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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

southern summer weddings

The super talented and amazing photographer Josh Goleman strikes again. I just adore his work.

Check our the rest on his flickr page!

other mentionables

I just booked our tickets to New Hampshire for the wedding!!! I figured since everyone else is we might as well, plus Southwest has some great prices right now. It was about $20 cheaper on Orbitz, but I decided it’s our wedding and I don’t trust any other airlines but Southwest, really. If I had booked the tickets on Orbitz we would have ended up spending $30+ to check our bags.

Anyways…….we’re getting married!!!!!!!!!

Other things:

1. Nathan is currently at Kinkos working on invites far too late in to the night. They ran out of paper and glue sticks. I don’t even know what we would need glue sticks for. But that’s where he is, and he has to work early tomorrow. He’s a good man. It’s also storming like crazy outside, and Belle just ran off because she hates loud noises.

2. I’m listening to Sam Cooke. I love him. I think that I want to play only 50s music during the reception dinner. So I am working on a playlist.

3. I got a wireless remote shutter release for my Nikon D40!! So now we can have a photo booth set up at the wedding. I also purchased material for a back drop. It’s funky and 70s looking, but I think it’s fun! What do you think…props or no props?

4. I think I have decided on what kind of wedding band I want.

kissing lovebirds

70 days.

online finds

How amazing is this ring from the Artisan Look on etsy? I absolutely love it. It’s so unique, and I am fond of hammered gold.

AND….this wedding video!! Oh my god.. I have already watched it twice laughing and crying through it both times. So beautiful and fun!

tickle your pickle!

I made pickles yesterday with my cucumbers from the farmer’s market. I tried my first today, and it was soooo good. It’s taking everything out of me not to eat them all!

Step 1
Step 1

Grow your own pickling cucumbers, or purchase from your local farmer’s market. Gather your jars you will be using (I am using two quart sized mason ball jars), and any additional herbs or garlic you want to add to the pickles! I have fresh garlic from the farmer’s market as well.

Step 2
Step 2
Cut up pickles how you like them – spears, slices, or whole!

Step 3
Step 3
Stuff those pickles in your jar – tight as can be!

Step 4
Step 4
Take mix (I used Mrs. Wages pickling mix) combine with water and vinegar, and sitr constantly over a medium flame.

Step 5
Step 5
Pour mix into pickle jars! Leave an inch of head room above pickles.

Step 6
Step 6
Let rest until room temperature. Then put in refrigerator for 24 hours. And voila you have crunchy dill pickles!

farmer’s market adventures

I woke up pretty early this morning, and remembered that I wanted to go to the Wicker Park farmer’s market right by my house. One of my favorite things about Chicago in the summer is the multitude of farmer’s markets to choose from – some open in the week, other’s just Sunday, and other’s all weekend! I’ve only been to a few since I’ve been here, but I’m realizing that these 60-70 degree days in July are not doing anything to convince me that we will actually have a real summer this year!

Today I went with one thing in mind – pickling cucumbers!
I am learning how to pickle! That’s right. My mom makes the best pickles, and I love pickles so she has set me up with all the right seasonings to make my own. I was so surprised that the first booth I went to had an abundance of pickling cucumbers. I got excited, and then a little embarrassed at how excited I was.

The woman who managed this farmer’s booth told me that the cucumbers were picked just last night, and they are all organic! Yes! I got at least 2 pounds of cucumbers. Then I picked up some organic garlic as well to put in to the pickles. I was thinking that all I need now is organic white vinegar and I will have all organic pickles! I have never been a huge advocate for organic foods, but it is a good concept and when I can be I will support the organic business.

We recently had an organic baker come to our store for a book signing, and event, Sarah Magid author of “Organic and Chic”. I wasn’t able to attend the event because we were off camping, but my visual partner Abigail made over 200 organic chocolate cupcakes using one of her recipes…and my goodness, they were delicious! So moist and soft and subtly sweet. Loved them. So ever since looking through her book cooking/baking organically has seemed more appealing!

My goods from the farmer's market
My goods! I got more cucumbers and green beans than are shown, of course.

