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Monthly Archive for April, 2011


I have been blessed with a pretty easy going baby. She sleeps when she’s supposed to, eats a lot, and her cues are pretty easy to read.

And then last night happened. Last night was the first time Eleanor would not go back to sleep. She wakes up 3 to 4 times a night to eat, and at 1 am after her feeding she was not having it. By 3:30 after Nathan and I tried everything she finally slept until 5.

So solemn

We are sleepy Griffins today.

Acre of Land

Nathan played this song for me the other day. It was quiet in the house – the baby, dog, and cat were all sleeping – and we decided to each have a beer together. I listened.

I’m gonna buy me an acre of land
Yes I’m going to build me a home
With my very own hands
Gonna dig me a little garden
And watch that garden grow
And take it slow
Take it slow
Let it roll

I’m gonna find me a high place to stand
Then I’m gonna find me the girl
Gonna take my hand
Gonna have myself some children
And watch those children grow
And take it slow
Let them grow
Take it slow

I’m gonna find me an arce of land
Then I’m going to build me a home
With my very own hands
Gonna plant me a little garden
And watch that garden grow
And take it slow
Take it slow
Let it roll

It’s pretty much our theme song. Our dream.

Quiet World

Not much really going around here these days. I guess I’m just feeling quiet, though Ellie and I did get out yesterday before it rained (well we felt a few sprinkles on our way back). We hit up the thrift store. I picked up some cute little things for her, and I got myself two new skirts. I’m pretty sure skirts are the perfect piece of clothing for a recovering mama belly. Just pull that bad boy up to the smallest part of your waist, throw on a skinny belt, and no one knows the difference! Speaking of skinny – I fit in to my skinny AGs yesterday! Now they aren’t my “skinny” skinny ones (ie. I wore these towards the middle of my weight loss last year). I’m officially down 21 lbs since birth but most of that was baby and water so I’m trying to work on my mentality at the moment. Staying positive, motivating, hopeful so that I can gear my brain up for everything I want my body to do in the next year to get back to that place.

So on to yesterday…






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Pretty in Mint and Pink

After our walk we were in such a good mood we decided to dress up and take some pictures!

Eleanor James

Eleanor James

Eleanor James

Eleanor James

Eleanor James

Eleanor James

Yes, I’m in love.
(Eleanor’s sweater was knitted by her Grammi Griffin).


As soon as Eleanor wakes up from her nap we are going on a walk. It’s dreary today, but we have a few hours of almost 70 degree weather! I feel like my life is rather boring at the moment, and all I talk about is my baby, the weather, and walks. Oh well!

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Thinking about giving up cookies, or most sugar for a while. I crave it too much for my own liking. So goodbye yummy cookie.

Spring has sprung

It was real yummy.

Eleanor Grows, Three Weeks


Eleanor is three weeks old as of this past Saturday. I dressed her in the pretty yellow vintage Easter dress/blouse I love. It came with bottoms, but they were clearly made for a baby with a very large butt or a 6 month old! So we tried a Fuzzi Bunz instead – they fit, and are just darling! As you can see Ellie wasn’t really in the mood for a photo shoot. Commence the three week growth spurt as of this weekend! I can’t believe how much she is growing every day.



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The Sweet Smell of Spring

Yesterday was a nice spring day. Yay! This is what it looked like for the most part.







I woke up in a good mood, but it was quickly soured by Tucker barking up a storm, knocking Eleanor’s easter dress on the ground, and that darn dog eventually waking the baby up. I took a bath to relax, but I really just wanted to go somewhere. I told Nathan, “I wanna walk to Dunkin Donuts.” He said, “Okay, well you should go.” And, I said, “But I wanna go with my baby!” You must imagine a somewhat whiny voice and then me falling in to his chest with tears in my eyes. (EMOTIONS). Eleanor hasn’t quite liked the Moby Wrap because I’ve been a bit apprehensive which supposedly makes her cry, but Nathan helped me get her in it after that. And, it worked like a charm! And, we went for our walk and our coffee. After that the day was 100 times better.

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Happy (Good) Friday!

We got Eleanor’s newborn photos in this week! Love love love.

It’s another rainy day here in Chicago so we are all in our pajamas, sipping tea, and reading. I am loving The Help! It’s been so long since I have found a book I can really get in to.

We’re hoping for some nice weather this Easter weekend! I’m so excited to put Eleanor in her Easter dress (it was the first clothing item I purchased for her). I’m planning to have a little family picnic by the lagoon, maybe a walk to get coffee (I’ve been trying to get Ellie comfortable in the Moby wrap but she likes to have her head free, and it’s not quite strong enough for that yet). We haven’t ventured out much in public with her besides a few walks. I was telling Angela yesterday that I have a bit of cabin fever, and need to take her out but I’m slightly nervous about it. It’s still flu season, and well, it’s down right scary taking a newborn out in public! What if she needs to eat or poops all over the place or cries and cries?! Eeek! I just have to realize that all of those things will probably happen at some point, so take her out and enjoy it!  She needs a little adventure, too (or well, mama and daddy do)!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Growing Together

I finally uploaded the other camera (point and shoot) to my computer. It has a couple of videos and photos from our stay in the hospital. It’s amazing how much someone can grow in two and a half weeks. And, when I say someone I mean Eleanor, but I especially mean Nathan and myself.

This picture makes me smile and cry all at the same time.

Spring Showers


Rain rain go away
Take the cold with you, too!
Ellie and I want to go outside to play
We’re tired of nothing but a view!

Excuse my terrible rhyming skills, this mama is tired!

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