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Waking up to Saturday

True to form, I’m up late tonight. Carey has gone to sleep. It’s been a great weekend and tomorrow I go back to work. In an ineffective effort to prolong the inevitable I stay up late, drink a few beers and watch some TV. This has been the way of things for a while now.

Three nights a week I have class until 10:30pm which means I don’t get home until 11pm or later. It’s true that most people would be more than excited to climb into bed but after waking up at 5am to sling coffee for six hours, getting a few hours at home to do laundry, sweep, work on a chicken coop etc. before heading off to school for the next 4.5hrs, PBR and an extra hour or so doesn’t sound bad.

I’m not proud of the fact that falling asleep together hasn’t been a part of our relationship for a while. In fact, I miss it. It’s not so much the PBR OR the Law & Order. The reality is, I could do without both. But putting off another day of slinging coffee at a dysfunctional Starbucks is always nice and the extra hour (or two) seems worth it. Falling asleep in a cab on the way home from work on a Monday makes it clear that it’s NOT worth it but for the time being, I’m stuck in my routine.

If we could always wake up to a Saturday, life would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?!

Carey has been very understanding thus far, leaving me notes and coaxing me to sleep when I clearly need it. I could joke and suggest I’m only preparing for the arrival of our baby… but it’s only jokes.

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Yellow Square Sunday

Yellow Square Sunday

I’ve decided to move our ‘Yellow Square Monday’ to Sunday simply because it’s got a better ring to it. So from this point on, every Sunday before midnight, I’ll post a photo of one of the hundreds of Post-it notes Carey and I have left each other over the last three years.

This one seemed particularly fitting as it was this time year or so ago I wrote it for Carey. She was taking a pottery class. We had an entire summer of adventures in mind.

Yellow Square Monday

As promised. Each Monday I will share another.

The first of what was to become 100′s

Another day. Another photo. More words.

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Yellow Square Love – The Story

A few weeks ago, Carey suggested I make a post about the story behind yellowsquarelove. I suppose it made sense, not just for you, the readers of our tiny blog, but for Carey and I as well. The threat of taking it all for granted was quite real but the magic behind the name was desperately in need of a story. Truth is, however, I’m going to hold off on the back-story and instead simply share with you the beginning of what was to become the name of our blog, Yellow. Square. Love.

Post-it notes have been a part of our relationship since the day we met. We’ve shared confessions of love, tagged leftovers in the fridge, poked fun at one another, labeled dog food, asked for forgiveness and any number random things. In fact, in our three years together we have written hundreds of Post-it notes to one another.

With that being said, in an attempt to document the hundreds of notes we have written to one another, I’d like this post to represent the teaser for a collection of random Post-its, none of which are dated but each one being part of a story… our story.

This is a small portion of the Post-its we’ve written.

There are hundreds more to share, but only if you vote.

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