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craft weekend

It’s been snowing softly and slowly since early this afternoon. Fluffy large flakes keep falling from the sky. Nathan and I took Tucker for a walk (well, actually Tucker took us for a walk), and we kept trying to catch the flakes in our mouth. This is the prettiest of all snowfalls. I’m sipping on french press coffee while the banana nut loaf I just made cools from the oven. The house is cozy and quiet, and Nathan ran off to school in a hurry. He got so caught up in his recent ideas for lamps that time marched right away from him. I woke up this morning glanced at our dining room table and said, “You drilled in to our bird nest?”

We’ve been a busy little shop over here. The weekend was so nice and relaxing. AJ came over Saturday night, and we had breakfast for dinner. I made monkey bread instead of cinnamon rolls because I didn’t have enough time. I’ve been thinking about AJ a lot the past few days since he’s left for his trip to California. He is still one of the strongest, most amazing people I know, and I wish I could be there with him.

Back to the weekend Nathan and I both worked on lots of projects and crafts. If you should know, craft time at our house is a mess but it’s always fun! We also got a lot marked off our to do list which feels SOOOOO GOOD! I broke it down by weeks, and it has really helped me digest what we need to do. As you saw Nathan finished the mobile, and I worked on making a stuffed elephant! It was originally for a friend of mine who is expecting as well but I made a few mistakes so I’m going to attempt it again this week. He is rather cute though, and will be a nice addition to baby lady’s room for now.

Saturday craft day = fun mess

E is for elephant

I also read about covering burp cloths, and wanted to try it! Easy peasy, right? And so fun and colorful. I will be sewing a few more for sure.



And, finally I’ve had these awesome Orla Kiley dishtowels for a while waiting for something fun to make. A craft apron! I think I will make a few more of these as gifts or for the shop. They would be so nice to have come spring and summer time when out in the garden.

my new craft apron

my new craft apron

With each new project I try I am growing more in love with sewing as well as learning a ton! Take the elephant for instance, I stuffed and sewed his ears on before I sewed the two elephant pieces together! Doh! This caused a lot of trouble when it was time to flip the elephant inside out so that it could be stuffed itself. Oh, and yeah I forgot his tail, too! On the apron I folded over the ends of the tie to create a hem, but didn’t do it to the entire length of the tie so there are threads unraveling on it! Oh well I’m learning. And, next time they will be better.

Oh, and I picked up my new glasses! I can now see!
new glasses after 3 and a half years!

5 Responses to “craft weekend”

  • What a lovely crafty weekend.
    Love the burp cloth idea. I’m going to copy.

    Haha I’m always making sewing mistakes. Myles will hear this almighty roar coming from my sewing table and rush in to find that I’m not mortally wounded just unpicking my sewing to try again. ;)

    • It’s a super cute, fun idea for burp cloths! I of course didn’t follow the directions though, and sewed all the way around instead of turning wrong sides together sewing 3 sides, then flipping to sew the 4th side from the outside so my ends are a little raveled.

    • Haha! I have certainly grown accustomed to the moans and distress when the sewing machine is running. It’s rare, however, that Carey really ever pulls out her seams as ‘tiny’ work like that makes her fingers itch. She simply says, “Whatever, it’s not perfect” and plows ahead.

      … and that is why I love her.

      Myself? I’d pull it all apart and start over.

  • learning by doing is much more exciting. my preferred method for sure. it sticks with you better. when the girl that runs the bakery in memphis i sew aprons for, contacted me about making aprons for her store 4 years ago, i had NO IDEA how to make an apron. zero clue. so i just looked at anthropologie.com for some inspiration and got to it. to be fair, aprons are easier to make than almost anything else. but ive said too much.

  • Hi Carey :)
    Thanks for stopping by and saying such sweet things.
    The artist for our illustration is Jeremiah Hagler (his business is BlondeBeard Illustrations on Etsy.) We are so happy with it, in fact we were his first commissioned order ;) on the back of our original it says, “The First Family.”

    Your craft projects look like they went so well–and the husband joined in too?!
    That’s the best! Congratulations on your adding to your family soon!

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