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Monthly Archive for August, 2009


Photography is an integral part of my life, and Nathan’s. I can’t tell you how many cameras we own… dozens! Okay, so maybe they don’t all work but they all did at some point. I love thinking about who once owned this camera, and what might have been captured with that one. Did they wait with anticipation for the image to develop before their eyes. Maybe she was in a dark room, or maybe it was 1986 at a family reunion when instant film was both affordable and available (oh, polaroid)!

You might even say photography is what brought Nathan and I together. He was a boy who took photos, and encouraged photos through the collaborative art project The Head Project. And, I was a girl interested in photography (mind you with the cheapest, yet dearly loved hp from 1999!!) who found the boy’s work through random online searching. My interest and appreciation for photography inclined Nathan to buy and send me a polaroid camera years before we met.

So it is shocking that we would (or rather could) not consider spending thousands of dollars on wedding photography. I understand it is a priceless art form, but our budget allowed us to pick one – location or photography. We chose location. Luckily we know a fine young man with a camera – my brother, Drew Kirk.

My brother got in to photography much later than I did, and really not all that recently. And, I must admit he has surpassed his big sis. I am impressed daily by what he is able to capture, and the light in which he does so. Drew sees so many beautiful things most people never notice, and his composition is fantastic! We are so lucky that he will be capturing our big day!

Drew also took our engagement photos in February which could not have been easy for him. Nathan was slightly self conscious the entire time, and I couldn’t believe he was getting any of the GOOD moments. But the pictures were beyond my imagination! This is when I realized you really have to trust your photographer, and they will get it right.

I know not everyone will have a talented brother or friend to take their wedding photos, but it is never a bad idea to reach out to your guests to see what they would like to contribute! Talent is everywhere these days, and in my case my brother was really honored to be our photographer.

We are also setting up a flickr account for our guests to upload photos of the wedding from their cameras. Candid snapshots can be some of the best moments! And, of course we will be using polaroid film! I actually bought quite a bit today in support of The Impossible Project.

all photos by Drew Kirk


one month from today we will be arriving to New Hampshire for our celebration…

The beautiful house!!!

I cannot wait to settle in to this cozy house, and wait for our friends and family to arrive.

trying to find my peace

Just a few things that have brought me comfort on this Saturday…





we were blogged!

I have some very exciting news this evening…

We were featured on Intimate Weddings today for our Save the Date postcards we sent out earlier this year! I cannot tell you how excited and honored I am to be featured on Intimate Weddings! Christina shares so many great ideas, and real wedding inspirations that I have used to influence some of our wedding treats.

And, this week I’m working on a few posts about our wedding photographer, my talented brother Drew Kirk, as well as our wedding officiant, my future father-in-law! He doesn’t have a site, but I guess I could link you to his ebay shop (haha)!

Photo by Drew Kirk
photo courtesy of Drew Kirk

sunday familiarities

I can feel the change in the air lately. The days are getting cooler, the wind is getting stronger, and the vegetables are starting to fruit. I’m sure there are many days left of summer, but something is in the air. Last night I had the windows open, and candles lit throughout our home. It felt so comforting, and familiar. I have my coffee cup, and my kitty sitting next to me so right now I am just as comfortable.

Happy Sunday.

i love photos of coffee cups

Today I want to do something BIG.
I will let you know what it is as soon as I decide.

shoes and shopping.

I recenty bought these shoes from Target.

I love them! They fit comfortably (a lot of flats from Target don’t fit the width of my foot). And, they have such a fun, textured detail on the top. Also, the color!! You never see that color on a shoe. So needless to say I have found a way to wear them with every outfit this past week. I’ve been thinking it would be a fun flat to slip on once I don’t want to wear my heels anymore at the wedding. I was just planning on kicking them off, and running around barefoot if it gets to that point. But this color could be really fun with my dress. I might get another pair.

Just a thought.

Today we are going shopping in the burbs mostly for Nathan’s attire at the wedding. Should be fun, and an adventure as he hates to shop.

Happy Saturday!


I just love this image – it is exactly what I imagine our reception to feel like.

I just love this wedding/photo.

courtesy of One Love Photo


I have always loved the idea of photobooths! I wish we could get a real one with black and white photos, but those are insanely expensive! Of course, now at most weddings there is a camera set up on a tripod for guests to snap away at their delight.
And, guess what?!
I’m making that happen!

