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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Front Yard Farm

We are in the middle of a crazy lightning and thunder storm right now. It’s so neat! Here are a few photos of the garden I snapped today. It’s coming up – I have big plans to weed and get a few more seeds in this weekend now that the radishes are gone, and beets will be, too. This year we tried “postage stamp gardening” and I think we have concluded it isn’t really for us. Almost everything that has grown has come up itsy bitsy. I mean these beets are about the size our radishes should have been. But it has been fun, and that’s what counts. Today while we were outside a man stopped his car as he was driving by, and yelled, “Hey I love your garden! I walk by every day with my dog and we always stop to look!” Beyond the self satisfaction of growing your own veggies (I’ve eaten nothing but my own lettuce this week) that is the reason we do it. Community.

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Oh, and for Eleanor, too.

Front Yard Farm June 2011
an itsy bitsy carrot for baby

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Front Yard Farm June 2011

Vote for caterpillars :D

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29 on the 29th

Happy Birthday to me!


The best birthday present would be a vote! Seriously. Make a wish!

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Oh boy

This balancing work and being a mom and having a family is hard! I am really happy that my mom is here now helping us as opposed to when Eleanor was a newborn because man oh man is it nice to be able to have dinner made every night (she’s made sushi, vegetable soup, thai veggie stir fry, and bbq just to name a few in the past two weeks).

Eleanor and Mammie
Eleanor and my mom

There are lots of things that I have had to let slip and one of them is sadly blogging – reading and writing. It makes me so sad. I love writing! I love reading everyone else’s blogs, too. I know soon I will get the swing of how this is supposed to work, and it will just take time. I always feel like I’m forgetting something lately, though.

It could be my age, too. Wednesday (tomorrow) is my birthday. 29!
We celebrated this weekend with a Critical Mass ride, birthday cake (did I mention my mom also baked me a three layer white cake with white icing and my brother decorated it?), farmer’s market, a family photo shoot and the Green fest!


Green Festival

Green Festival

Green Festival

Critical Mass June 2011

Critical Mass June 2011

My brother left today. It’s been nice having him here, but this house has been packed like a sardine can. My feet hurt from work, weeds are growing like crazy in the garden but so are peas, cucumber, squash and tomatoes. Eleanor has been in a growth spurt the past two days so she hasn’t been napping much at all, and does not want to sleep tonight unless she is being held. I haven’t had any time to do the shred in close to two weeks since I’m waking up at 4 am to pump, get ready for work and not getting home till about 4ish each day. I have enough energy right when I get home from work but I’ve been prioritizing time with my family. I am going to start riding my bike to work tomorrow. I rode last week twice but we were working out of a nearby cafe so it wasn’t a far ride at all. Hoping that will be a nice energy release as well as a way to fit in some exercise. It would be about 8 miles every day.

Oh, and I miss my husband. I’m so excited and proud of him – he was accepted to be a vendor at this year’s Chicago Renegade Festival!

Oh, and look who can hold her head up all good and stuff! Eleanor loves naked time before and after bath. The other night we started letting her have it for longer while on her tummy. Turns out she loved naked tummy time. Here she is after her bath tonight – ready for bed but not ready for sleep. Growing is exhausting.

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12 weeks

12 Weeks

Oh, Eleanor…

It’s hard for me not to think back to the first 12 weeks of your life when you were barely the size of a kidney bean. We still have the first photo of you ever on our fridge – proof that life is truly a miracle and a reminder every day to stay humble in our parenting. Now you are pushing 13 pounds with rolls on your thighs, dimples on your cheeks and pure joy in your eyes (most hours of the day). I cannot get enough of you Eleanor James. I hope your daddy gets back to writing on here, too. I know he loves you a lot and one day you will want to read what he was thinking as well.

12 Weeks

You are a dandelion shooting straight up to the sky. You have grown so much. You love people – all people. You love to be held especially in the nook of arms so you can see the world around you. You spent your first day at the beach, travelled to Indiana, and saw a lot of Chicago’s hot spots like the Sears Tower, the Bean, Millenium Park, the Art Institute, and Navy Pier. This month you met your Uncle Drew for the first time – it’s so funny he is your namesake because you two look so much alike! He is enamoured by you.

Your daddy calls you his guppy because of how much you like the water. I can’t wait to get you swimming as soon as possible! Right before bath time is over we let you float in the water while we hold your head up and you love it. Splashing every arm and leg so hard that we all end up soaked.

