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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

i don’t write like this much here.

The rain is a pitter patter outside. It hits fast and steady, and then slows down. It’s been off and on for at least three days now. You should see the world of Chicago – everything is turning green and blossoming. I decided to finish off this bottle of wine. It’s only two glasses, but I’m already warm. I wish someone would turn on the ceiling fan, but there is no one but me, and the dog, and the cat. I also decided to turn on Ryan Adams. I was craving a certain melancholy twang, and he just always seems to hit the spot.

Today felt like a tornado. I woke exhausted from a night of endless dreaming. I just can’t seem to get a handle on it lately, and I know it’s due to stress. I can’t quite remember all the dreams, but there is a resonance of terror and fear. I’ve always had dreams like this ever since I was a child. I am a stressed person, naturally. I worry. I worry that Nathan has gone in to his first overnight. What if something terrible happens? What if a crazy coked out trannie comes in and decides tonight it would be fun to throw acid on someone? Or worse? Or is there worse? I don’t know. See I am a stressed, worried person. It makes me older than I am. It really does.

I was saying today was a tornado. Before I knew it the work day was over, and I had sat through endless calls, a black out, seld-doubt, hilarity over commonalities of sleeping patterns, a minor claustrophobic moment, a crazy man spouting off the latest 20/20 (there was a woman that killed her husband with anti-freeze then she killed her other husband with anti-freeze, too…they think) on the bus – he would move every stop from seat to seat (yes I know mental illness is a huge crisis in this country, but every once in a while I’d like to get home and not be reminded of it, ya know?), fruit, and nothing but fruit for breakfast and lunch, and then it was 3 pm, and I had to rush home to see my husband (that’s what I like to call him these days even though we (as you know) aren’t going to be married for months) before he left for an overnight in the dreaded hell of Starbucks at Clark and Belmont (ie. the drug trafficing center of Chicago).

It seems I am fond of parenthesis today. Our landlord, the Bulgarian one who always and I mean always interrupts you just as you begin to speak, texted Nathan: Call me. He always does this. He has such terrible English that I can’t understand a word he is saying half the time. Let me be blunt, (I don’t care if this is a public forum or not) I hate this man. The mere fact that I hate him so much should warrant us need enough to move, but we haven’t. No, instead we recently decided to stay. We invested in making my garden more permanent (last year it was just a tiny block of ground), and Nathan as I’ve written built us a fence. It has added a level of privacy but also a home feeling to this place we have tried to make so. We also have made a big effort in the past month to get organized from donating old clothes and cds, to cleaning out closets and excess crap. Today I was just saying how excited I was to go home because the house was clean, and homey.

Then George decided to call and basically yell at Nathan like he is a child for building the fence. He says we must take it down, or his father will take it down once he is back from Bulgaria. What? Why? We’ve added value to your property. We care for it. We garden, we mow, we change the lights, we clean, we are more than accomodating. This man, however, should not be a landlord. For more than a year he has strung us on about a possible foreclosure, and that’s on top of us never having a working dishwasher, dryer or washer. Yes I understand these are all privileges, but they were listed in the description of this place when we moved in. We call him about them, and he says “Oh my Father will come see about it.” But his father never does. The washer was too full with quarters (we had to pay a dollar to wash) and so it wouldn’t wash anymore. We called him to come empty it out. Do you know what his father did when he came?! He hammered out the back of the washer, took all the money and now the washer is completely broken! It has been filled with water since February!

It is ridiculous. The man is ridiculous.
I have never seen Nathan so angry before. He cursed the man. How dare he speak to him like that. He is a grown man. I feel so terribly for Nathan. He is such a good man, a caring, loving man. And, I fear that Chicago has hardened him in ways I would have never wished for. He is not a city boy. But he moved here for me, and us. And now we are getting married. But I can’t tell you how much I would love for him to have his barn on some farm with art and breezes and open spaces and inspiration. I love him so much. I am a lucky girl for him to love me as much as he does.

I now look around this home we have built. I remember the first night we came here. We sat very close to where I am now in the living room. We were on the floor against a white wall, we laughed as our voices echoed, and enjoyed a bottle of wine. We thought, we’ve done it. This is it. We are here, we are home, we are together. What color would we paint the wall? Would we argue over decorating styles? How many times would we make love here? What kind of garden could we grow in the back? Would Tucker and Greta ever get along?

