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Archive for the 'Eleanor Grows' Category

Little things

My mom said she wished I had an hour to update my blog. I said, me, too. I keep meaning to grab a notebook to record things I want to remember some day or scribble down one of Molly’s firsts. I guess I never expected it to be this wild with two kids 2 and under, an old house, and a full time job. Well, that being said this week Molly started walking holding on to her walker. She is so proud. And then yesterday she was playing in the play room and I heard her whining. One of those come help me whines! She had climbed up the stairs and got stuck about 6 steps up. Thank goodness we just got baby gates. She is going to be walking in the next month I’m sure of it.

Eleanor’s current obsession is animals. More specifically watching animals poop. All days that’s what she wants to do, “I wan guh see Aminals poop mommy.” I crack up every time. She went to the Museum of Life and Science last week with her daddy, and she must have seen a lot of animals poop. She also started taking the food on her dinner plate and sort of ravenously stuffing her mouth with it. We told here no, we don’t eat like that. It’s not good manners. And she said, “I’m eating like the animals.”
Oh boy!



Favorite place




Another day spent outside all day. That’s Eleanor’s favorite place. She comes in to eat, get changed, water refills, and naps. We brought out the chalk yesterday and tried “painting” the tree, but our trees are a little too rough for that. And then she spent the rest of the evening with her hat turned backwards flailing herself up and down the yard yelling “RUUUUUUN! RuuuuuuN!” oh, man I laughed pretty hard.



Eleanor has been adding the sound “-ia” to the end of all her words lately. It’s pretty cute.

Mowwy-ia ( Molly)
Sweep-ia (sleeping)
Side-ia (outside)
Wawee-ia (water)

And so on…and so on

Eleanor love

This kid, she’s pretty cool. Eleanor’s 21 months today. Her favorite things are mommy (I mean she wants me to hold her all the time), daddy (he plays the best games), sister (she loves to talk to her), giving goodnight kisses, olives, making animal sounds like baaa and moo and ruffruff and hoohoo, listening to the trains at night, picking fuzz out of her toes, my toes, Molly’s toes, coloring, drawing (she loves ink pens), laying on daddy, going bye bye, breakfast, learning new words every day, feeding her new baby doll, Saying Uncle!, playing with Legos, listening (she cups her hand up to her ear), drinking milk, triscuits, throwing things in the trash and bath time!




3 months and 20 months

Eleanor and Molly are an official month older today. They are growing like weeds shooting up next to each other in a field of clover. And all the while falling more in love. Sisters.




It’s Just A Cold

It’s ridiculous that we can’t protect our kids from everything that could do them harm. Big or small. I would do anything to make it so Eleanor didn’t have another cold right now! It came on last night and she’s been a fussy, sad girl ever since. It’s just a cold, and she’s going to have a million colds (she just got over one two weeks ago) and upset stomachs and scrapes and bruises. We will be lucky and blessed if that is all we have to worry about, but I’d really do anything to protect her as long as I could. She just woke up crying from sleep, sniffly. I went in to soothe her. It only took a minute to console her… I think maybe I wanted to hold her longer, but she reached down to be put back in her crib.





Just Like That…

She’s one and a half years old, 18 months, on her way to two…


She’s full of life, spirited, and strong-willed. She runs through the rooms of this big old house as if time is chasing her. She gives the best hugs every morning without fail as if to say I missed you while I was sleeping. She hides behind chairs and couches for moments of quiet. She would do anything to play outside all day. She tests our patience, strengthens our will, and doubles our potential for love every day.


Eleanor James, you are a firecracker.


Eleanor Grows, 16 months

Eleanor you are 16 months old now. Did that just fly by or what? You are so smart, tenacious, and determined. Everyone comments on how strong headed you are. I figured it was normal for a toddler but seems like you know exactly what you want when you want it. You are an Aries after all.

You love to read. Your favorite books are one on Insects and Mammals. You love anything to do with farm animals, too. You can sit happily for quite some time flipping through books on your own, laughing and talking. But you also like to sit on mommy and daddy’s lap to read throughout the day. We always stop what we are doing when you bring a book over.

Your appetite took a bit of a nose dive recently. Constants include cottage cheese, cheerios, spaghetti, apples, bananas and blueberries. It was interesting! We stopped compensating with snacks and you started to eat a bit more at meal time. Some days you are ravenous and others not so much. I would love to figure out a way to get you to like vegetables more though you do like cucumbers and tomatoes on most days.

Your favorite things are Greta (our cat), daddy, playing outside, looking at bugs, coloring and going bye bye. Oh you’ve also started taking Tucker’s food at meal time. It’s quite funny since he is always trying to take your food, too. We try to be firm that you should not play with the dog at dinner. We started having you help by filling his bowl with us and then watching him from afar. It’s not working. :D

You can say a couple of words, and I hear you repeating the same sounds when pointing at a bird or outside but I can’t quite make them out. So we aren’t counting those, I guess. You just started moo-ing like a cow too. It’s adorable. You understand just about everything. It’s amazing to ask you to grab something or do something and watch you connect the two to action.

This will be the last month before you become a big sister. You are going to be such an amazing, loving, proud big sister. I can already tell. You and little will have so many adventures together.



A Few Milestones

Eleanor got her first hair cut today. Well, hair snip. Her bangs are so long that they are irritating her eyes. And of course since I never put anything in her hair as a baby she does not keep a barrette in there for longer than 2 seconds. So I had to resort to a trim. It was maybe a quarter of an inch but she looks so much older!

I also caught her feeding her milk bottle to her baby doll this morning. This is the second time she’s done something like this. A few weeks ago she shared my water bottle with her clown. It’s so fun to see her pretending or sharing already. She’s such a sweet baby lady.


A Saturday With My Girl

Eleanor and I spent the morning together at the farmer’s market, and then hanging out at the park. It was the first time she’s been in a stroller in a few months, and she seriously did not want to go out. At one point I tried to get her out so she could run around but all she wanted to do was be pushed around as she ate her fresh, juicy peach. It was packed today since there was also a Chili Cookoff and the Craft Fair going on so I was a bit nervous about pushing a stroller around but we managed well. At least we didn’t end up running anyone over.






We picked up some local whole wheat flour (what should I make …bread?!), green pepper, summer squash, purple onion, celery (oh my amazing. I thought I liked celery before but I never knew how it was really supposed to taste), duck eggs, blueberries, and shitake mushrooms. I’m thinking of making Nathan breakfast tomorrow for Father’s Day and having Eleanor and I bring it to him in bed. Maybe blueberry muffins or duck egg omelet with mushrooms!


It’s been down right gorgeous here. We are lucky to have such shade cover at our current house, but I really have been craving some hours by the pool or lake in the sun. Maybe on my (stay)vacation in a week I will take advantage of the local pools or swimming holes (I’m a little nervous about snakes though!) We went hiking last weekend and the river was full of big fish and a water snake!