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Molly at 8 weeks


Eleanor at 8 weeks


It boggles my brain how two people can make two different other people. Ya know what I mean?

Big and Little

I usually call the other Sister, and it makes me smile. Here we have two sisters.




Eleanor had so much fun On her Easter egg hunt Sunday. I didn’t have to even show her what to do. I love this like chickadee.






Happy Birthday Eleanor

Happy first birthday my dear Eleanor James!
There is so much emotion and joy wrapped up in this day, in you, and a million things I could say for you to read when you get older. But the most important is that you have shown me love. The only kind of love found between a parent and a child. This year you have grown into a sweet, curious, loving little girl with the brightest future in the world. I am honored to be your mother.

I love you.
Happy birthday!





Miss Eleanor James 6 months

Our baby girl is half a year old today. A whole 6 months.

Eleanor - 6 months

Eleanor 6 months

Eleanor 6 months

Eleanor - 6 months

Eleanor’s growing every day. Her hair is longer by the minute. And, her eyes are greenish grey. She makes me smile. I love snuggling her in the morning. Her sleepy eyes are so cute with tiny little bags under them just like her daddy. She loves to roll around. Some times I will check on her in the crib and she will have turned herself upside down and over. She’s been sitting up on her own for a whole month now and has mastered the fall forward on her arms. For a minute or so she will attempt to stand on all fours but then her arms give way. I swear she will crawl or scoot before 7 months hits. She loves to stand by holding herself up against daddy, too.

She has been enjoying lots of milk and rice cereal. She munched on her first apple today, too (as you can see from the photos). And, loved it! She has definitely gained a bit more weight this month and is fitting comfortably in all her 6 month clothes. Her small fuzzibunz diapers are just about too small now. She’s a social butterfly and loves to watch everyone! She gets really happy when I get home from work, and then when I step out of the room to wash my hands she gets sad. It’s the cutest thing to know she loves me.

Her favorite things are Tucker, Greta, Fraggle Rock, other babies, reading with Daddy especially when he does a Scottish accent, playing the toss-it-on-the-floor game, and her excer-saucer.

It’s amazing how much of a sweet little person she is becoming.

12 weeks

12 Weeks

Oh, Eleanor…

It’s hard for me not to think back to the first 12 weeks of your life when you were barely the size of a kidney bean. We still have the first photo of you ever on our fridge – proof that life is truly a miracle and a reminder every day to stay humble in our parenting. Now you are pushing 13 pounds with rolls on your thighs, dimples on your cheeks and pure joy in your eyes (most hours of the day). I cannot get enough of you Eleanor James. I hope your daddy gets back to writing on here, too. I know he loves you a lot and one day you will want to read what he was thinking as well.

12 Weeks

You are a dandelion shooting straight up to the sky. You have grown so much. You love people – all people. You love to be held especially in the nook of arms so you can see the world around you. You spent your first day at the beach, travelled to Indiana, and saw a lot of Chicago’s hot spots like the Sears Tower, the Bean, Millenium Park, the Art Institute, and Navy Pier. This month you met your Uncle Drew for the first time – it’s so funny he is your namesake because you two look so much alike! He is enamoured by you.

Your daddy calls you his guppy because of how much you like the water. I can’t wait to get you swimming as soon as possible! Right before bath time is over we let you float in the water while we hold your head up and you love it. Splashing every arm and leg so hard that we all end up soaked.

12 Weeks

Eleanor, you love your mammie. She has helped us so much this month by not only getting you to take the bottle but also taking care of you as I go back to work. One week down, millions more to go. I miss you every second of the day. I have a handful of pictures of you that I look at throughout the day. So amazed by your sweetness. Mammie has a special way of making you smile, and just this week while I was at work you found your tongue! You are using it to make all kinds of new sounds. It’s so cute seeing you curl it up and stick it out – you get so excited by it! It seems that we say “I love you” a lot to you, and we all swear you are saying it back to us. It sounds a little bit like “aaaaiiii loooooo oooooo.”

This month you also fell in love with your hands. You were still being swaddled at night, but every time you would wake up both of those little hands had somehow broken out. So we stopped swaddling you. I was really nervous at first that you’d keep yourself awake with your thrashing arms, but you love it. Actually you’ve ended up sleeping better and longer. You now only wake up twice a night – 1 am and 4 am. Pretty soon we are going to have to get your big baby crib set up but for now I love having you sleep right next to us in your bassinet. This week mommy has been so tired with going back to work that she has brought you in to bed some nights to eat, and we end up sleeping next to each other. I don’t mind it at all (extra snuggles to keep me going through the day), but your daddy thinks we might be starting a bad habit.