I love this house (as much as I despise the landlord), and even moreso I love the home we have built. And, yes we will build another somewhere, someday. It’s just that day may have to come sooner than expected.


a covered bridge!

Oh dear lord, guess what I found not far from where we are getting married?

A covered bridge!!

photo by C. Brock

Littleton, NH (the town next door to Landaff where we are getting married)
Littleton NH
by Greg802

We have got to take photos here. I mean, how beautiful. I would just love a covered bridge in our photos. Granted I don’t want to spend all day travelling to photo spots, but maybe we can hit this one.

by Tom Herde
I honestly don’t think we could have picked a more beautiful place to get married.


I booked my ticket to New Hampshire the other day. I’m going June 4 – 7 to visit my lovely in-laws, and prep wedding stuff. I will hopefully get up the house, too. I am so excited to see my nephews, too! They are so cute and are going to be so grown up.

Jacob and Baby Griffin.
If our kids are anywhere near that cute I might squeel.

I’ve accomplished a few other things in the wedding department, and chatted with my mother-in-law the other day a long while. It’s getting so close! Next up is wedding invitation prep, inspiration, and planning. ::nudge nudge nathan::

Today we are cleaning, and relaxing. We went out last night with some good friends to a gallery show and then to dinner. I’m afraid my tolerance for Arturo’s margaritas is not the same though, and I woke with a killer hangover. Much better now, though.

Other brides and ways to throw a wedding party!

So this year a lot of people I know are getting married. Currently all of my partners at work are engaged, and planning a wedding or about to be married. Abigail will be married in a mere two weeks in Mexico. Katie is doing the traditional outdoor summer golf course wedding in North Dakota, I’m doing the rustic, laid back bbq wedding in New England, and Faymi is planning a sophisticated affair in Asheville NC with cocktails.

I joked the other day that we should have all started a blog – 4 Anthropoogie girls get hitched in style! Or something silly like that. We are all planning such different events so representative of our style. I love that! I really do. I’m starting to let go of the idea of “judgement” about how one would/should plan a wedding. It really should be about the couple, and because the guests love them so they will have a lot of fun!

This brings me to this photo…

I love that this couple was able to make cans of PBR look sophisticated and fun! I can see their event in my head without even looking at another photo. But I do have more…

All photos by Jen Fariello via one of my favorite inspirational blogs Snippet and Ink


Nathan and I registered two weekends ago. It was fun.
We just registered at Target because we really only need the basics. We’re not really in to China. I mean, I think it’s cool and stuff but I don’t do too many fancy dinner parties. We did get funny and register for some far out things just because we started to feel like it could be an on going list of things we might “WANT” as opposed to “NEED.” Either way, I personally loved the scanner.

It of course goes without saying that we just want our guests to attend the wedding and bbq thereafter! We want nothing more than your presence, but if you are inclined to purchase a gift there is a list over at Target or at Club Wedd on Target.com

Also don’t forget to check out Our Wedding Details page for other information regarding the wedding. I will slowly be updating it as time goes on. You can also find our shipping address on Our Wedding details, and any gifts can be mailed there.

Have a good Tuesday.
It’s rainy and snowy here.


I’m really in to buttons right now. I see a button, and I think OOoooh I like.
Yes they are slightly trendy/emo/indie or whatever but for the most part they are just cool. They are small and colorful or not and quirky and descriptive, and I think they would be perfect somehow incorporated in to our wedding. I just don’t know how yet.

I found some images I especially like though.

by Christina Likes Birds

by Kate*

And, the work of Feeling Is Mutual

So many ideas…

Milwaukee road trip

Saturday May 9th Nathan and I have tickets to see the one and only James Taylor in Milwaukee!! I am so excited, and the day is coming closer and closer. Nathan was able to get Sunday off after it and I am now ready to plan us a little weekend trip to Milwaukee!

I just visited Milwaukee’s website and found some good things to do while we are there. There is so much, but when I think of Milwaukee I think of 1) Beer and 2) Art. So that helped me to narrow down. I am planning for us to get to Milwaukee by noon on Saturday and start our day with a tour of the Lakefront Brewery. This is also Mother’s Day so I’m hoping that it isn’t too busy, but if it is they have tours every hour or so. The tour is about an hour, and we will receive 4 pours of different beers. Then I figured we can check in to our hotel! I just booked a night at the Iron Horse Hotel! Okay I’m real excited. I never stay at fancy hotels! This one is a 100 year old wharehouse redesigned as a luxury boutique hotel! Ooooh oui oui! And I think we will have dinner at the hotel before going to our concert at The Milwaukee Theater.

