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Monthly Archive for September, 2009

rain rain go away

Right now the weather forecast says that it will be raining in New Hampshire for a week straight.
Yes, 7 days.
We might build a boat, but in the meantime I have rain boots!

rain boots!

We’re ready!

wash dry fold

Nathan and I ran errands all day.
Now we are ready to pack…
but first I must find a way to do laundry!


5.(point) wha?!

Nathan and I leave in 5.3 days! Yay! No, wait…is that right?

Holy Moly.

Left to do -
Finish signs
Thursday to do list
Friday to do list
Saturday to do list
Make packing list
Get twisty ties for favors
Cut Nathan’s hair
Get Rit Dye & Floral Tape
Sew the bolero Friday night

Not bad… not bad.

Kate Headley Photography
beautiful simple boutinierre’s – photo by Kate Headley

oh, and…

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, thoughtful, loving, patient, amazing, I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-love-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life man!

He makes me happy.

i want banners!

Man oh man…
I want banners. I don’t know why. And, I don’t know where they would go. Neither do I know why I’m realizing this two weeks before the wedding.



But they are pretty, huh?

photos byJeanne Ciasullo

i don’t even know

This morning at 5:25 am I got robbed. It was the most frightening thing I think I’ve ever had to deal with, and I still don’t know how I can articulate it. I was walking to the bus like I normally do, and I am always aware. I don’t walk with my ipod in or use my cell phone. I always look around me, behing me, etc. And all of a sudden I heard someone running behind me…and then I realized they were running for me. That is what keeps playing over and over in my head.

He had a knife, and I gave him my bag – which thankfully did not have my wallet with ID/debit/credit cards in it – but did have about $180 in cash, my new ipod, and cell phone. Then he ran away, and I ran to the fire station that was close by and woke up a fireman who called the police.

I’m exhausted. Shocked. And Sad.
But I’m safe and that’s what counts.

two weeks and wedding invitations

I was home sick today after I suffered all night with a stomach virus of some sort. It was awful, and reminded me how much I hate being sick. Today I slept a lot, and tried to take back some nutrients through Gatorade. I know it’s mostly sugar, but the idea of electrolytes always makes me feel better.

And, then tomorrow I am gone for a few days for work so I won’t be around much until Thursday. We are down to the last two weeks before we leave so there is a lot of last minute things to tie up. Nathan is getting his hair cut, i’m getting my hair highlighted Thursday, and we are making our “packing list.” Plus a few other things I can’t remember right now.

I do want to write about invitations this week. So I am going to leave you with a few photos of us making the invitations.

special event

wedding invitation process


Saturdays are the best day

I love Saturday mornings.
There, I said it.
It’s true. Saturday mornings bring a peace to my otherwise unbalanced days. Usually Nathan and I both have this day off, and so we can attempt to sleep a little later than normal, and wake up together. Some Saturdays one of us might wake before the other, but we close the bedroom door softly behind us, feed the dogs, and make coffee. I love those mornings, too as I find myself stealing a few quiet moments to watch the house sitting so still as the sun light pours through the dining room.

And, of course there is always breakfast. Growing up, every Saturday morning my dad was home from the Field he would wake us up to the smell of pancakes! We’d wipe the sleep from our eye, and walk in to the kitchen as he flipped over one after another. My favorite part was watching the bubbles appear in the pancakes then insisting to my dad that it was time to flip! He’d always wait a few seconds longer, and the perfect pancake would appear.

We don’t really make pancakes that often in our house now, but we do love eggs. And, now that it is harvesting time for the garden (what a weak summer we had – tomatoes are turning red so late!) we have a few fresh tomatoes to go with. Yesterday I cooked up some potatoes with onion, fresh green pepper from the garden, and gouda with a side of eggs (Nathan over easy, me over hard), the most vibrant red tomatoes you’ve ever seen, and the last of coffee in the house.

breakfast fixins'

It was perfect.

fresh tomatoes from the garden


moving on…

It hasn’t been that long, but since Simon my macbook died Friday night I have been without personal computer. Thankfully Nathan has one and I was able to do some casual surfing over the weekend to help me with things like “coffee staining paper,” but it feels good to be back on my own mac! Short story is that my hard drive died. Dead. Gone. Forever. It seems that the nerds like to say, “It’s not a matter of IF a hard drive will go, but WHEN.” At least that’s what the fine gentleman at the Apple Genius Bar let me know today.

And, while I wasn’t able to rescue anything from the past year… yes I know, I am trying not to think about it… Apple Care came through for me and I am now operating with a brand new 120 gig hard drive as opposed to the measley 80 I had before.

Walking home today exhausted from work, a looming three weeks of wedding projects, a full bladder, and the onset of coming to grips with a blank hard drive I started to feel a little, um, well overwhelmed. I can’t say that I hate blank slates, but the idea of having to start all over on a hard drive just kept knawing at me. I am already not organized – at least this is the realization I have been forced to come to since meeting Nathan – so the idea of having to start all over with the intention of being organized was too much to handle. I ended up walking in to a Ukrainian grocery store on my way home and picked up just the things I knew would comfort me in this time of need – bread, cheese, and whiskey. The cheese isn’t anything fancy (Muenster) and the whiskey is with water (a little strong for 6 pm), but so far so good.

Now off to attempt adding some favorite bookmarks!
Wish me luck.

Monday update – projects!

I’ve been trying to wrap up a few projects this weekend for the wedding. I’m doing pretty good, though a trip I took to Wal-Greens to copy photos did not work out the way I wanted. Target has a much better scanning/print system!

Left to do…

Letters for Welcome Packs
Photo frames (I just need one more picture – one of me and my dad)
Bird seed packets (I got the birdseed today)
Shopping list for food
Timeline of the week/day
Final rsvp count

I’m almost done on a few of these so that is nice. The project I’m working on right now – Letters for the welcome packs – is by far my favorite. Veronica let me borrow her very cool typewriter, so I am typing all of the letters! It gets me way too giddy. Love the sound.

We went to the Ren Faire this weekend, too…so I will leave you with a picture.