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Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Birthday Planning

I’ve slowly but surely been checking things off my list. This morning I set out to finish up last minute errands for Eleanor’s birthday party tomorrow. Of course I forgot the skewers for the fruit kebabs. Next on the agenda is birthday cake baking! I’ve never baked a cake from scratch before! I know I’m shocked, too. But everyone tells me it’s easy. So here we go!

It’s coming together.
I have to say it’s been fun making time for little craft projects and her party. I can’t wait to see her face when she catches sight of the balloons. Here is a little preview of what I’ve been doing. Lucky girl!


Three Days

Nathan and Eleanor are in Charlotte for the next three days helping out his mom with settling into their new home. We drove there yesterday, had a movie date (The Hunger Games!!), and dinner. Then I made the trek back to Durham. This will be the longest I’ve ever been without my baby. Thankfully I have recent pictures of her playing to get me through! And, I’m planning on finishing her bedroom between work and birthday planning. Her party is on Sunday!

I love my little bumblebee.
She has some serious personality!






Durham Farmer’s Market





Made it! Eleanor I were caught in a torrential downpour on the way out which sort of made the whole outing even better. Most of the farms are within 30 miles of us, and prices are a little lower than Chicago’s market.

It’s been a nice Saturday so far. Made breakfast together with Nathan, had a nice cup of coffee, and picked up lots of goodies at the market.

Salad turnips, arugula, braisin mix (kale, chard, spinach), carrots, radishes, green onions, pea shoots, eggs, seeded sourdough bread, and canned chow chow for Nathan (that about made his week).

Eleanor’s Favorite Spot



Dog bed + book = good times!

16 Week Baby Bean Photos



I can’t believe on Monday I will be 17 weeks along! Time is flying. For some reason the fact that I discovered I was pregnant and will have the baby all in the same year just boggles my mind! Is time actually shorter? Faster? But with Eleanor I had to go from 2010 to 2011 pregnant! So thinking that I will only be pregnant during one fiscal year makes me scratch my head.

Everything is going just fine! I’ve gained 6 pounds, dealing with a little lower back pain, and the occasional headache but my energy is on the rise. My belly is definitely getting rounder, and sometimes I forget it’s there until Eleanor steps on me. Hoping to feel the baby move any day now. It was somewhere between 16 and 17 weeks with El I thought.

But in the meantime I have last minute birthday planning errands to run! How in the world is my baby girl going to be one year old in 10 days?!

A Vacation on Thursday

Setting out with a loose plan on my sporadic days off has helped us all cope a little bit better with the everchanging world we are living in. And with the sudden onset of summer sunshine and light breezes this past week I heard the ocean calling my name.


I’m not kidding.
And with a little bag of snacks, change of clothes and lots of sunscreen our family set out to the North Carolina coast. I remember making this same trip as a 5 year old with my mom, brother and my best friend Eric’s family. He was the oldest of 5 and somehow all us kids fit into one car. Eric had bright red hair and mine was blonde as the sand, and together we would sing Bruce Springsteen songs and play games huddled together in the hatchback of the car. It was the 80s of course.

Back to yesterday, Eleanor was in the happiest of moods despite her awful cold. She loved the sand, the waves, the seashells. We played at the beach for a while until our skin was salty and glowing, and then we headed to town for food. I just love beach towns. Everything is so slow and relaxed. And something about yesterday felt like vacation. A nice little getaway on a random Thursday. I’d say it was just what the doctor ordered.














My Green-Eyed Lovey


We visited the ocean today. Eleanor’s first time. She adored every minute. And, so did I. It was a beautiful day in our family. More tomorrow…

Facts About Baby Bean

1. I can’t believe I’m pregnant again.
Every night now when I lay down I can feel my belly firmer, more round. Somehow full of life again. I am thankful for those moments as there is less time to dream and wonder as we adjust to our move, my job, and running after Eleanor.

2. This baby was definitely a surprise.
It doesn’t matter of course, but I might have been shocked for a wee bit. See I was still breastfeeding Eleanor, and my cycle had not entirely resumed. But I started feeling different a little after Christmas, then my breasts were extra tender, then we found out about the move, then I started pumping less and making less milk (though Eleanor does still nurse at least once a day now), then I started cramping. And I chocked it all up to stress. Or denial? Until one night I peed on a stick, and couldn’t believe what I saw.