12 Weeks

Every day I feel like your hair is getting more red and your eyes more grey which makes me think they could end up brown. I can’t wait to find out. You love Beatrice the Bunny and your wooden teether from little alouette. Tummy time is much more enjoyable for you if you are on someone, and those little neck muscles of yours are getting so strong! You have rolled over from your tummy to back twice, and your back to tummy once on the bed. We have to keep an extra eye and arm on you at all times now!

We have been so blessed with you. Such a calm, happy baby – I hope you remember to find the good and love in all things as you continue to grow.

12 Weeks

I love you more than the whole wide world.

Love in 75 Days

It’s Friday.
Twelve weeks ago today I sat awake for hours with anticipation wondering when my darling baby would be born. I was only 3 days past my due date, but I was emotionally exhausted. I had finally admitted it to myself. And, I decided I needed whatever time I had left before baby girl arrived to rest, so I began my maternity leave. She gave me exactly one week before she arrived – I mopped, scrubbed, danced, vacuumed and slept…oh, did I sleep to my heart’s desire. I was so afraid to admit it, but I was ready for her.

Even as a child running through fields of grass catching bumblebees in mayonnaise jars, skinning knees, making sand pies, and splashing in my Noah’s Ark pool has twelve weeks never flown by so fast. That first morning with Eleanor was a haze of euphoria and love between this family Nathan and I had created. In between three hour intervals of sleep we stared at this tiny little person, counted all of her fingers and toes, and breathed in every last drop of her freshness. We were in love. Exhausted, and in love.

We stayed awake for hours trying to figure out how to breast feed. We gobbled down food from the cafeteria. We held our baby as she slept because we didn’t want to be even an inch away from her. I remember the first time they took her away to give her a hearing test. When they brought her back to us they had to read off the little numbers on our wristbands, but I just stared at her face. That was my baby. I could tell in her tiny cat eyes, her round, soft head, and her adorable pug nose.

Since then I haven’t been away more than two hours from our Eleanor James. Every morning she greets me with a snuggle and a gummy smile. I’m her mother, and she knows. She stares at me as she nurses, and I swear I see love in her eyes. As soon as she was born I knew I loved her, but this maternal-instinctual-would-give-up-anything-for-you love has slowly grown over the past 75 days. It’s consuming and beautiful, and I know that Nathan and I are so blessed to be able to watch this little baby grow into a girl and a woman some day.

On Monday my leave is up. I will return to work, but more than that I will be away from my baby the longest yet. I’m trying to stay calm, and remember that she is in loving hands. That she will grow to be a social, caring person because of the time she gets to spend with her grandmother and father. But I know my heart will ache for her presence. I will probably walk around all day patting my pockets, checking my bag thinking I’ve forgotten something. I’ll remember that she may not be in my arms, but where it counts we are both full of love.

Oh, Eleanor

I am jumping on daddy’s wagon and writing you a little note. You poor thing just had your fourth and worse blow out since you were born which was only 13 days ago! Four blow outs in 13 days seems like a lot to mama. You were in your swing chair when it happened nodding off to sleep and dreams. I can’t wait until you are big enough to fit in to your reusable diapers. I bet you can’t either. You were probably dreaming about that, weren’t you?


Oh Eleanor,

All that was left of your umbilical cord (e.g. a black, crusty, dried up stump) just fell off. Well okay, it fell MOST of the way off but I had to give it a little flick to get it all the way off. I didn’t want it catching on your onesie and coming off while you slept as I thought that might be a little gross. Maybe not for you, but the thought of having a dried up, umbilical stump rolling around between my body and my pajamas is enough to make me squirm.

I cleaned up some of the dried blood around your belly button but I think I read somewhere that I’m not supposed to do any intense cleaning of the interior of your belly button (right away) so I left that alone.

Hygiene aside, the big question now is HOW THE HELL DO WE KNOW IF YOU HAVE AN INNIE OR AN OUTIE?!! Right now your belly button looks nothing like mine but I’m guessing that’s because you have the luxury of still being able to see your toes. It just looks… weird. I think it wants to be an innie but it’s not quite sure how and everything I’ve read suggests that even if it were an outie now, in six months or a year it could BECOME an innie?!

There’s a lot more “wait and see” that goes into parenting than I had first imagined.


Oh Eleanor,

I’m sure you’re probably wondering why you ended up with breast milk in your eyes at least twice today. The reality is, we’re pretty sure you have two blocked tear ducts as throughout the day, your eyes end up stuck together and filled with gunk. Don’t worry, we still think you’re lovely, however, we also think it’s in your best interest to be able to see and it’s got to be rather difficult with pasty eyes.

With that being said, we did a little research and regardless of how really, really funny it is to see mommy hovering over you with her breast inches from your eye, the word on the street is a few drops of breast milk and some eye massage will do wonders in helping to clear up the gunk and get those tear ducts working.