1/2 yards of fabric I don’t need cut! I was headed to the check out when I saw Nathan coming up the aisle. He looked stressed. He couldn’t find anything on his list at the grocery store, and he needed my help! Thank god he was there because I needed his help, too! I needed him to tell me to “Put the fabric DOWN!” One of the fabrics I had picked out was actually very ugly. I mean after he saw it I knew that somehow I was blind to the fact that it was ugly, and that I didn’t need it! What is wrong with me?! (Just so you know I’m laughing through this whole post).

Sunday I did end up making 4 things I needed though – inserts for boots so they don’t lay on top of each other in the closet. Now all my boots are standing up right neat and organized in the closet. And, I feel better for it. And…I used fabric I already had on hand! Double win!

I am loving nesting. I wish I were like this all the time. I organized all my utensil drawers, the largest cabinet in the kitchen, made inserts for my boots, dusted, and took a nap this weekend. It was amazing. I also spent some time looking up projects I want to do and therefor can justify purchasing fabric for.

Prudent Baby is one of my favorite blogs for fun, simple sewing projects. I found two that I want to try soon! One is a lovely praire dress, and another is a simple pillowcase dress for baby lady. I also devoured Fabric Worm’s selection of fabrics! My Joann’s doesn’t have any fun, modern prints for children’s clothing and I’ve been on the hunt for them. I found so many things I liked at Fabric Worm.

I’ve been dying for a spring or summer yellow dress! How pretty would the praire dress be in this fabric?

And, what if I made baby girl a pillowcase dress in this fabric?

It would match my pretty bicycle dress, too!

or this fabric…

or this pretty one…

okay…last one…

quilting mishap

I took quilting 101 last week at Joann’s.
Well, it was terrible.
No, I mean I was terrible. The class was fun actually, and my teacher was hilarious.
But someone forgot to mention that pregnant women with pregnant mush brains (ie. can’t remember anything, can’t follow directions) should not take classes that call for precision at 8 o’clock at night!

I did have fun, though. See I showed up…early. I usually do if I can help it, and I came prepared. As prepared as I am for school of any kind – Nathan laughed at me before hand because I make shifted some of the supplies I was supposed to bring. I couldn’t find masking tape in the house so I brought painter’s tape! We have lots of that it seems. I set up my sewing machine, and all my supplies neatly. I was ready.

About twenty minutes in to the class as the other 3 women and I are taking notes another woman walks in. She sits down, and the teacher says a funny comment about her being late. Another 5 minutes pass by, the late woman is scribbling on her i-pad, “Were we supposed to bring our own supplies and machine?” she says. She was empty handed minus her i-pad. The teacher said it would be okay – we could share.

And, wouldn’t you know she was the only woman that actually finished her block by the end of the class! I just couldn’t believe it!

Towards the end of the class I went up to iron my 5 inch squares only to realize I had sewn them all backwards!! I just put my hand on my head and started to laugh out loud uncontrollably. This was also after I only cut one strip instead of two, and trimmed my squares wrong. I mean really I was listening, I promise! The teacher was very nice though, and came up to me at the end of class. “Don’t be discouraged, Carey… it takes practice,” she said to me.

Boy do I know!
The good news – I have the basics. With a little patience, more time, and an alert brain I think I could sew a hole in the barn door quilt. It’s my goal at least!

This is what I had by the end of the class.

really bad hole in the barn door quilt block

I did like the colors/prints I chose.

warming up!

It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday so we grilled out chicken in the backyard, and sat around a bon fire! It’s been wild to have such mild weather (even sad knowing why), but we are taking advantage of it.

Oh, and tonight is my Quilting 101 class at Joann’s! I am super excited to see what this is all about, and learn if I have the patience to do it. Yesterday I went to pick up some supplies for the class and seriously got so excited because Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5! I got a couple easy to sew dress patterns and baby things. Hoping to try it out this week!

Wish my luck with quilting! Anyone else ever done it?
I’d love to make a quilt like this!

photo from Ohdeedoh

I did it!

We recently moved our rooms around to accomodate the need for a bigger bedroom (so I can get in and out of the bed with ease and to have space for the bassinet and baby things), and so I got a new sewing space! I thought I deserved a new sewing machine, too, and organized!



I’m basically not allowed to buy any more fabric until I make more things!


So I started with my first pattern – a stuffed animal! I went for the giraffe because well, they rock!




She’s so purty!





Meet Georgina the Giraffe for our baby girl.

I really struggled with putting the eyes on because I forgot to do it before I finished the stuffing. She won’t really be played with so that’s why I went for the smaller buttons, but overall I was really pleased. I even sewed my first two darts! What?!

toys and art

I love this idea!

Stuffed toys designed by kids!

Oh, and here is a larger collection of the artist’s art! So neat!!


A few months ago Nathan was in creative overdrive. It can be really inspiring and all together frustrating at times because I love all of his ideas but I also have this killer maternal instinct that wants nothing more than for him to SUCCEED. The thing with the kind of art Nathan inspires depends on people, and people’s interaction. And, the people were missing in the equation. So….

What’s a good wife to do?
Sign him up for a craft show? Yup! That’s right. That’s what I did.

The Handmade Market at the Empty Bottle was this past Saturday. They host it every second Saturday of the month except May through July. It was an awesome success! We set up our little 4 foot booth (using my sewing table) with Nathan’s Lump illustrations, and just hung out for a little bit. We each had a Jameson on the rocks for lunch, and then I followed that up with an amazing Bloody Mary. Johnny and Aron stopped by, and were our honorary first customers (though we had a few nibblers before that)! And, all of a sudden people were flocking to our table!!

It was great to see Nathan so happy, and confident in his art. And, it was a lot of fun to be around creative people, mingling, and enjoying each other.

You can check out Nathan’s art and other prints at his etsy shop, too if you weren’t able to make it to the craft show! Dummypress

Handmade Market, Empty Bottle

Handmade Market, Empty Bottle

Handmade Market, Empty Bottle