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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

let there be light.

Things tend to disappear in my house. One day they are right where they have always been, and the next they are not! These things are usually mine, as well. Like an old typewriter, or two wooden candlabras, or lamps! Yes lamps! The other stuff I understand is decoration taking up space, and has no certain use at the moment. But lamps bring light!

Nathan on more than one occasion has unplugged perfectly working lamps to only move them in to rooms they don’t belong, on the floor, and unpugged! If that wasn’t enough, he also takes lamps that do not work (could be potential fire hazard), and moves them in to rooms where old lamps once lived!

lamp that works but was moved to floor
working lamp – once lived in the living room, now it is left unattended and unplugged on the floor in the bedroom. this occurred just last week.

lamp that works but was moved to floor

working lamp (yes it did burn the lamp shade once) left unattended in the art room on the floor and unplugged. approximately been there for 6+months.

lamp that does not work but was taken out of basement and put in to the house
lamp that does not work (wiring is pulled out) – was once in the basement until we purchase a new lampshade, and rewire it – but Nathan pulled it out approximately 4 months ago for “decoration”

yup. i don’t understand it – and I am always on a scavenger hunt – but i sure do love him for keeping things lively (if not lit).

sunny days…wishin the clouds away…

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. I probably had the most fun drinking before we ate, or napping after we ate while watching Sesame Street’s 40 years of Sunny Days dvd! I also attempted doing my own flowers, and setting up a nice table setting for the first time! And, I think with my resources I did a pretty good job.

I picked up flowers at the super market – spider mum, red mum (i don’t remember what the red colored flower is), and white carnations. Then I picked some wheat stems growing around our neighborhood. I used the coffee cans I had originally bought for wedding centerpieces to make their home.




flowers in a coffee can

I made the table runner out of scraps of upholstery fabric I have collected. I didn’t even sew! Just laid them on top of each other. And, then set the plates including my Martha inspired place settings – pears!

place setting

The Table

Add the turkey and voila!

Our feast


Then the food coma took hold.



On the agenda this weekend…

Broadway in Chicago The Addams Family at The Oriental Theater! I am so excited. This will be the first show Nathan and I see together, and we have been planning on going to the theater since we first started dating!

Then off to my favorite Christmas tradition Christkindl Market in the Daley Plaza. I can just taste the Gluhwien right now! I hope they brought back the boot this year.

And, sewing! I want to make something!


Hope everyone had a very lovely Thanksgiving!

The Table

thankful one.

A year ago on Thanksgiving Eve Nathan and I got engaged.

Love those dimples!

Today at work someone said to me, “Carey…you’re husband is on line 2 for you.”
And, I giggled inside.
I am so thankful this year to have a loving husband… who kisses me 7 times while doing the dishes, sways with me in the kitchen (in an attempt at dancing), and is so much fun to love (and this was all today)!

drinking apple cider

I can’t channel my energy.
Why is it so hard to be productive?
No, really….why?

Well, I did make a pillow the other day.

i just made a pillow!

Maybe I will go make another one until I’m sleepy enough to productively go to bed.

Sewing 101

about to start sewing class!

I took my first sewing class yesterday at Joann’s Craft store. It was interesting in that it started late, ended late, one of the students was on her cell phone texting or calling people between instructions, and her two children (8 and 16ish) were in the class either complaining or playing one of those wireless video game machines.


I did learn a few tricks to my rickety old machine, and how to trouble shoot the bastard. I inherited this machine from a nice lady I once worked with at my old store. She actually ran an entire baby quilting business with this machine in the 80s so it has been through a lot. The last time I tried to use it to make a cover for my Kitchen Aid Mixer it went all hay wire, and the bobbin kept getting frustrated and clumping on the back of the fabric. I basically had to take a part the inside and mess with it a few times, and the wheel and the thread holder to figure it all out yesterday.

We didn’t make anything specifically, but I did learn more about the basic stitches, and how to do a bay stitch, and to adhere interfacing. I have a little at home project I’m going to attempt today (a coupon holder)!! I mean, who am I, right now?

And, ps. Where do people even find coupons these days besides the printouts from Target and Walgreens?

Things on my list to make with my sewing machine:

Cover for Mixer
Cover for Scanner
Curtains for the bedroom
A few pillows for the bed
A few pillows for the living room

oh, Martha!

Thanksgiving is next week, and I am hosting, and I still haven’t gone shopping!
So, right now I am watching Mean Girls, drinking coffee, and putting together our menu and shopping list. I was searching about for new decorating and cooking ideas which put me at Martha Stewart, of course. She has some good tips, but I really liked reading her hostess tips. I probably do a couple of these (I am so the Miserable Faultfinder). So this year I will try my best to not do that!

The Invisible Hostess

Having failed to start on time, or having decided to make complex, last-minute dishes, you’re in the kitchen, alone, all night. Very bad. As is jumping up to start cleaning while your guests are still at the table eating dessert.

The Miserable Faultfinder

Do not tell everyone whats wrong with the food before they even pick up their spoons. “So no one thinks the soup’s too salty?” Really, what can they say?

The Rueful Dreamer

You saw a great recipe for Thai-style noodles but couldn’t get the lemongrass. You thought about tiramisu, but went with a trifle. Don’t tell people what they could have been eating. Most guests will love spaghetti and meatballs, if you don’t start raving about some lobster ravioli you saw on TV.

The Insufferable Uberchef

Speaking of lobster ravioli, if the dishes served are very exotic and the wines very fine, let the guests notice it themselves. No bombarding them with gourmet commentary.

The Bickersons

It’s a challenge to have people over when you and your husband/boyfriend are in the midst of a squabble, but it happens. No matter what, avoid carping at each other and rehashing any long-running arguments.

I’m wondering if anyone else finds they fit in to one of these hostess no-nos.

And, I just love this.

Once again, Design*Sponge inspires me. Now I can use all those old coffee tins that we didn’t use for the wedding.

back then, when…

spiced rum makes me think of jack sparrow, a barrel, st. louis, feeling home, warm, reggae, and memories.


i like it strong.


I am happy it is Friday.
I have a lot to do this weekend, though.