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Always late to the party

So I suppose it’s only fitting that my first post here on YSL is about one of my many ‘projects.’ But before all that, I guess I should say, “HI!”

For as long as I can remember my hobby has consisted of making something crafty in an attempt to ‘make it big.’ Oddly enough, I wasn’t much for selling lemonade but if I could get my hands dirty building something, it was, as far as I was concerned, the next big thing. I’ve had ideas for all sorts of things. Some practical, some artistic and others a mixture of both. The older I get, however, the more I view my ‘creativity’ as a means to make a few extra dollars to pay for gardening supplies, new tools (for MORE projects), art supplies etc. Each project is a ridiculous cycle which leaves me happily broke with a few new tools in my pocket and the know-how to tackle my NEXT project.

With that being said, I seem to always miss the most obvious opportunities to sell my wares… namely holidays. For the last five years I’ve religiously missed my chance to sell my ‘cutesy’ illustrations & prints for Valentines Day. Duh.

This year, however, I’ve been focused on selling lamps. It just so happens that a woman recently purchased one of my coffee tin lamps (by the BLISS Company) as a five-year anniversary gift to her husband. Her justification for the purchase was that tin just so happens to be the ‘theme’ for 5th year gifts.

And so, in the spirit of not missing another holiday sales opportunity, I’ve decided to add another BLISS coffee can lamp to our Etsy shop… because what is Valentines Day, after all, without bliss.

6 Responses to “Always late to the party”

  • I love finding out the reasons why people purchase especially your lamps! It’s always bound to be something special.

  • i was the same way as a kid. determined to be rich from my talents. i also liked to sing as a kid. i was hell bent on being on star search. i would make my sister practice singing and dancing with me, to the song “the lion sleeps tonight”. ever heard of it? it’s a pretty popular song. i was a ridiculous kid.

    i also thought, around age 9, id try my hand at writing books. books similar to judy blume’s books. i still have one of those “books”. it’s about 7 pages and it’s mostly drawings. plus the last sentence just stops in the middle of a thought.

    i didn’t do lemonade stands but i was always trying to figure out ways to get just enought money to walk to the store and buy candy. garage sales always seemed to be successful, so i’d gather up stuff in my room, write a price on it in PERMANENT MARKER (i.e. clothes, toys, books, im dumb), and try to sell it. along with some rocks i painted. i got a grand total of .25 cents from a guy that probably felt sorry for me. he bought a rock. i still have some of my kids books and on the front of them i have “$2″ written in big black numbers. $2 for Curious George? that junt is PRICELESS. what was i thinking?

    its good that we grow up and realize thats all kind of silly. still, i miss that sure feeling i had. that feeling that i was really on to something. that i WOULD win star search, id have an award winning book, id be a world famous violin player, painter, garage saler extraodinaire…

    i miss being such a dreamer.

    • Maggie I wrote books too! My best friend in middle school and I would spend weekends plugging away at some new series of book we wanted to write. A lot of times lately I wish the internet was less available to me because then maybe I would read more. I don’t know if I would write more though… the internet is definitely good for that.

      you’ve always been an entrepreneur like nathan, too!

    • (imagine that)

      I didn’t write books but I DO still have a few copies of some ‘Learn to Draw’ books I made. I was a huge fan of Ed Emberley

  • I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a “I heart this blog” award on my blog. It’s a fun little thing where you pick recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading. If you’d like to participate, feel free to check out my blog at http://cedarfern.blogspot.com/2011/02/they-like-methey-really-like-me.html and nominate some that you enjoy as well. I’m so excited for you with your new little girl on the way as our due dates are only days apart! It’s getting so close!

    • Thank you Jen! That is so exciting, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading so far. I love discovering new blogs and people and crafts and will surely check out yours, as well as nominate a few, too.

      Congratulations on your upcoming baby! I love that I will get to follow other mama’s as they go through similar situations. We all have to lean on each other. :)

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