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Monthly Archive for February, 2011

Looking Forward


riding my bike
going to the farmer’s market on the weekends
feeling the sunshine on my shoulders
taking Tucker to the forest preserve
the first daffodil emerging from our frozen ground
planting our first seeds in our front yard farm
green leaves

….sometimes you have to walk through the ice and snow to really appreciate all the beauty on the other side. After a few hours hanging with AJ, some yummy falafel, and even better conversation I am feeling inspired.

What are you looking forward to?

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Yellow Square Monday

As promised. Each Monday I will share another.

The first of what was to become 100′s

Another day. Another photo. More words.

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Yellow Square Love – The Story

A few weeks ago, Carey suggested I make a post about the story behind yellowsquarelove. I suppose it made sense, not just for you, the readers of our tiny blog, but for Carey and I as well. The threat of taking it all for granted was quite real but the magic behind the name was desperately in need of a story. Truth is, however, I’m going to hold off on the back-story and instead simply share with you the beginning of what was to become the name of our blog, Yellow. Square. Love.

Post-it notes have been a part of our relationship since the day we met. We’ve shared confessions of love, tagged leftovers in the fridge, poked fun at one another, labeled dog food, asked for forgiveness and any number random things. In fact, in our three years together we have written hundreds of Post-it notes to one another.

With that being said, in an attempt to document the hundreds of notes we have written to one another, I’d like this post to represent the teaser for a collection of random Post-its, none of which are dated but each one being part of a story… our story.

This is a small portion of the Post-its we’ve written.

There are hundreds more to share, but only if you vote.

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36 Weeks and Counting

Birth class is over. Baby girl’s clothes and diapers are washed. The bassinet has a fresh sheet and is ready for her arrival. We are anticipating the day we get to meet her now, and trying our best to take advantage of the time left for our little family of two with walks, home cooked meals (though I can never decide what I want to eat anymore), games of UNO (I won 3 out of 4 last night!), cuddles and snuggles and sleeping in on the weekends, and anything else we fancy.

I looked at my bare belly in the mirror yesterday, and said to Nathan. “I can’t believe I won’t be pregnant soon.” And then I quickly followed it up with, “I can’t believe I’m even pregnant!” It’s such a paradox and a wonder all at the same time. Our class yesterday really helped to ease my fears from last week. We all began by separating in to groups of women and men to discuss our fears. In any normal “class” situation I’m usually very eager to talk or ask questions but I felt very shy in this class. I wouldn’t blame it on the environment but because I kept wondering how the heck I’m 28 years old in a labor and delivery class?! But eventually we all spoke about our fears, and it was really comforting to talk with women who are in the exact place I am with similar worries and concerns. We worried about managing the pain, about breast feeding, about maintaining our identity after the baby arrived, about the health of our babies, about our marriages.

The best part of the class was hearing from a couple who had their baby 7 weeks ago. It was a miraculous natural birth story – she was in labor for 68 hours (which isn’t common) – that left me crying and laughing. The husband spoke to the dads in the room a lot about being present for the birth, his wife, and son. It was really amazing, and made me realize that I’m not going to find my strength in books or in movies about natural birth but in the love and courage I have inside for myself, my husband, and my baby. We are going to bring our little girl in to this world together. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it now.

Random details of this past week that I want to record:

  • I can only sleep 2 hours at a time. Luckily I can fall back to sleep pretty fast after I run to the bathroom, drink some water, and reposition my Snoogle and pillows (I’m now sleeping with up to 3 at times).
  • I went to the podiatrist Wednesday, and turns out I have tendonitis in my left foot. He wrapped it tight, and it hurt like hell for a day. I can’t get it wet for a week (this makes bathing interesting at 9 months pregnant), and have to wear my sneakers. Blah.
  • I want coffee ice cream all the time.
  • Operation Keep Dog Off Furniture has officially begun. I’m only a few hours in to it and feel terrible, but it’s got to be done.
  • Baby girl is usually awake and active throughout much of the afternoon, and then again around 10 pm.
  • I got this cd to help me relax and meditate before bed. I’ve used it twice so far, and want to make a habit of listening to it every night. I’m usually asleep by the time it’s finished!

    See what happens next week. Vote for us.

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YSL on Facebook

That’s right, folks… we’ve gone and done it.

Since adding our blog to Top Baby Blogs, we’ve met a lot of great people and we’d love to take that one step further… stalking, or rather, stalking ON Facebook.

I am remiss to suggest that a Facebook page for Yellowsquarelove will be anything more than a place to add simple updates which don’t require a blog post, add extra photos and conduct a few giveaways (yes, we have some in mind) but it’ll be fun no matter what we do with it!

We also think it’ll be pretty cool to have you as our friend. So, without further adieu, click here and let the adventure begin. Feel free to “Like” us even!

As if we’re not shameless enough. Vote.

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Crayon Visions

It was a scene out a movie – the “counselor” or in this case the doula passes out a piece of paper to each couple, and asks them to draw a vision. If it were a movie (or even a recent episode of Parenthood) we would be asked to draw a picture of our relationship or where we envision ourselves in 10 years, but this isn’t a movie. It’s our birth class. The doula asks each couple to draw what they see when they think of the birth.

I was a little stumped.

