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Monthly Archive for June, 2012

29 weeks


Well I’m going on 29 weeks in a day. Everyone keeps saying I still have a ways, but I know it’s going to go by in a wink. I had a great appointment with one of the newer midwifes this past week. She was super helpful about my SPD, and we chatted for some time. Looks like I am currently measuring 31 weeks! She says it’s normal or not really a big deal, but I think my jaw dropped open. I always measured right on schedule with Eleanor so it was just a bit of a surprise. Not sure if it means nothing like she said, or if this little lady is big or if she’s going to come early but I’m just going with the flow. I did have my dress rip last week, and a woman ask me if I was having twins. Though honestly when I look at pictures I don’t think I’m that much bigger than last pregnancy. I feel it though. :)


I also had my first appointment with a prenatal chiropractor, and it was so incredibly helpful. On top of the SPD pain my right round ligament has been in stitches for a week. She was able to give me some relief immediately, and though I’m sure my pelvis is out of alignment again I felt better after seeing her. I’m following up with her on Monday.

Now for the fun stuff! In a week I have vacation, and I’m looking forward to devoting some time to building a little nest for our girl. Laundry and crafting are in order. I’m thinking of making her a cloud mobile. I’m also wanting to read up on sibling introduction and how to explain to Eleanor that she is going to have a baby sister. I tell her all the time that a baby is in my belly or ask her to kiss her sister, but I don’t know at this age if she has any idea.

I’ve been craving ice water, lots of fruit and vegetables, and sugar unfortunately. Oh sugar!

A Saturday With My Girl

Eleanor and I spent the morning together at the farmer’s market, and then hanging out at the park. It was the first time she’s been in a stroller in a few months, and she seriously did not want to go out. At one point I tried to get her out so she could run around but all she wanted to do was be pushed around as she ate her fresh, juicy peach. It was packed today since there was also a Chili Cookoff and the Craft Fair going on so I was a bit nervous about pushing a stroller around but we managed well. At least we didn’t end up running anyone over.






We picked up some local whole wheat flour (what should I make …bread?!), green pepper, summer squash, purple onion, celery (oh my amazing. I thought I liked celery before but I never knew how it was really supposed to taste), duck eggs, blueberries, and shitake mushrooms. I’m thinking of making Nathan breakfast tomorrow for Father’s Day and having Eleanor and I bring it to him in bed. Maybe blueberry muffins or duck egg omelet with mushrooms!


It’s been down right gorgeous here. We are lucky to have such shade cover at our current house, but I really have been craving some hours by the pool or lake in the sun. Maybe on my (stay)vacation in a week I will take advantage of the local pools or swimming holes (I’m a little nervous about snakes though!) We went hiking last weekend and the river was full of big fish and a water snake!


Time is Flying


It’s just flying. It’s June. This is the month I will turn 30. I will start the third trimester of this pregnancy with our sweet little girl. I will have a 14 month old daughter. I may officially become a home owner. This is the month. I don’t do well with change. I tend to shut off. Retreat. Then after I’ve let it all sink in and boil over for too long I break down. Cry. Cry a lot. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the changes that are coming my way in the next few months. How can I avoid my typical reaction? I’m not sure. The good news is that they are all exciting changes. As hard as this pregnancy is becoming on my body and mental state I can’t wait to meet this little lady who has been turning somersaults and high kicks in my belly the past few weeks. Smell her. Hold her. Relish in her being. It’s an amazing thing, carrying a child.

Things are busy here. Nathan is the most amazing husband taking care of so much since I am practically incapacitated when I come home. Okay well that’s a stretch but I’ve been suffering from SPD (symphisis pubis dysfunction) which is really painful on my pelvic bone and my legs. There isn’t much relief though I have made a commitment to wear a belt every day and focus on posture and some yoga stretches to help. I really have no idea how I will get any bigger. But little bean is happy and healthy in there, and that’s what counts.

The house is moving along, too. It’s a lot of work purchasing an older home without a real estate agent. But we are hoping to close by the end of June. It would be nice to get some things squared away with the new place and moved in with enough time before I go in to labor!

Oh, and yesterday I had a milkshake for dinner.
That’s all.