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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

wedding shoes and food.

I think I found my wedding shoes yesterday! I haven’t had a chance to take them out of the box and walk around the house for a while, but that’s what the rest of the weekend is for. Ha! I do love them. Just hoping they fit comfortably (they are a 8.5 and I typically wear a 9) for a long period of time.

My Nathan is still sick.
Last night though he treated me to dinner out at Cafe Bolero right up the street. It’s cuban cuisine, and I’ve never had such! It was yummy and the place is actually kind of romantic. You’d never know driving by on a Western bus though. We shared a bottle of wine and some dishes I can’t pronounce because I don’t know how to roll my Rs. I like going to spanish places with him because I love when he speaks spanish.

Now I’m off for more food (must exercise tonight!) with Aron! We’re going to have brunch and catch up.

Grey Chicago Day

I’m feeling a little blusey right now. It’s been grey all day, and it even thunderstormed. I like thunder. It actually makes me happy especially if I hear it here in Chicago because we rarely get thunder. I could curl up under a blanket and fall asleep. Right now. I’m tired enough, and I really only get 6 hours of sleep a night anyways. That’s not really enough.

Nathan is sick again. Just awful. I am taking him to the Minute Clinic on Saturday if he doesn’t go tomorrow. It’s going to turn in to bronchitis or strep or pneumonia if he’s not careful.

So basically what this comes down to is …


We need to garden. We need to walk around with bare legs. We need to bicycle. We need the sky to turn yellow at the onset of a thunderstorm. We need this bailout to work.

my favorite flower.

just a little plug

I just have to say that I love, love 2000dollarwedding blog! It always makes me feel better about my place, our place, and the world.

I’m happy to infuse a little tradition in to an otherwise non-traditional planning process, but I like how 2000dollarwedding makes me feel a little better when I don’t.

friends and parties

Scrambled eggs with feta and spinach, starbucks instant VIA coffee, toast, and 27 Dresses is helping. Helping what? My slight hangover. Last night I went over to Nick and Stephens (my bestees and former roommates)

Carey, Nick, Stephen

for a pseudo girls night. We made citrus martinis, stir fry, then talked a lot, danced. I think I cut both of their hair, and painted my nails. Anyways, it was fun, and I’m excited for warmer weather to get here (please don’t look out the window right now – yes that is 4 inches of snow on the ground!) because somehow it will be “easier” to hang out all the time. I’m already planning a Cinco de Mayo party at our house! Sangria, tapas, lanterns (I’m going to attempt these as a trial run before the wedding).

lantern ....love this idea

But to the other point I was going to make…. Stephen and Nick (and I think they’ve been talking to Aron and John)

The winners celebrating!

want to throw me a wedding shower! EEk! I’m super excited. Happy.
I mean, we’ve been going about the wedding rather non traditionally and the girly girl inside of me can’t help but be excited about something very traditional. I love my friends.

save the date

They are in the mail!!!
Keep a look out….

save the dates are in the mail!

silly update

Sometimes I feel slightly “bad” because this isn’t really a wedding blog. It’s more like a me blog. But I do post some wedding information, and there is obviously wedding information found on links to the right which should help our future guests. I should make a definitive page for all of the information they might need, though, and somehow send that to the guests that aren’t in my inner circle of friends.

All the magazines say we should register this month. Well, this month is only a few days from over, and we haven’t registered yet. I feel like we are slightly behind but that’s just because we are being so lackadaisical about it lately. The other night Nathan even mentioned it. We feel odd about “registering.” I mean, We’re just excited for you to be there! But I bet the process of scanning little things we might want or need at a store might be fun. I did send an email for a quote from the rental place I’m looking in to for tables and chairs and such. Hopefully I will hear something soon. And, I think I’ve decided to not go with the table linens I bought at Target after Christmas. Nathan is beating around the bush about it but I know he’d much prefer white, and I think it might be nice, too (only because I don’t think I have enough of the table linens I bought for the buffet, drink, app, prep tables. And, I’m assuming they shouldn’t be different.

I have been talking a lot with a great girl I work with who is going to make the pattern to a piece I want to go with my dress. This is very exciting. I feel like it’s going to totally transform the look a bit. I can’t wait to see it. Or wear it.


I just need to say that I love Sam Cooke, and Buddy Holly, and Bob Marley, and James Taylor.

I’m about to do some late night dancing in a minute. Or maybe it’s early night, either way I feel like dancing.

wedding development

I’m so excited because we are totally going home spun with the wedding, and helping us out are my future mom and sister-in-law. They have been doing all kinds of behind the scenes scouting for fun stuff for the wedding. One of which is plates!

We thought it was be really fun and ecclectic to have different plates for everyone to eat off of during the reception. We’re having a buffet, but it will be easy and real pretty to set up the tables with the table setting and then have people grab and go from there. Relaxed, fresh bbq!

So here is a sneak peak of some of the plates they’ve already purchased!

I have to admit, it’s all starting to feel much more real lately. Very excited!

Day trips

Yesterday Nathan and I took a mini road trip to Starved Rock State Park. We’ve been wanting to go there a long while, and since the Jeep finally has 4 new tires on it we thought Valentine’s Day would be perfect. My brother made us breakfast in the morning, and then he was off in a cab to the airport heading back to Tennessee. I’m going to miss him terribly. He is the best brother.

After a little emotional moment (I have been teetering all week), Nathan presented me with the cutest, funny Valentine’s day card that said “To my wife…” Then he asked what I wanted to do that day, and I said, Um, the museum? And, he said, Um, Starved Rock? It’s a 2 hour trip there, but I was all about it.

We jumped in the Jeep, and headed off on the highway. It felt so nice to escape the city for a little while. We stopped to get gas in Ottawa, and then took a detour to Washington Square where the first debate between Lincoln and Douglas took place. We met a really nice lady in the Visitor’s center, and took a few pictures of the town. Then Starved Rock.

Starved Rock is breathtaking. It is 18 canyons formed by glacial meltwater and steam thousands of years ago right in the middle of flat, midwest Illinois. Lots of hiking trails, a lodge (with the largest indoor fireplace in Illinois), and Bald Eagles nest there! We saw two Bald Eagles, did a lot of hiking (my god there are a lot of stairs), and then witnessed the most spiritual thing I’ve ever seen. Thousands of birds hovering and chirping overhead. As they all took off from the trees at the same time they stopped chirping, and all you could hear were they wings flapping. It was unbelievable.

After hiking we went up to the lodge, and had a couple of beers and dinner. It was really cute. We sat at the bar, and drank Starved Rock Ale, and commented on how everyone is so nice and how we need to move. Nathan mentioned that everyone was on vacation so they had nothing to not be nice about. True true.

I had a good day. I needed it, too.
Thank you lover.



My normal bus has decided to not show up this morning, so I have some time. I warmed up coffee from the night before and am having a piece of toast with strawberry jam. Yum.

Last night Nathan finalized the Save the Dates while I watched. We are addressing and stamping this weekend! Saturday we will probably make a trip to the post office. So exciting!! I think they turned out wonderfully, and completely capture the feeling of the day. Once everyone received them I’ll have some pictures to show of the simple process.

My brother who has been staying with us for a little over a month leaves tomorrow to go back to Tennessee. I am sad to see him go. We got along so well. I just wish it had been summer so we could have done more or he could have liked it better.