All the dads immediately put crayon to paper, and away they went. After sharing I noticed many of the images were very literal. “This is my wife in the birthing tub.” “This is me supporting her.” “This is me squatting my baby out.”

Of course I went the analogy route. I love analogies. And, while I have hopes for our labor, delivery and birth of our baby I haven’t spent much time at all envisioning the actual process. I know anatomically what happens, and am prepared to stand up for what we want but in a means of not putting too much pressure on myself I think I’ve avoided thinking about the specifics. So here is my drawing.

I envisioned the entire labor and delivery as Nathan and I running a marathon. The terrain varies as we run mile after mile. There are times I want to stop, times I need replenishment to keep going, but through it all we are running together. And, finally at the end of the last mile we hit the finish line with our baby girl in our arms.

Next it was Nathan’s turn. His drawing made me laugh especially our baby wrapped like a caterpillar.

In his drawing I realize I’m going in to labor, and he goes, “Oh shit I didn’t read any books!” But he’s there by my side to encourage me and support me to deliver our baby. We can do it!

We’ll draw more silly pictures if you vote for us! Just click twice.

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Building Our Nest

The sun is trying to peak out from behind the grey clouds, the coffee is percolating, and I am gearing up to do some laundry! A lot of laundry! I have the next two days off to really dive in to nesting mode, and accomplish a lot on our list before baby girl arrives. We have been able to do so many little things the past few weeks in preparation which has really helped both Nathan and I feel confident. I love marking to-do’s off a list!

Since I’m not the most organized person in the world I can get pretty overwhelmed by a long to-do list. Where do I start? How will I ever get it all complete? I discovered that if I compartmentalized the need to-do’s by weeks leading up to babe’s arrival it was much easier to accomplish and that feeling of satisfaction came more frequently! So far we are right on track with our weekly list.

Look Nathan even hung the shelves in the baby nook, and I put a few of her little belongings on there!

This week we need to prep our FuzziBunz, wash sheets, blankets, clothes, set up the car seat, and pack the hospital bag!

Do you have any nesting tips? Let me know!

Help me from procrastinating by clicking twice to vote! Ps. We love all the new folks commenting!

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The Incredible Shrinking Cookie

A few weeks ago Nathan ordered Girl Scout cookies! I mean, can we say LOVE? The only problem I saw was that he ordered just two boxes. I haven’t had Girl Scout cookies in years, but suddenly my pregnant brain wanted frozen stock of cookies all year long! We didn’t have the chance to order more, though I did tell Nathan to be sure to jump on any unclaimed cookies! It’s probably all for the better because how many cookies do I really need?

Well, the boxes came in today. One box of Samoa’s and one box of Thin Mints were waiting on the island as I walked in from work. I think I might have squeeled, and then I opened the box. Wow! Did the cookies get smaller over the years or is my brain warped from seeing the size of cookies now available at coffee shops and bakeries? These are some seriously tiny cookies!

gs cookie

They still pack a nostalgic yummy taste though!

What’s your favorite cookie? Take a bite as you vote!

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Check Engine

Things break. I get that. But why does everything have to start falling apart weeks before our due date?!

Carey and I have done really well over the last 8 months with sticking to the spending/savings plan we created when we found out she was pregnant. We’ve put money aside to cover the three months she would be on maternity leave, we’ve been very conservative with how much we’ve spent on baby stuff, not buying anything we didn’t need, we’ve paid off some debt and all-in-all it’s felt like we’ve been moving forward in terms of our finances.

In the last month, however, our Jeep has started falling apart. First, the drivers seat frame has partly sheared off the mounting bracket that holds it to the floor of the vehicle. What this means is, when you get into the front seat and lean back, you’re instantly driving ‘gangsta’ and wobbling back and forth. The only solution is to have it welded (if possible) or replace the seat, which, from what I can tell is going to cost $800 unless I can find a replacement from a junk lot.

Next, the brakes have started acting up (again). I swear it was less than a year ago we spent $500+ on having our brakes worked on/replaced. I understand that we do a lot of city driving and that takes a toll on our brakes but, come on… seriously?!

Lastly, we add insult to injury in the form of a Check Engine light which has just come on!! At this point, who knows what could be wrong with it. We’ve spent so much money on this damn vehicle in the last year I can’t even begin to imagine. The brakes and the drivers seat are a huge safety issue which I need to get taken care ASAP of but I have to wonder… where’s the money coming from?!

I am so completely looking forward to the new addition to our family but can’t help but worry that we are soon to find ourselves taking a few steps back; putting repairs on credit cards and spending more than we expected on our child.

Your vote is non-refundable… but it’s worth it.

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35 weeks and some days

35 weeks

Dear baby girl,

In five weeks give or take you will be here. Mama and Daddy have been preparing for your arrival for months, and now suddenly all three of us are just about ready. I can feel your strength growing every day. You are no longer that avocado sized baby doing flips and high kicks in my belly. You are so much bigger, capable for this world now and it makes me happy to know you’ve been growing so steadily. I’m immensely proud of you already.

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about how we’re going to bring you in to this world. I asked your Daddy if babies are just as nervous and scared to be born as mama’s are to bear. He said he didn’t think so, but that it is an amazing journey for the both of us. It really is, baby girl. Our tickets are bought, our bags are packed and we’re ready to set out on the trip of a lifetime. We are all pioneers here.

We love you baby lady,

Safe travels! Click to vote!

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