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Monthly Archive for July, 2010

sit, please.

I wish I could hire someone to scour Craigslist for a cheap couch for my house. This ole love seat has got to go!

Number 1. It cost me $50, and has served its time.
Number 2. It is currently the dog’s bed. Guh-ross.
Number 3. The pillow cushions are all lumpy now, and make for not so comfy back while sitting on it.

I’m looking for something simple, clean, easy to take care of. And, I promise I will not let the dog get on it. Maybe leather, maybe cotton. Anything but this loveseat will do.

I just tried to find a photo of it, but can’t.

pit stop


We had more special visitor’s last weekend! Kelly and Steven are traveling cross country from Tampa, Florida to one city and campground and state after another! How exciting is that!? Once they stopped in Chicago they had already been to DC, Philly, NY, and NH. We tried our best to show them Chicago though I wasn’t feeling well most of the weekend.


Bean… check!


Jugband show…check!
Card games….check!
Farmer’s market….check!
Movie in the park… well, almost!


Wheat Pasting …check!


Kelly is an amazing artist, and she brought Nathan and I each a piece from her art collection! I love her style – so endearing! I can’t wait to hang it up in its special spot in the house.

Monster love

Griffin Yard Farm update

The garden is growing right a long. This weekend we finally got some much needed rain, though it did quite a bit of damage in Illinois and Iowa! Over 7 inches in two hours! Our damage was less than extensive. Looks like our zucchinni plant got knocked over a bit by the rain and wind. But we got our first vegetable!!

Griffin Yard Farm - 6 weeks in

And, we picked a lot of the flowers that are male and won’t turn in to fruit. I’m hoping to try and fry them up tonight. I was just too tired yesterday to fry anything.

Griffin Yard Farm - 6 weeks in

These photos of the garden were taken last weekend, and it has already grown even more since then. But look at how big it is getting! It’s taking over the farm sign!

Griffin Yard Farm - 6 weeks in

Griffin Yard Farm - 6 weeks in

And, we have corn! Though something ate an entire ear the other day! Raccoon maybe? Yes I have seen raccoons on our street in Chicago before!

Griffin Yard Farm - 6 weeks in

strike a pose

You know I love a group picture!!

AJ visits Chicago

One of all of us during AJ’s visit! It was a lot of fun.

Farmer’s market week 8!

The farmer’s market is getting better and better. This is definitely the time to go as it seems just about everything is in season! Still waiting on an abundance of tomatoes grown outside (most are grown in a green house which still doesn’t taste the same)! I did find a few small round ones, and I bought those on Saturday. We sliced them up, and had them with omelets this weekend. DELICIOUS.

Farmer's Market week 8

I also got peaches, corn, shallots, purple peppers, garlic, red potatoes, carrots, pickling cucumbers, yellow squash, eggplant, green and yellow wax beans, fresh cut flowers, eggs, and milk!! I am so excited about the milk!

Farmer's Market week 8

Farmer's Market week 8

I would not call myself a milk drinker. I like it in cereal and with oreos! But I may have to change my statement after this. The milk is from Kilgus Farms, and is completely local, natural, and fresh. The cows are not confined, and are pastured in over 28 fields! I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it tastes – and it’s skim!

Farmer's Market week 8

Sunday night we had Turkey burgers, corn on the cob, sauteed green beans, and a cucumber salad. Tonight it’s just me so I’m deciding between an eggplant dish or a bean salad. So many decisions!

Weigh in

I have officially lost 33 pounds, and am down to 156 as of this morning! I will admit it has been hard adjusting back to my routine of tracking food every day on weight watchers. I used to be religious about it, and after getting back from vacation it hasn’t been a priority.

I read an article recently on why people fall off of their weight loss wagon (after losing a significant amount of weight). The number one reason is boredom. I think I am probably falling in to this category. Well, and an interruption in my routine. I had my routine down to a science. Eat, record. Come home from work, record.

That being said I am proud to say that it seems as though I have not only lost weight, but that I have made a lifestyle change. Even though I haven’t been tracking as religiously as I once was I am still making every meal count. I did buy some Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Coffee ice cream last week. And, I almost ate all of it. But I took control, and decided to make it count. Then I asked my husband to finish the other half off for me!

The great thing about weight watchers this entire time is that I can eat ice cream or a slice of cherry pie or corn on the cob with butter. The key is remembering to balance that.

So in order to celebrate my husband is going to do a little photo shoot for me in the next couple of weeks. You know I love a photo shoot! I’ve taken a few snapshots here and there, but I want something tangible to signify that “hey I did that!”

Biggest Loser update

Oh, and thanks for all the support along the way!

It taste’s like something!

We picked our first vegetable from Front Yard Farm last night!

picked our first cucumber!

A sweet slice cucumber!

picked our first cucumber!

Nathan peeled it, and sliced it for our garden salads (this is a staple dinner on hot nights when I don’t want to cook – fresh greens from the garden, and a mix of what I have on hand from the farmer’s market plus a farm fresh boiled egg)! Nathan took the first bite of the cucumber, and I watched to see how his face reacted to the taste. He smiled, “Wow it actually tastes like something.” Like, something? “Yeah, it tastes like something instead of just tasting like water!”

So I popped in a slice, and realized it did taste like something.
It tasted like a cucumber fresh picked minutes ago from our garden! Delicious, really.

picked our first cucumber!


I want to go camping. Bad. So bad. We have had a couple busy weekends so no camping just yet for us. Plus it’s been hot as all get out. I mean hot. So hot I don’t even want to ride my bike to work hot. I also want to lie on a blanket in the park by the water. Or see a movie in the park. Or sleep for days.

the tide

Hopefully one of these things will come true this weekend. I love weekends.


I feel like it has been go go go. And, what with work and school starting back for Nathan I have been missing him a lot.

Day 7 Belize - Last Day

I do love this man. And, am looking forward to Saturday.

the longest day

Summer is awesome. Have I already said that this year? It’s amazing that it can hold such wonder and merriment even when I don’t have a “summer break” like I grew so fond of for those 12 years of school!

Aj and me

AJ has been in town this week! We have gardened, grilled, played cards, had a beer at our old favorite bar, and sat by the pool. And, that was just in 3 days of summer.

I told you it was good :)