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Monthly Archive for February, 2010


I wish people were more honest about things that weren’t always sun drenched and happy and fluffy in relationships…like money. Nobody ever blogs about money, and how to join finances or how to figure it all out so you can one day maybe buy a house or retire. No one mentions that it’s a difficult process; that it is trying and that you ultimately have to shed any selfish bone in your body just to sit down and talk about it.

I mean maybe they write about it in books, but no one writes about it in blogs. I’m just saying.
Maybe I could, but we haven’t come to our resolution yet.

ps. I’m crushing on ingrid michaelson right now. I remember hearing her a year or so ago but now I like her more. My favorite song at the moment – You and I.

Don’t you worry there my honey we might not have any money but we got our love to pay the bills

Outfitting day 3 and 4

They are on their way! I have taken pictures but have been so busy and tired to upload. And, I have a million emails (well not really, like 3) to get to. And, I need to call my mom.

TGIF tomorrow…plus outfits.

Outfit Day 2 Challenge

A little late today, but I did pick out my second outfit for the Outfit Challenge. Albeit, wrinkled and rushed due to staying up wayyyyy too late watching Olympic’s Ice Dancing!

My inspiration came from a photo on The Sartorialist. I also recently purchased this book to use for work inspiration, and just love it!

Outfit challenge Day 2
Inspiration Photo

And my outfit

Outfit challenge Day 2

Mine definitely has a different feel to it – a little more polished maybe? But I couldn’t find the white shirt I wanted to wear!! I also have come to the conclusion that this skirt is highly uncomfortable unless it is worn in the spring or summer.

All items from Anthropologie.

I can’t promise tomorrow’s will be any better since I am mostly doing hard, manual labor tomorrow (ha ha – please cross your fingers I don’t hurt myself), but I will still post!

Outfitting challenge day 1

It’s that time again!
The wardrobe challenge time!
Last year I tried to reinvent my closet by pulling pieces together that I never had worn paired before. I want to be a little more creative this year so the concept is that I will pull an inspiration outfit (from a magazine, catalog or blog), and try to reinvent the outfit with pieces I already own in my closet!

I’m going to do this for 5 days (probably not consecutively).
Here goes my first attempt:

Inspriration image from Millie Holloman Photography based out of North Carolina

inspiration outfitting

I just love the classic pairing of white, grey, and brown especially since I tend to wear a lot of color.

And, here is my interpretation from my own closet.

Day 1 - outfit challenge

Day 1 - outfit challenge

Day 1 - outfit challenge

My outfit is a little more textured (what with the stripes and tweed), but I tried to stick with the same subtle tones as the inspiration image. Now I just need some red lipstick!

My outfit:
Skirt – vintage
belt – vintage Anthropologie (5+years)
top – curated tee (Anthropologie)

disaster strikes

On Wednesday a giant, old cabinet fell over while I was standing in front of it. My instincts luckily kicked in, and I moved as fast I could while throwing my arms/hands over my head to protect my body. It could have been much worse than it was as a lot of glass broke (shards of window panes), and anyone could easily have been crushed under there. My injuries are a few bruises (a big purple one on my arm), a few scuff marks (mostly on my right shoulder), and a few cuts on my right arm. But somehow in all of this I hurt my back!


I always seem to hurt it during the winter months, and this year was no exception. I get excruciating pain in my lumbar 4 and 5 which basically makes it very difficult to walk normal! I’ve been using icy/hot and heat pad since Wednesday night, and miraculously it already feels a lot better.

The sad thing is that the Griffin household has basically aged 50 years this week. On top of my injuries Nathan has a hurt foot, knee, and a terrible pulled muscle in his neck/shoulder! I mean it is ridiculous how old we feel. He got the majority of his pain from work, and running (he’s lost 20 pounds!!).

This all being said I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend – go health! Maybe a movie, some stretching/yoga, and rest.


