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Twirl Girl

I did something monumental this weekend.
I sewed my first dress – a piece of clothing that I can wear!  I’m still flabbergasted.

Abigail came over Saturday for craft day! We started with 4 yards of fabric I picked up that morning at JoAnns. I meant to go to Vogue Fabrics since they have a much better apparel fabric selection, but ran out of time last week. So off to JoAnns I went with little luck. I didn’t fall in love with any of the fabrics that were there, but I was determined to sew a dress that day so I had to buy something. I ended up with four yards of a stiff white cotton with flowers. It looked like total mumu potential but I had hope.

I wanted to try the praire dress on Prudent Baby for a while. I had never sewn with elastic thread before and was hoping together Abi and I could figure it out. Well one top, 5 hours, lots of mistakes, and a veggie plate later we could not figure out the skirt or shirring! I think we both hit a wall. Turns out we cut the skirt the wrong size (way too big) by cutting in from the outside of the yard instead of the folded side. We attempted to then size it down to my body but this big belly definitely got in the way of that. (I was making the dress for post pregnancy.) Another cut, and we ended up in hysterics – we cut the waist too small this time!

It was time to call it a day.

The next morning I decided to give it one more go. I had enough fabric left in the too small skirt to possibly resize it to my waist but I would lose out on the “praire” style of the dress. The length would have to go. I measured twice, and cut. The skirt fit! Shirring was next. I watched a few videos, and Nathan discovered a few tips for me after doing a little research online. I went with the tips I found (don’t wind the elastic too tight on the bobbin, and use the longest stitch on your machine), and voila I shirred the skirt. I sewed the top and bottom, hemmed the skirt and was finished!

It doesn’t fit quite right now since it has a drop waist and that doesn’t really work with being 8 months pregnant. But it will be fun and comfortable to wear come this spring and early summer. I promise a photo when that happens. And, I’m even more determined to try another dress soon!

If you have any fun dress projects for beginners, please share! Lately, I’m open to trying anything!

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12 Responses to “Twirl Girl”

  • love-er-ly.

    So amazing when you make things to wear. I am yet to do so.

    • She was extremely excited and I can’t blame her… she’s shown a lot of patience with her sewing and, in this day and age, when we create something functional with our very own hands, there’s an amazing feeling of empowerment which follows.

      We’ve fallen so far from the tree of self-sufficiency it’s not even funny. I’ve suggested to my friends & coworkers they should grow cucumbers as they are one of the easiest veggies to grow but most are remiss simply of a fear of failure.

      • People would be so amazed if they grew cucumbers! I told Abi we will give her a seedling to try even if she only has a patio. What’s the worse that could happen, right?

        Oh man…what if we planted cucumbers all around the city! Now that’s an idea.

    • Thank you Rin!
      If you figured out that baby pattern you can totally make a dress! It’s just too bad I’m getting so excited about sewing right before the baby comes because I know our time will be limited for a while in the beginning.

  • I am super impressed. Your sewing has come so far. Great job Carey!!

  • So Carey, that looks like the perfect dress to wear to the FARMER’S MARKET!! For real. Oh and I think that this year you all should come hang with me at the North Center Market at least once because I simply have to meet baby lady.

    Guerrilla Gardening. Love it.

    “If you have to plant your own zucchini you must not have any friends” So so so EASY and prolific to grow…I once actually shot chunks out of big cukes at a gun safety course, obviously so areas have a glut of them.

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