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Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Welcome Home!

We are back! It was a whirlwind of a vacation – it flew by so fast like so many things lately! Hopefully I will have pictures up soon. Eleanor traveled so well! And, on top of that her two bottom teeth came in while we were in New Hampshire. She’s been really needy since we’ve returned home but she’s a trooper that’s for sure.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip – Eleanor taking her first official swim in Lake Sunapee! Like most things she loved it as well.



We are off on a family vacation for the next few days in New England. Let me tell you, we are head over heels excited about this.

Shutter Speed

I’m super lucky to have such an exciting, creative job. I don’t talk much about work here, but it’s a big part of my life. For the past 6 years I’ve worked for Anthropologie. Four of those years I’ve been a Visual Manager. Basically I get to work with some amazingly talented people and together we come up with merchandising, outfitting and display plans. Recently my team wanted to put together a style book. It was so awesome to be able to photograph all the looks! And… the best news of all …our home office loved it! Our looks were featured on the Anthropologie Facebook page today. It’s so neat knowing I was a part of that. And, it has definitely ignited my love for photography again.

Key Looks

Check out the other looks on the Anthropologie Facebook page.

Perfect Summer Weekend

This weekend is what I needed. It was as close to perfect that I’ve had in a long time. And, what I mean by that is it was normal. I feel like it represented that idea of a weekend with Eleanor that I had always hoped for. It didn’t seem like work – it just happened with ease. It left me really happy.

Nathan and I cuddled on the floor Friday afternoon. We watched Black Swan. We slept in until 8 Saturday morning. He biked to get us morning coffee. I drank mine on the porch as I admired the squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers coming in. Eleanor rolled and chatted all day. Rain shower. We cleaned. We went for a long family walk. Thrifting. Subway. Sleepy Baby. Cucumber Gazpacho. I love you, Phillip Morris. Slept in until 8 again. Play time with Eleanor. Logan Square Farmer’s Market. Jug Band. Blueberries. Met a mama named Julie Ann and a baby named Adelaide. Thrifting (again – yes we are obsessed). Pooltime. Australian Beer. Sunshine. Swimming. Baby in suit. Floating. BBQ. Homemade Pickles.

It was lovely I’m telling you.

Logan Square Farmer's Market

Logan Square Farmer's Market

Logan Square Farmer's Market

Logan Square Farmer's Market

Logan Square Farmer's Market





Turn on the Light.

We are gearing up for the big day… Renegade Fair – September 10th and 11th here in Chicago! I’m super excited that Nathan has a booth this year for Yellow Square Love’s lamps. And, if anything a bit nervous on how he is going to get it all done before the big day! We are going out of town this week! But I know he can do it. I’m taking a day off the week before so I can have Eleanor and he can concentrate on last minute details. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Cross your fingers for good weather!

And if you are in the Chicago area you should definitely come out to the fair!
I’m also excited that he was featured on the blog Follow My Muse. You can read his interview there!

He inspires me every day.

Cheer Up, Buttercup

I haven’t been feeling very good lately. Or this week, I guess. It’s a combination of (mainly) excruciating lower back pain on top of lack of sleep, missing Eleanor a lot, wishing Nathan and I had more time together, needing to get away, and a heavy work load. I try not to complain, but when I’m in pain I get sad. It just slows me down. It’s hard to deal with. It hurts to even pick up Eleanor. It hurts to lie down, stand, work, sit, everything. I can’t believe that it doesn’t hurt to ride my bike! Something about the angle of my back when I’m on my bike actually gives me some relief.

I made an appointment for Friday afternoon. I know doctor’s can’t do much for back pain, but I’m hoping they can give me some sort of relief. If not I might be trying acupuncture for the first time soon.

I tried to cheer my self up yesterday by taking my lunch break in the park out side of the Museum of Contemporary Art. I laid down in the grass and rested my eyes. I ate my lunch of pesto with pasta (a left over from the night before) cold and a salad. Then I mosied through the farmer’s market and bought myself a cherry tart and a bunch of sunflowers. Sunflowers always make me smile.

Lunch break in the park

Mca farmers market

Bought myself sunflowers - they always make a day brighter

Bluejean Baby

Eleanor, 19 weeks

Before Eleanor was born I bought her a pair of jeans. I’m not a big fan of babies in jeans because it just doesn’t seem that comfortable, but for a chilly day I thought they might come in handy. Well, see I didn’t understand baby clothes sizes then and I got them in a 6 month size. I figured it would be October when she was 6 months old, and pretty chilly by that point. What I didn’t know is that 6 months means 3 to 6 months! So she fits them now! I doubt she will be able to fit in to them in October especially with her fuzzibunz butt.

Today was on the chilly side – It was a gorgeous day. Big white clouds, a lovely breeze, sunshine flowing in an out of the shadows. A perfect day for jeans! I also grabbed one of her many handmade sweaters and the most adorable vintage blouse I found at the thrift store last week. I think she looks like she is going to her first day of school! Thankfully we have a few years.

Eleanor, 19 weeks

Eleanor, 19 weeks

Eleanor, 19 weeks

Oh, and she is in love with trying to pet Greta and Tucker! Tucker doesn’t mind so much, but we have to be careful around Greta. You know how volatile cats can be. So far, so good though.

A Snapshot

Enjoying the summer breeze

My baby is so sleepy allllll the time. After an hour of being up she begins to yawn, rub her eyes, looks dazed, and then her eyes start to turn red. Exhaustion sets in. Is this normal? It’s like 1 hour she’s up, 1 hour she sleeps (or should), and it just keeps going all day. She really isn’t in to napping lately unless it’s in the car, stroller or moby. She has been sitting up a lot more lately (for longer seconds), and I’m thinking the energy going in to that is what’s making her so restless.

It makes for stressful times. I’m pretty good at surrendering to the moment, her needs. But Nathan tends to get really stressed by it all. Now I know what all those people were talking about when they said their babies wouldn’t nap.

We tried to get out of town yesterday to get a breather, but of course our Jeep overheated on our way out. It was a nice Saturday after all, though. We went to the thrift store, I made pesto from the plethora of basil in our garden, and we hung out on the bed with the cool breeze blowing through for a lot of the day. Nathan and I set up our air mattress last night in the living room and watched Mac and Me (remember the 80s movie about aliens)?

I’m burning some Nag Champa right now, and drinking my weak coffee black.



Last night after a long walk you were tired! After getting you ready for bed we put you in your crib. You fussed for a ten minutes, and then silence. I always like to go check on you once you have fallen asleep especially since you are turning in to the world’s squirmiest wiggle worm. My inclination was true, too. You had fallen asleep on your tummy!

I wondered, What do I do? Turn her over? Wait a few minutes to turn her over? Leave her?
In the end I turned you over on to your back. You know we are all still learning around these parts, but I really love how you continue to test the boundaries baby girl. You are growing so fast, and I am so proud.

I love you.

The Significant Anniversary

Four years ago today Nathan and I met face to face for the first time. He stepped out of a cab. I stepped off of my front steps. We put touch and smell and life to the voice we had heard over the phone for months – the words we had written and read over and over. After knowing each other online for years – we met. And, in a weekend we fell in love. Four years ago today I spilled my water as I nervously watched his big brown eyes. Four years ago today we held hands for the first time.

Four years ago today my life changed forever.
I love you Nathaniel Edson Griffin. I love you.


Four years