I just have to say how much I love the olympics.
Summer or winter…I get in to them. And, I’ve been watching for three nights straight! Yesterday was such a good day for the USA, and I was cheering along with everyone in Vancouver.

team usa
photo from latimes.com

foods and stuff

So many things, so little time.
11 Days ago I joined Weight Watchers Online. It was free enrollment, and I wanted to know how to eat right. Or rather I needed a structure in which to record what I eat, and it seemed like the most user friendly. So far I have learned a lot of new recipes (including an easy, delicious stir fry with cashews and cheesy enchiladas), and Nathan and I are cooking together more often which makes me happy. I like doing healthy things with him.

I have also saved quite a bit of money because I have been more adamant about bringing my lunches to work. In the beginning I ended up too hungry by the end of the day, but I’m getting the idea of what my body needs as opposed to just wants. It is a good feeling to be hungry every once in a while, too. So is eating more slowly. Nathan has always been the fast eater which stresses me out if I am eating next to him. But the few meals we have together a week due to our schedule have been more tasty and enjoyable because we are savoring the food.

So far in 11 days I have lost 7 pounds. My goal weight for the biggest loser at work that I am a part of is 17 pounds! I am not that far away, really! Granted your first week of weight loss compared to your second, third, etc is pretty high (I lost 5 lbs my first week, and 1.5 my second week), but if I can continue at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week I might exceed my goal. I actually have another weight loss goal after the 17 but if I can get there I know I can lose another 13.

Next up is incorporating exercise… oh, exercise. My nemesis!
Nathan suggested going to the gym this past weekend, but we didn’t. We ended up organizing, painting, and rearranging our house (something that you have probably noticed occurs often at the Griffin household). We got some work done, but we didn’t burn nearly as many calories as we could have if we’d gone running. Maybe this week?

Spanish Omelet

fresh Spanish Omelet from Saturday’s breakfast

lots of little things

Dear Monday,
Why do you always leave me with a nightly headache? I want a gift receipt. No thank you.

Dear CTA,
Why oh why did you have to reduce the bus schedule? Today’s ride home was hell.

Dear Mother-in-Law,
You are awesome. You sent me the best package today – filled with dried leaves and pine cone spurs. Thank you.

Dear Book,
I will finish reading you soon. You are good.

Dear Weight-Watchers,
I don’t understand you quite yet, but I like you. Today two people asked me if I had lost weight so you seem to be working.

Dear hair,
Do you want to be blonde or brown or red or natural?

Dear washing machine,
How did I live so long without you? I did 4 loads yesterday. Now I need to fold two of them.

Dear bed,
I’m coming soon.

Dear husband,
I love you.

long time no see

Hello Blog,

How are you? It’s been a while. I didn’t mean to neglect you, but I was out of the country for a while and I’m just now getting back in to my routine. I went to St. Thomas – one of the US Virgin Islands. Yes, it was amazing!! I’ve never been to such a tropical place before (at least I don’t remember Hawaii, and I don’t know if I count Florida). I will tell you all about it this weekend – snorkeling, rum, new people. It was just what I needed!

We also got a new car – Nathan traded in the Wrangler for a Cherokee. Pretty cool! It’s going to take some time getting used to driving it as I typically drive compact cars, and I haven’t regularly driven in this city in over two years!! I did drive back from the grocery store last night in the snow – whoa! Freedom is calling my name. Nathan made a good decision.

Oh, and snow – yup it’s snowed two or three times since I’ve been home, but I guess it is still winter. Typically February flys by, so before we know it spring!! Well after March and April…ha ha

My mom might be moving in to her own apartment very soon!! This is wonderful news. So I might take a short trip home to help her with that, and set her up. I’m ready to make curtains!!

Today we are heading out to do our Give a Day Get a Day service for Disney. We are volunteering at the Anti Cruelty Society, and I’m excited. I promise we will not bring home any animals, but hopefully we will get to play with some. I’m also excited to spend some quality time with my husband. I really miss him.

Okay pictures of my trip soon!!
Thanks for hanging in there while I was off galavanting around, Blog. I really appreciate it.
St. John Tour (day 3)