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30 Day Shred Challenge

I’ve been itching to move. And since I love Jillian Michaels so much (hello, going to miss the heck out of her on the Biggest Loser next season!) I have decided to join all the other blogging mama’s for the 30 Day Shred Challenge. I actually bought the dvd sometime last year when I went on my personal Biggest Loser challenge, and lost 30 pounds. I didn’t end up using the Shred very much because I am terrible at videos. Mostly due to the fact that I have a very small living room with a lot of stuff in it (including a chandelier that I hit every time I reach over my head) and animals that like to get in my way. But Nathan said he will take the chandelier down, and I will just have to put the dog outside when I do the video.

Here are my before measurements (everything was measured at the widest part):

Arms – 12.5 inches
Thigh – 25.5 inches
Upper Waist (smallest part) – 34 inches
Lower Waist (belly button) – 39 inches
Hips – 44.5 inches

And, now I’m about to put my before photos up! Oh boy!

Before 30 Day Shred

Before 30 Day Shred

I gained a total of 40 lbs with Eleanor (I was 199 when I had her), and am currently 179. So I have about 20 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight. I know that won’t happen with just a month of working out, but I’m excited to see what the 30 Day Shred will do. I will probably go the first week without weights, and then introduce them the following week. I can’t wait to follow along with everyone else, and encourage healthy fit ladies!

Edit: So I did my first workout. Whoa. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out (Did I mention I hate working out? I do. I was never athletic growing up minus softball, and the only reason I like biking is because it doesn’t seem like working out. It’s a means to get somewhere but you burn calories doing it!). I wanted to stop somewhere 3/4 of the way through doing jumping jacks of all things but I kept going. I said to myself… hey you had a baby! With no pain medication! You CAN DO THIS. And, I finished. 1 down, 29 to go.

Anyone can join. They say you can lose around 10lbs and a dress size. Want to know what to do?

We are all doing before pictures and measurements. For your measurements take a soft measuring tape or some yarn and cut to the sizes then you can use a flat ruler to measure the yarn.

Where to measure?
Each arm (thickest part)
Each thigh (thickest part)
Upper waist (smallest)
Lower waist (at your belly button)
Your hips (biggest part)

Write this info down, or put it in Excel so you can come back to it after 30 days. After we complete the whole 30 days we are going to remeasure and take after photos.

Naptime Momtog

16 Responses to “30 Day Shred Challenge”

  • YAY! I am so glad you are joining in. I can’t wait to see your results.

  • hey, almost measurements twinsies! I’ve seen your blog and wanted to add it before, but i see nowhere to do that? congratulations on your journey!

    • Yup I noticed that too! So funny :) We got this.
      Yeah I don’t think we have an “add” button for some reason. I’ll have to ask my husband if we can get one. He knows how to do all of that. :)

  • I loved the shred when I did it. These days I’m trying to get all my activity outside if I can, but it’s definitely a go-to when I wanna work out at like 2am.

    Pay attention to the exercise models, there are a couple of times when they are totally being lazy and think the camera isn’t on them! haha just kidding, I know they probably did like 50 takes on that DVD and worked out for hours.

    • I still plan on going for walks with Eleanor (usually every other day right now, but maybe more once my mom is here), and once I start work again on the 20th I’ll be riding my bike which I credit a lot of my weight loss to last year. Love biking … It was the first time I actually saw muscle definition in my thighs …ever!

      Hhaha I’ll have to watch them! That’s hilarious. Yeah Jillian probably had to scream in their face a few times.

      • I rode my bike for the first time in 10 days today.. just for a trip to the market and back but it felt so amazing. I missed it.. it’s been so rainy and my parents got here and I was at Sasquatch for 4 days. Life gets so busy!

        I meant to say that I think your ‘before’ ain’t bad! your hair looks good. And I love that ottoman thing. Okay now I am really off topic. miss you. xo

        • You do lead one busy life! I sorta live vicariously through your random facebook updates :) I am so excited your parents are there!!!!!

          And thanks about the before photos. I am proud of that body and all its done now we just gotta do a little more :)
          I miss you too!

  • I’d love to do this! Do you need the DVD?

  • aw, good luck! I have the DVD and have started it in the past and felt super strong after just a little bit but I got SO bored with it. All these bloggers are motivating me to start it back up though in addition to my regular workouts. I cant wait!

  • Wish I could do it, but I’m still technically healing from the c-section! Plus, I’m so lazy with videos..I have a Zumba one I did like twice.

  • I’m a new follower and also linking up with my own 30 Day Shred! I started on May 30th and you can find my before pics and updates on my blog.


    Looking forward to sharing our progress!

    • Awesome! Are your muscles aching yet? Today is day 3 for me and I woke up feeling every muscle in my body I think. :) Good luck!

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