12 Weeks

Eleanor, you love your mammie. She has helped us so much this month by not only getting you to take the bottle but also taking care of you as I go back to work. One week down, millions more to go. I miss you every second of the day. I have a handful of pictures of you that I look at throughout the day. So amazed by your sweetness. Mammie has a special way of making you smile, and just this week while I was at work you found your tongue! You are using it to make all kinds of new sounds. It’s so cute seeing you curl it up and stick it out – you get so excited by it! It seems that we say “I love you” a lot to you, and we all swear you are saying it back to us. It sounds a little bit like “aaaaiiii loooooo oooooo.”

This month you also fell in love with your hands. You were still being swaddled at night, but every time you would wake up both of those little hands had somehow broken out. So we stopped swaddling you. I was really nervous at first that you’d keep yourself awake with your thrashing arms, but you love it. Actually you’ve ended up sleeping better and longer. You now only wake up twice a night – 1 am and 4 am. Pretty soon we are going to have to get your big baby crib set up but for now I love having you sleep right next to us in your bassinet. This week mommy has been so tired with going back to work that she has brought you in to bed some nights to eat, and we end up sleeping next to each other. I don’t mind it at all (extra snuggles to keep me going through the day), but your daddy thinks we might be starting a bad habit.

12 Weeks

Every day I feel like your hair is getting more red and your eyes more grey which makes me think they could end up brown. I can’t wait to find out. You love Beatrice the Bunny and your wooden teether from little alouette. Tummy time is much more enjoyable for you if you are on someone, and those little neck muscles of yours are getting so strong! You have rolled over from your tummy to back twice, and your back to tummy once on the bed. We have to keep an extra eye and arm on you at all times now!

We have been so blessed with you. Such a calm, happy baby – I hope you remember to find the good and love in all things as you continue to grow.

12 Weeks

I love you more than the whole wide world.

Time Passes With Love

Day 6 - My 28th birthday in Belize

A year ago today Nathan and I were stepping off of a tiny little plane on to a strip of land in the Caribbean Sea. It was an amazing time in honor of our marriage, my birthday, and just for the hell of it! We like to roll as many things in to one as possible. You know, get your buck worth.

By the time we left I was in love with the Belizean people, lobster burritos, and my husband. We lived in a hut on the beach, rode bicycles daily, snorkeled the second largest barrier reef in the world and survived the first tropical storm of the season, Alex. One of my most favorite memories was seeing both the sun and the moon rise on my birthday. It was an amazing trip one that also brought us our best adventure yet – our sweet baby Eleanor.

Tomorrow she will be 12 weeks old. Next wednesday I will be 29 years old.
Life is surreal and oh, so beautiful.

Green City Market

The video I was interviewed for is up! So exciting.

Check out your local farmer’s market, too!

First Day


The day went well. Eleanor drank all of the milk I pumped. I’m telling you my mom is a miracle worker. She somehow figured out how to hold her so that she would take it – cradle hold facing out. She woke up at 4 am this morning (my alarm was set for 4:20 am), and I fed her. She woke up again right before I was about to leave for work around 5:30 am, but my mom had the bottle in her mouth. I held back a few tears and kissed our girl goodbye.

I’m so thankful for my husband. He sent me the sweetest messages today to keep me going, and in the end the day was pretty easy for all of us. Of course I rushed home to cuddle that baby, though.

Pumping is really difficult. I’ll go in to it more soon, but it’s not really enjoyable I guess is what I’m saying. I made sure to bring pictures to look at, but the room I have to pump in isn’t ideal. I wish I had my own office. Point is we all survived. I’m exhausted and about to go to sleep. The evenings are going to be the hardest especially the ones in which Nathan is at school (he is in school three times a week from 5 until 11) because I’m just going to want to play with Ellie and rest, but there’s all that other stuff to do. Cleaning, dinner, packing lunch, diapers, etc. But I know we three will get the swing of it in no time.

Baby Girl is all growing up – two milestones this week – bottle feeding and no more swaddling at night.

Father's Day
Nathan on Father’s Day with his girl.

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My thoughts on father’s day

It’s entirely worth it.

Untitled from Mr. Canary on Vimeo.

Happy Father’s Day

to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Eleanor loves you so much, and I am so excited to stand by your side during the most amazing adventure of your life.

In the beginning

daddy and ellie

Daddy's girl

Daddy and Ellie


Shoulder time!

Happy Saturday!

such a big girl

Eleanor took 2 ounces from a bottle this morning from my mom!

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