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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

aphids attack

It appears as though we already have aphids!

What are aphids, you say? Tiny, little transparent insects that like to suck all the life out of tomato plants. Basically vampires for the red, juicy fruit that is awaiting my summer table.

We are trying a few different natural remedies:

#1. pick them off one by one
#2. spray them with a mixture of water and dish soap
#3. spray them with a mixture of cayenne pepper and water

Because I really want some of these..

Sunday Loveday

ooh it’s a hot one.

Yesterday was a whopping 94 degrees. This is Chicago the week before Memorial Day…that is insane!!

Sunday Loveday

Though I’m not complaining – I am ready for summer.
It’s a good thing we planted our tomatoes this past weekend. Nothing says summer like a juicy, in season tomato.

Fresh cut flowers

They just brighten up everything.

Green City Market - week 2

Green City Market - week 2

fruits of the earth

This Saturday was our second week visiting the Green City Market. There was a fog blanketing the entire city, and as we walked in to the park the cool breezes from the lake encouraged goose bumps along my arms. The day felt fresh and zesty. (That’s my new favorite word – zest)! Nathan and I held hands until we reached the market which wasn’t quite as busy as the first week, but still bountiful with excitement and chatter.

Green City Market - week 2

The usual spring items were in stock, and I decided to try Rhubarb for the first time! The folks at Ellis Family Farms are so sweet and inviting, and I chatted with Christina for a little bit about her blogging trials (I totally relate). I picked up a pound of Rhubarb and two pounds of asparagus (we’re going to be eating asparagus all week)!

Rustic Rhubarb Tart - fresh rhubarb from Ellis Family Farm

Nathan had one thing on his mind – croissants! So we headed over to Bennison Bakery to grab breakfast bread, and an amazing loaf of surprises called the California a sourdough with raisins, dates, apricots, cranberries and walnuts. YUM!

Green City Market - week 2

We also picked up a dozen eggs, summer butter, freshcut flowers for the week (my favorite thing to have in the house), shallots, arugula, apples, and two heirloom tomato plants from Genesis Growers.

Green City Market - week 2

Green City Market - week 2
Delicious sunny butter.

Green City Market - week 2

We’re off to North Carolina in a week so I have a lot of cooking to do in the meantime!

Sunday happy list

Mr. Nathan Griffin looking so dynamite.

tmi weight loss

I am trying really hard not to get frustrated the past two weeks, and so far I have been successful. Two weeks ago I lost a whopping 3.5 pounds which brought my grand total up to 25 pounds lost in 14 weeks. Number one that is awesome, number two I don’t know if I have ever committed myself to something that long besides my job and my relationships so even that I have to be proud of. Last week I didn’t lose any weight which is to be expected since it rained a lot (excuse for not riding bike), and my brother was in town (we didn’t eat out much but of course my routine was different). I shook it off because technically I am still ahead of the game, and can reach my goal of 30 pounds lost by June 23rd if I continue to lose a pound a week.

However, this week I have been nothing but stressed including a small (or large) emotional breakdown on Wednesday night. I think I might have scared my dog so much he began hyperventilating (okay, I’m kidding but I swear he was)! Even with this stress I’ve attempted to get back on routine, ride my bike, have a regular eating schedule (cereal in the morning, bring lunch, etc)., and find avenues to release the stress. Instead of going out last night I spent a couple of hours with Nathan in the backyard pulling up weeds. It was really nice. I actually said those words, too.

“This is nice.” Looks at Husband.
He smiles.
Dog barks.

[Oh are you wondering what that sound was? Nope, it wasn't Tucker barking. That's the sound of Nathan's bike tube exploding out of no where.] GIRK. (I will explain what the GIRK Curse is at a later date.)

Anyways, back to the frustration. I feel bigger. I get on the scale and I have somehow gained 3 pounds in a week?! I know it’s not fat or maybe it’s muscle but I doubt it…I’m sure it’s water. It’s gas. It’s food. Everytime I eat I feel so bloated….all week! And, I am over it. I don’t know what to do. I eat tons of fiber. Maybe I’m eating too much? Nathan has been feeling the same way, and he thinks we are not drinking enough water. So he went on a water fast yesterday – we will see the results of that in a few minutes. So I’m increasing my water intake, and am going to try not to stress about it… but I can’t gain back all the weight I lost three weeks ago. Then I will most definitely not be ahead of the game. Plus I have an awesome bbq to go to tonight in the city with delicious seasonal local veggies, fish, and steak but I don’t want to be one big helium sized bubble of a balloon tomorrow for my weigh in.

I am sure I need to mix up my exercise routine, too. Or just get a routine. Abi and I decided to set a date for hot yoga – June 2nd. I think that will do wonders both for my mind and body.

I’m sure this was going to happen at some point. I’ve had a pretty decent ride of this weight loss game – on average of 1.7 lbs a week which is a steady, healthy loss. But I am ready to jump over this plateau!

Who’s with me?!

Nick's Big Move

POW! (okay i’m a dork.)


Just happy it’s Friday!


Planning on spending my weekend in the dirt like my lil nephew Griffin here! He’s on to something!

bye bye

My brother left on a jet plane yesterday. I miss the comfort of having family around. There is such an ease of being quiet or funny or silly or ridiculous around someone that you are related to. My brother is a tremendous guy, and I love him so much. Next time better be soon.

Brutter time!

We had a great time just hanging out in the park!

Brutter time!

And at the zoo!

Drew is in Chicago!

Drew is in Chicago!

And, at home!

Drew visits!

I’ma miss my brutter.


I want to lay in a field.
Or run through the grass.
Or stare at the clouds.
Until a shape forms of…

Me running through the grass. Or laying in a field.

farmer’s market success

I have found my passion… food.

Breakfast Pizza

That’s gotta be a silly thing for a girl who has struggled with her weight to say, right?

Breakfast Pizza

But it is true. I’ve learned to embrace it, enjoy it, and find beauty in it.

dinner time!

Not because I know it will satisfy a craving or a feeling.

Green City market finds

I finally feel like I understand what it means to be nourished.