I was concerned that my camera (Nikon D40) would not allow for a wireless/corded shutter release, but after a little research I found one. We already have a tripod, so all I was left to get was a backdrop of some sort, and props.

A few weeks ago I found some discounted fabric at Joanns. It’s so country bumpkin fall plaid but I love it!

Photobooth Backdrop

And, yesterday I ordered a few props for people to use if that want at this website. Most of my friends will just be happy to snap pictures of themselves I’m sure.

Should be fun!

wedding invitations are in the mail!

It is true! The wedding invitations are in the mail!!

Wedding invitations are in the mail!

And, I could not be more pleased with them. My lovely husband-to-be worked many hours on the design, and together we collaborated on the look, feel, and materials. They actually changed in the middle of the process – right before we went to print them! And, we both loved the second version more.

I will share more tid bits about the invitations themselves, and pictures as soon as everyone has received them. I’ve already gotten a few comments about them from the invitees. I am so excited to hear their reactions!

This means we are just a month and a few weeks away from our lovely celebration in New Hampshire!

Wedding invitations are in the mail!

couch to 5k challenge – day 1

I don’t exercise. When I go to the doctor and the sheet asks me to fill in how much exercize I get a week, I can’t lie. Sedentary. I usually chaulk it up to the fact that my work is “active.” I’m on my feet all day – in terrible shoes nonetheless – and I walk around, sometimes even fast. But it’s not cutting it anymore. I was also once incredibly overweight for my age and frame. A whopping 240 pounds at 16!

This is a picture of me at 14 in 9th grade.

I didn’t lose the weight from any miraculous diet, or a strict work out regimen a day. It was basically a combination of life changes (moving away from home), eating less, and socializing more. Normally freshman in college gain the “15,” but I lost it. And, then the next year I lost another 15, and finally I ended up a size 10 one day all the way down from a 22-24!!

The thing is I didn’t have to work hard at losing that weight. I was hardly conscious of it at all (which I know must sound weird as hell)! But because I didn’t work hard at it, I don’t know how to lose any more weight – I have maintained my weight since then – except now I’m a solid size 12. So what, you say? I just don’t feel good. I can see the weight gain in ways I never saw the weight loss. Mirrors aren’t that nice anymore, and I am most definitely lacking in the energy department.

I try every now and then to start exercising – I do love pilates. I also took hot yoga for a while. And, occasionally I will jog with the dogs. The first summer I lived in Chicago I rode my bike everywhere (without a care in the world), climbed monsterous stairs to the El, and walked a quarter of a mile to catch the train, and this helped to get me as slim as I’ve really ever been.

This is me my first summer in Chicago, I’m 25.

But since then I just haven’t found the motivation. I’m getting older, my work schedule is hard, and I like food (cheese, please). Did I mention I bought an elliptical with my bonus one year, and I might have used it 8 times.

The past few weeks I keep hearing people talking about this Couch to 5k Running program. My friend Janet is doing it, Nick’s brother Adolfo, and my friend Tara in Memphis. And, they all keep mentioning how much they love it, how they can’t wait to go running, and how amazing they feel afterwards. And, it got me to thinking… is running really that GOOD?!

I remember in 9th grade gym we worked all year to run 20 straight minutes as our final. It was hard, a lot of times I walked in preparation for it, or hid behind the bleachers with my first “out” gay friend Ronnie. But towards the end, I kept pushing myself (or maybe that was the coaches), and I remember running the 20 minutes! I passed the final. But not even that, I wanted to keep running (that day – history tells you it didn’t carry on after gym was over). I remember feeling satisfied and healthier.

Nathan and I were chatting the other day, and I told him about the 5k program. I tried to get him to bet me something – if I do it he will buy me something, or take me somewhere. I always try to bet. We came to some sort of agreement – a weekend trip out of state. But I really know I need to do it for myself. Sunday I bought a stop watch. And, today I did my first day of the 5k challenge.

I have to tell you….

it was AMAZING.
I realized as I was doing my cool down walk that it’s amazing because after the 20-30 minutes of intervals you actually feel accomplished. I mean, I actually did something. I didn’t just go running willy nilly around the block. I went out with a precise goal – walk 5 minutes, run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds for 10 intervals. And, I did it! That is amazing.

I walked in to the house beaming from red cheek to cheek, and started crying.
I did it.
It’s the first day, and I have failed before but this time I feel differently about it. I feel like I can keep doing this. It feels realy good.