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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Closed for the season

We have put the front yard farm to bed for the season. I read that it is helpful to the soil to lay newspaper down, stomp, then lay hay over that, stomp. So that is what we did! We still have the beans up because we like how they look!

I ordered seeds for the fall, but because we started too late for our summer crop I was worried we weren’t going to be able to harvest before the cold weather snaps. They will be perfect seeds for the spring, though. I can’t wait for the spring garden – I want lots of peas!

Fall is settling in

15 weeks!

Yesterday we hit 15 weeks. When you take a photo every Wednesday it’s amazing how fast time seems to speed by. My lovely husband joined me for a little walk as we tried to find the best setting sun light! Along the way all the neighborhood kids stopped to watch us or ask to join in the picture fun.

15 weeks baby belly

15 weeks baby belly

This past week I haven’t had very many cravings. I almost never know what I want to eat now, and then when I decide it doesn’t taste right. Odd. Our water seems to taste like hose water lately, too even though we use a Brita Filter so I’m going on bouts with an accessible drink. (Don’t worry I’m still getting plenty of water). Though I have been starting my morning with a cup of decaf earl grey tea. It’s a new found love of mine.

I’ve also been trying to practice sleeping on my left side. Whoa! This is going to be a commitment. I recently trained myself to be a back sleeper due to my lower back problems, and love sleeping on my back! Sleeping on my side always leaves my shoulder out of whack, and all together doesn’t seem that restful. Oh well! I might have to buck up and get one of those pillows that aid with pregnancy sleeping. Any suggestions?

Hormones have been a bit higher this week, too – Nathan has been so patient and lovely listening to me go on and on and on about so much lately! He is going to be such a good daddy.

15 weeks baby belly

The babe is currently the size of an apple, and about four inches long! I held up an apple to my stomach yesterday. It made me laugh. Baby Center says baby can sense light, and that it is possible to tell what sex it is! We have to wait another 5 weeks, though. Good thing I like anticipation.

Style: Dress, belt and boots from Anthropologie

Little Golden Book Library

For as long as I could remember I always wanted to have a large collection of Little Golden Books! I had a few growing up that fast became my favorites like the Little Golden Book of Holidays and The Three Little Kittens. So I have started a collection already for the babe!

Little Golden Book Library

Little Golden Book Library

Little Golden Book Library

As a sidenote it is so funny when Nathan and I discuss names, because one question we always come back to is “Would (insert name) be a reader?” instead of you know the “cool kid.” If the name doesn’t sound like she/he would be a reader we don’t put it on the list!

So here’s to hoping baby loves to read as much as mama and daddy do!

family fun

Our attempt at a family photo this weekend ended in a lot of belly laughs and a tipped pot of mums!

Fall is settling in

Fall is settling in

Fall is settling in
(Left hand bottom corner…UH OH)

Fall is settling in

And, we don’t even have a baby yet!

Dream # 1 of 2

Remember I said my Giant child dream was the second I have had. Well here is the first!

Jul. 28th, 2010

I had a very vivid dream last night.
I was changing a baby’s diaper…for an entire hour! This baby wasn’t any ordinary baby, though. It had the features of a 3 month old, but was the size of a toddler. And, it had made a mess! It was as if I had forgotten to change the baby’s diaper all day! It was so full of poop! Everywhere! Oozing all over everything!

I looked down at the baby, and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you had gone so much?”
And, the baby spoke back to me, “Because I’m not potty trained yet.”

I laughed all day thinking about this.

I then took the baby in to the bathroom, turned on the shower and sprayed her down. I remember once she was clean, I found Nathan and told him that it was a non-negotiable. The changing table was going in the bathroom! Immediate access to running water is a must when dealing with ooozing poopy diapers.

photo from here

Canada is another place

Interesting dreams. I’ve always had them, but they have only turned more intense in the past few months.

Last night for example I had a ridiculous dream that involved me traveling for 3 days on a space craft of sorts to Canada. This part of Canada you can only visit 3 months out of the year else you are stuck when the cold sets in. Before I set out on my trip (which I had been planning for years), my mom tells me she has another daughter. She’s 14 or 15, and lives with a friend of hers. WHAT?! I’m shocked, and take my trip to get away.

Canada is awesome, but in a creepy alternative planet way. We sit around the living room hypnotized and take turns telling stories each night. On one of my hypnosis breaks I get an email from my “sister” who now tells me that I am her MOM! They did a maternity test while I was away, and it says I am her MOM! WHAT?! I have a 14 year old kid? No way! That means I had her when I was 16, and I have no memory of this at all.

Eventually I make it home to meet his girl. She’s a giant. Something like 6 feet tall and 300 pounds. She wants to play in the mud with me. I wake up.

— I know most dreams aren’t really interesting to readers of a blog, but I thought I’d write this one down for my memory. This is my second dream about having a GIANT child. I wonder what this means.

1, 2, 3

A couple of times so far in my pregnancy I have experienced shortness of breath. This morning it was pretty bad. So I decided to look it up to see if there was a link between actually being pregnant and not being able to catch my breath.

Turns out there is! It seems that it’s usually a symptom much later on in your pregnancy, but appears from time to time throughout. Check out what Baby Center says.

I’ve been trying to take deeper breaths that really fill my lungs. Hopefully it won’t last for long. I also ordered two prenatal exercise dvds. They should be here this weekend! Excited to check them out.

10 minute solution: Prenatal Pilates and Fit Mama


Fall is settling in

Fall is settling in

Jump pictures always make me laugh!

nothing says fall like an apple

If you can believe it I still have apples from our trip to Apple Holler! I haven’t been much in a baking mood but Saturday morning the air was just right. I woke up early, opened all the windows, lit a few candles, and enjoyed a hot chocolate on my front porch. Then I got to baking!

whole wheat apple muffins

I made these awesome apple muffins! They are whole wheat and have no refined sugar in them! I found the recipe from all recipes.

whole wheat apple muffins

I was surprised they came out so fluffy, and yummy. I guess a little honey goes a long way! I still have about 20 more apples, though. My mom suggested coring, chopping, and splashing lemon juice on the remainder and then freezing for the holidays. Apple pie anyone? I might just try that.

toys and art

I love this idea!

Stuffed toys designed by kids!

Oh, and here is a larger collection of the artist’s art! So neat!!