Then the next morning we will wake, lounge in our awesome hotel room, and then get some coffee and breakfast. Then off to the Milwaukee Museum of Art.
Then the drive home.

Oh I am excited!

How are you celebrating earth day?

I have so many things I need to update. This is why I should be more committed to updating throughout the week. I believe this week will be easier, as I am slowly but surely adjusting to my new position, store, and schedule. Every day this past week I leave work exhausted! Wednesday night I fell asleep at 6 pm and didn’t wake up until the morning.


Okay first things first…It finally stopped raining earlier in the week, and Nathan and I were able to further plan our backyard/garden area. I am so excited by it. We have to 4×4 raised beds for veggies. So far I have planted 2 plots for broccoli, 2 plots for turnips, 4 for lettuce, 4 for onions, and 4 for radishes. I was extremely careful as to not sow to many seeds, and today it rained so they are all comfy in their new homes and have nothing to do but grow. I do need to get some worms to throw in there.

Nathan also found this great recycling program sponsored by the City of Chicago where we turn in any and all toxic waste items we might have (computers, cell phones, etc), and in turn we get a discounted price for rain barrels and compost machines. So we got up super early yesterday morning, grabbed some coffee, and headed to US Cellular Field. I’m excited to have both now because we don’t have an easily accessible hose, and lack of water is what killed many of my plants last year. And, it is of course more green to use a barrel and a compost.

Rain barrel
So along with our plans of gardeining (celebrating earth day) and going green/sustainable is the idea of making ourselves a sanctuary of sorts outside. For the longest time our back yard has been nothing but cement, pebbles, and trucks. Our landlord parks his vehicles there, and never moves them. So Nathan came up with the idea of building a privacy fence along the line of the raised beds to block the view of the cars. He decided to build it himself because it would be easier to adhere, and cheaper than just buying panels. It turned out beautifully! We are still adding lattice to the top this week and finishing off the end.

I ordered a cheap outdoor rug and we want to string lights to finalize the makeover. A sweet little outdoor dining and gardening moment. Unfortunately my table is missing! I can’t find it anywhere, so I may have to build a table myself for dining.

Yesterday was so nice temperature wise, and we spent most of the day outside planting and building. We had a few beers, and listened to the breeze and birds. I love those kinds of days.

My first square foot garden.
Puting up the last panel.  So pretty!!

our little town…

This is the website of the little town we are getting married in. It’s tiny, but super cute.

The old blue school…it’s 150 years old!

The Methodist Church

Photos by Mary

i love sunshine.

I’m sitting on my couch with Greta, and the sun is filtering itself through the window cascading down my shoulders. It is so warm, and I love it. Yesterday we kept wishing it was warmer than it was. It was sunny, bright, and COLD. I think today is going to be the same, but it’s not going to stop me from playing outside.

Yesterday after Nathan and I registered (which was super fun and funny) we came home and started cleaning up the backyard. We organized/threw away a bunch of stuff, and we were able to expand my garden area. I now have about 8 ft by 4 ft to plant with. I’m thinking I’m going to do 6 tomato plants, 2 squash, 2 cucumber, radishes, onions and lettuce (which I need to get in soon), and lots of sunflowers. We also propped up a cute little shelf and space for a herb garden area, and a container garden.

radishes galore.
This year I won’t make the same mistake and plant too many radishes together!

For whatever reason I can’t find my garden table, though. I have the chairs inside but the table is no where! I think perhaps my upstairs neighbor might have it. I need to ask him later today. I also would like a bigger table, but I might make something. We’ll see. We threw away the fire pit, but Nathan thinks we can get another one. AND…the biggest, best news of all I actually figured out how to GRILL last night. We grilled everything on the grill and it came out done and yummy. In the past I only get about two coals hot, and it’s pointess to put anything on it to cook. But last night we grilled jalepeno burgers and brats. I’ll be a grill master in no time.

Now I need coffee. And, water.