I also picked up pink radishes (because I have never seen/heard of them before), fresh rosemary, green beans, organic squash, and 3 gorgeous mammoth sunflowers! Oh they are so pretty and have 100% sealed the deal on my decision to use sunflowers in our wedding. As I was walking back home from the market two people stopped me to ask about the sunflowers. An old mexican man yelled from his pickup, “Are those real?! So pretty!” A woman parked in her car rolled down her window to ask where I got them from. After I told her to head to Wicker Park, she said, “I’ll give you $10 if you give them to me now!”

So funny, but they made me too happy to sell them.

pretty sunflowers

Gorgeous sunflowers from the farmer's market

wedding invitations in action

I know I still owe you the story about the percolator, but we’ve been knee deep in wedding projects all week/weekend! And, it is so exciting!! With only 77 days to go we are on the move cranking out one thing after another – some with fail, and others with great success!

The invitations mean so much to me. I think I made a mistake by saying to Nathan they mean more to me than the cake…but I just get excited by invitations especially with the prospect of Nathan and I collaborating (him doing all the dirty work). We are hoping that by the end of the weekend we will be ready to print!

Nathan working on our very special and COOL wedding invitations!

Lake Geneva pt 1

We’re back from camping! Actually we’re back in to the routine of things as it is Wednesday and camping ended Sunday. It was a blast though! We definitely learned a lot (how to come prepared), and had a ton of fun. We relaxed which we rarely do, and it was so nice. And, we laughed a lot, too. Swimming in the lake with Nathan has got to be my favorite part of the whole day. The lake totally revitalized us after a restless night of sleep, and an attempt to drive around to find another lake to swim in even though we had already paid to swim in Lake Geneva. It was awesome!

We ran in to a thunderstorm the first night of camp. While I was half asleep and Nathan was wet from having to run out and put the firewood away/put the rain flap on it was so beautiful to be sleeping outside under the rain. The second night is when we realized it was actually our anniversary (1 year 11 months)! We always find a way to celebrate even when we don’t know it. We cooked hotdogs and beans in a can, and really tried to rough it!

I have a story about our percolator next!

Our home

pretty Lake Geneva

building a teepee to start a fire

More pictures here!


Ooooh It’s Friday in my world! And, it feels so good.
I have a 3 day weekend (planned far ahead), and with Nathan by my side (he got time off!) we are on our way to our first camping trip. Weee! I have reserved us two nights at Big Foot Beach State Park on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. It’s going to be so much fun, and just what the doctor ordered.

Also, we are well on our way to completing the invitations! There have been some qualms with getting the right materials, but it’s all going to work out. Thank goodness Nathan is so talented with the drawing and such.

I’m also going to be starting on all the fun stuff soon ie. favors, welcome bags, and such! We got in some muslin bags the other day that are so cute!

Off to pack/plan for the camping trip.


Wedding planning is fun, yes. And, I will probably be a little sad when it is over especially since it has been fairly organic. But it is also trying, frustrating, and daunting. Where to begin when you only have such little time left?

89 days.

That’s it.

6 paychecks.

3 months.

13 weeks.


Prioritize, Carey.
Make a list.
And, mark things off.

reminiscing is so fun

If we want to be technical Nathan and I met online sometime in 2003. We don’t know when or how, or even who approached the other first. Except I think it was me. Nathan had the Travelling Head Project now known as The Head Project, and I am pretty sure I found it through my online art perusing and approached him to be a part of it. Somehow we became “friends” on live journal, and without knowing one another or ever meeting learned through words about each other’s lives.

Nathan’s art and his ability to create have always fascinated me (as you will see shortly). He comes up with some amazing ideas, and has a real knack for figuring things out on his own. Of course like most artists he struggles with the idea that he could actually be good, and something could come of it.

Today I was going through some old photos and such working on a project of my own when I stumbled across a post card with Nathan’s handwriting on it. At first it didn’t look familiar, and then I realized what it was.

First to realize how amazing, and awesome this is you must go here and read the entire post from October 2003 including comments between Nathan and I. It’s not that long! I promise!

And, then the post card I found today with the note from Nathan accompanying the polaroid camera he sent me (4 years and 2 months before we would ever meet in person).


How lucky am I?