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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Eleanor's first Halloween

Eleanor's first Halloween

Chilly Sunday

This morning Eleanor and I were in the mood for some fresh, crisp air. The sky was grey and the wind was howling, but we wrapped ourselves up and went for a walk. Muffins and coffee were on the agenda. I got blueberry, and picked up an apple muffin for Nathan (who waited back home a bit under the weather).

Off to get coffee on a chilly Sunday morning


Eleanor and Cal = Bffs


This was taken today at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza. So many cute kids dressed up for Halloween. And, it was a beautiful day for it. We met up with a couple we’ve stayed in touch with from our birth class. Their little boy is Cal or Batman! I love how Eleanor topples over at the end but Cal lends a hand as if to help her up. One baby is cute, multiple babies = the cutest.

Here are some other shots! Eleanor was the only Candy Corn which made me happy, and I finished sewing her costume this morning!



This kid won first place in the costume contest. Amazing!






A Calling

I’ve been up since the clock struck midnight. Going on 12 plus hours. I’m exhausted, but I’m glowing in the beauty and tenderness I’ve seen from life in the past day. One of my very dear friends gave birth to her first baby. A little boy named Jack. A few months ago she asked me to be there for her and her husband as a support, friend, and birth coach during her labor and delivery. Honestly, I was honored and thrilled at the request. It got me thinking about all kinds of things I love and am passionate about. It got me thinking about my calling. That voice inside your head that says go-go-go. That feeling of satisfaction and love and pride in doing something you love. I began to think seriously about becoming a certified doula.

Last night was my second experience in the labor and delivery room besides the birth of my beautiful baby Eleanor. Energy was high, love was flowing, the air had electricity to it. Nothing went as planned except that at the end of it all Abigail and Brian held a healthy baby boy in their arms. I’m overwhelmed at the beauty in this life.

Jack Nathan Lipman
8 lbs 9 oz


The Great Pumpkin

I always knew if I had a baby around Halloween that I would have to put her in a pumpkin. So that’s just what I did. It took me a while to convince Nathan to support this idea, but he came around. And, look what we have to show for it! The cutest pumpkin ever!






She actually kind of loved it – especially when she realized she could scoot down inside and do a little exploring.

Grey eyes

Eleanor was born with blue eyes. Most babies are, right? Then slowly in the last month her eyes have started to change. At first I thought they were turning brown like her daddy’s. And, then green. Maybe hazel? I have blue eyes, and I always thought that Nathan’s pretty brown eyes would trump mine. Meaning of course that our baby would also have brown eyes. Here lately it doesn’t seem so, though.


I hear that baby’s eyes will usually turn their permanent color somewhere between 6 and 9 months. So we are just about there. No one can just quite tell what color Eleanor’s eyes are. So at this moment her eyes are grey.


Move It


Tonight Eleanor gobbled down some bananas. Nom Nom. Then she wanted to play with the spoon. Of course it ended up on the floor with her. And after a bit of squirming around I noticed she had thrown it a foot in front of her. On all fours she pushed towards it! Did she just crawl?! I asked Nathan. Yeah, but didn’t she push off of you? he responded. No! She just crawled!

Then she did it again.

This was minutes after Nathan and I were discussing what baby proofing looks like in our house. Oh boy. Poor Eleanor she is going to be covered in dog hair and dust in no time.



Eleanor has been making the Maaaaamaaa sound a lot more, but it’s been just that – a sound. Until last night I swear she said mama. Clear as day! I don’t know if she knows who mama is or what it means, but it sure got me excited! It was sort of really sad how it happened, too.

We had our bedtime routine, and then I laid her down in the crib. She was content watching her little Fisher Price sea music box, and then a few minutes later she started to whimper. Then it turned into a terrible screaming cry. After much deliberation I went in to make sure she was okay. Patted her bum and shhh shhh-ed her. She looked up at me and smiled. This little lady is smart. And, then she put her head face down on her hands and started to cry again. Oh it was simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing ever. A little baby crying in to her hands. And then it happened, “Waaah Waaaaahhhhh Mama!”

Oh I melted.


My favorite colors

It’s been raining all day. The sound of it outside my window is a beautiful hum. The baby is sleeping. Nathan is sleeping. And, I’m curled up on the couch in baggy jeans and a sweater. Breathing. Listening. It’s been a long week. I’m happy for this pause.

BF question

Any moms out there who breastfed and also pumped during the 6 month – 8 month age of their baby? I have a few questions!
— I decided to go ahead and post my questions. I had been planning on writing up a post about our breastfeeding experience thus far, but truth is I have very little energy or time to do it. But I’m making time now to do a quick one.

Eleanor exclusively breastfed for the first 3 months of her life. You probably remember how difficult it was to get her to take a bottle as I prepared to return to work a few months back. Finally she took a bottle (Playtex Nurser), and I started pumping. Pumping and pumping. My pumping schedule is as follows:

4:30 am – Pump
7:30 am – Pump
10:30 am – Pump
1:30 pm – Pump
4 pm – Get home, nurse Eleanor and throughout the evening until she goes to bed at 7

Then I’d wake up and do it all over again.
Recently her want for milk has increased so I have also been pumping before I go to bed. Usually around 9:30 pm. In total I pump about 12 to 16 ounces a day including the night pump. That seems like a lot to me both in milk and commitment. And, until the past week or so it has been enough for her. The past few days I’ve been nervous that we may not have enough milk while I’m away at work. She’s drinking more in one sitting, and we are also using a bit when we make her rice cereal. She has also started solids (apples, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas), and pretty much loves it all!

I get home and all the milk in the fridge is gone. I deposit the three bottles I made that day (about 12 ounces), and worry if its enough. My instincts say maybe she’s going through a growth spurt, and that’s why she is so much more hungry. But another part of me wonders if this is just the new norm since she is growing at lightning speed.

Either way – how should I go about increasing my supply? I know actually nursing her more will do that so I do so exclusively in the evenings, nights, and weekends. But do those teas really work? I drink a lot of water, but have definitely been slacking a bit more on that end the past month or so. And, I can also say that when I’m stressed I tend to produce less. I’ve been stressed lately. So maybe yoga? Any advice? Did your baby increase her milk needs right when she started solids as well? I’d love to hear your stories or any encouragement you may have.