3. We are due September 3.
Since I was in such denial I honestly thought I was farther along than I really was by the time I had my first midwife appointment. Turns out that I discovered I was pregnant early sometime around the 5th week. It boggles my mind how our bodies and minds can just know these things.

4. Eleanor and her baby brother or sister will be 17 months apart.
Can we say BFF?

5. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first.
No morning sickness thank goodness or food aversions this time around. I do remember with Eleanor not wanting to prep food, but thankfully I still cook when I have the time or energy. I definitely feel like I’m showing faster with this baby. And, well let’s just say I have not had a very happy time going to the bathroom. Constipation is a bitch. Otherwise I’m emotional, craving coffee ice cream, and excited about everything on the horizon with this little pea.

I feel so blessed to be a mother twice over.


Eleanor Grows, 11 months

Little miss Eleanor turned 11 months on Friday. Yes, time still flies. Though February seemed like a rather long one. I missed writing about her ten month milestones because we were in the middle of the big move. But I’ve tried to remember best I can.



Eleanor’s personality is shining bigger and bigger each day. She definitely knows what she likes and doesn’t like. She is quick to turn her head if a certain food is displeasing or if she is full. And she knows how to pull out the water works when things aren’t going her way. Otherwise she is content to play and explore most all day. She loves being outside, and can spend an hour taking dirt out of a pot or planting pine cones.

Her favorite places to be are wherever mama and daddy are. She struggled with separation anxiety for about two months but seems to be over it now. When she smiles it lights up the room. She loves animals including her pets Tucker and Greta. Though they don’t always tolerate her poky fingers and quick steps. Her first word at 9 and a half months was Tucker. She says “Ucka!” all day long and is always looking for him. Her second word was Greta or “Gata!” We obviously know where the love is in this household!

On Valentine’s day Eleanor took her first steps, and is now a little walking bean. She loves to go as fast as she can around the couch. Another amazing first this past month is that Ellie Belly has started sleeping up to 9 hours at night! Hallelujah! We put off sleep training for a while due to convenience but it wasn’t making for a happy baby or mama. Thankfully it only took a night or two, and she usually goes down around 8 pm and is up by 6 am (sometimes 5 am! Oh boy!) We are still trying to figure that one out. There are a few bumps in the sleep road every once in a while but for the most part it is way better for Eleanor to get a full night’s sleep.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, cottage cheese, peanut butter on toast (we gave it to her early based on our family history of no food allergies), greek yogurt, spaghetti, and water of course. This peanut does not really go for juice. I tried giving her pedialite and apple juice off and on the other day because she was sick with a stomach bug but water seemed to be what she wanted in the end. She still is not totally back to her old self since Thursday’s sickness – a bit more needy and dissatisfied – but with a little time and love she should feel better soon.



She is a pretty social baby, but I would like to get her in a few play dates or more time with her cousins in the next few months. She loves her cousins so much especially hanging out with Jacob. She gives kisses and hugs like no tomorrow. The cutest thing is when I pick her up to say hello or goodbye when I’m going off to work and she pats me on the back.


She is becoming such a little person. And slowly the baby is fading away to show a beautiful, smart girl. I am so proud of who she is and who she is becoming every day.

The truth

I have to admit something.
I’m having a really hard time adjusting to living in North Carolina. I have my good days. But I’ve only had two of them. At least that’s how it seems. It’s been tough. I screamed really loudly a little bit ago “I hate it here I hate it here I hate it here!” As if that would do anything. Maybe if I had a fairy godmother. Or maybe if I had clicked my heels together.

It’s only been a month, and I know these things take time but everything seems so compounded. Exaggerated. Bigger. More intense. Nathan always seems grumpy. Eleanor is always whiny. The dog is barking at everything. There is no quiet.

Maybe we made the wrong decision. With every move I’ve made there has been something to look forward to. And right now I feel like we are just getting by. But when does that stop? What are we looking forward to?

I’m tired.