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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Year in Review (it’s the thing to do)

January 2009
- my brother, Drew, moved to Chicago.
- lots of snow, and cold temperatures.
- first game night with the Fischens!

Me and my big ole dog.

The winners celebrating!


- Our winter escape to Florida!
- Drew moved back to TN :(
- Starved Rock exploration

boys II men

beautiful frozen waterfall


- tried really hard to get outside to soak up sunshine even though it was still COLD.
- St Patrick’s Day party
- I got promoted, and made my way to the big CITY working steps away from the John Hancock.



Old times


- went home to TN for my mom’s birthday
- reunited with my biological father Kenny after 23 years!!!
- Nathan built an awesome “privacy fence” in our backyard, and then we were forced to take it down.

And, this one!

Drew and I with our father

Puting up the last panel.  So pretty!!


- planned a romantic surprise getaway to Milwaukee, WI
- saw James Taylor in concert, and got his autograph!!

we pulled over to the side of the road

Lakefront in Milwaukee


- took a trip up to NH to finalize some wedding plans, see the location, and hang out with family!
- my 27th birthday!
- took my annual trip out west to California to visit AJ and Shea, and spend a few days camping in the Nevada desert!

American Gothic

the house


Summer road trip through Sierra Nevada

my favorite



- wedding planning galore!
- lots of bbq
- camping at Lake Geneva, WI (amazing!!!)
- got a kiddy pool to sunbathe in

How does this damn percolator work?


Lake Geneva


- Our two year anniversary!
- bachelorette fun
- um, we got our marriage license and felt the anticipation for the big day.

4 queens and a princess


good morning

- Ren Faire
- We realized we had to give Belle back, and were saddened.
- I got robbed.
- Nathan’s birthday – I baked him cupcakes, and Belle ate them ALL in ten minutes when we weren’t looking.
- pre wedding stress!!!!!
- left on a jet plane to NH to start the party

Belle in the hot spot


flying high to New Hampshire


- We got married!!!
- I had all my friends in one spot together, and it was amazing.
- met my amazing older brother Josh (for the first time) when he and Kenny came to our wedding.
- We spent a few days driving around the beautiful New England coast – Mass, NH, Maine!
- I started to feel the aftermath of September …hard.
- My camera got stolen on Halloween.
- Nathan started school.

The Griffins

- took a sewing class
- watched time fly by
- purchased our first big thing together – a tv!
- saw Broadway showing of The Addams Family in Chicago
- hosted Thanksgiving



- decided we weren’t going to do anything “big” for Christmas
- but we did get our tree in a snow storm
- Nathan finished his first class with flying colors.
- had a meltdown or two, but it’s winter. so there.
- lost my cell phone (i mean we have terrible luck with electronics)
- booked a booth at Empty Bottle’s handmade faire
- taught Tucker how to walk on a leash (better)

Tucker isn't so sure if he is ready for Jingle Bells and Santa hats.

Christmas eve 200914

yes. go. snow.

4 day weekend….


On my agenda:
Play Little Big Planet
Learn more about planning a European vacation
and (the biggest and best)
decorating our office/art room
oh, and of course
ringing in the new year! the new decade.

Our inspiration for the art room is Faythe Levine’s very own! Love the color combination.
Photo from Indie Craft Documentary blogspot.

skip that meeting.

watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations for the first time ever, and dreaming about our honeymoon (this summer).


After all that fuss, my Christmas was one of the best I have ever had. Holidays have always meant the world to me – I love celebrations, people, laughter. But this year, something felt off. I was finally able to talk through it, figure it out (even just a little bit), and move a little more in to the right direction, though (with the help and listening ears of my husband).

We got a call from Nathan’s family on Christmas, and of course his Dad had some great things to add to the woes of a newlywed’s first Christmas together (without family or kids or lots of festivities to buffer the quiet). He is always so funny, and so spot on. Bob told Nathan that the first Christmas he and Deb spent together married, Debbi cried all day! I’m sure he’s exaggerating just a little. But the best part is the why! There weren’t enough presents under the tree! I just love it. She was used to a big family (4 kids) and a home where Santa still existed in to your twenties! The absence of magic (in the form of gifts or reindeer) is a hard thing to shake for anyone any age, I admit it myself.

That being said we had a wonderful Christmas weekend together. We slept in late on Christmas day (until 10 am!!), and cooked dinner together, and relaxed together, and laughed together. It was awesome. Nathan gave me a wonderful gift – a reminder of how amazing our love is (because even things as wonderous as love can get lost among the worries of the every day). And, that I am thankful for.

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas eve 200915

baby steps.

I like buffalo.
They are modern dinosaurs. And, I find this attractive.



Main Entry: 2hobby
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural hobbies
Etymology: short for hobbyhorse
Date: 1816
: a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation

trace the lines.

I guess honesty is the best policy.

my ruby red slippers

you think rockford files are cool.

I’m sitting in my living room. It’s dark. And, the Christmas tree is glowing red, green, blue, orange. It’s only 11 am, but it feels later. This is the room we’ve been meaning to paint a brighter color. We haven’t gotten around to that just yet, though. Actually, I haven’t gotten around to a lot of things yet. Christmas has flown by. I don’t really want to wrap the few presents I have purchased. And, I haven’t. I keep meaning to start working out, or finish a sewing project that I know I can finish. But I haven’t. I’ve been watching a lot more tv, though.

I am unmotivated.
Really, I am restless and anxious and unmotivated and bored.
I woke up this morning wondering if I am the only one? Does this happen at our age? What is going on? I am not an unmotivated person, dammit!

Well of course I turned to google. And, with a bit of trepidation and humor I googled “women unmotivated lazy,” and didn’t happen upon what I knew I needed to read. So then I googled, “women wedding depression.”


I mean this is really hard for me to admit, and it’s not a SEVERE depression meaning I’m not a second away from slitting my wrists or not getting out of bed ever. I go to work every day, I socialize, I walk my dog, I love my husband.

But I think I am suffering from post-wedding blues.
I think I have been for a while now. And, that on top of all the other changes in my life that have happened in the past 3 months have just grown into a mountaintop of transition.

I chuckled when I read this.

SheKnows: What are some indications of post-wedding depression?

Eagan: Irritability, restlessness, sadness, boredom, arguing with your spouse over “small things” and decreased sexual activity, to name a few.

Hmmm… now to figure this shit out, and get over it.
And, if you have any advice please share!

Article from She Knows “Post-Nuptial Blues” by Jennifer Chowdhury.

boys have all the fun.

There was a big period of my life where I loved to dress like a boy. Dirty chucks and baggy jeans and vintage shirts. I’ve always secretly loved the simplicity that boys have to their wardrobe, and how appealing it is as a girl to wear it.

And, right now it’s back.
I have a serious crush on my husband’s new glasses.

guess who i am?  nathan!

I kind of want some.
Other than that I balance my dirty boy flair with baking cookies and wearing aprons (of which I am doing now).

Happy Friday!