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Front Yard Farm Update

The front yard is starting to look a bit fuller now that we have most all of our seedlings popping up, and a bit of fruit, too! I stand back every time I garden to admire our work, and to imagine it growing to its potential in just a few weeks. We currently have a bunch of cherry tomatoes popping out and a few peas!

Cherry tomatoes

Lessons we have learned so far this season:

- while radishes are good for peas, peas are not necessarily good for radishes especially if said radishes are in a partial shade plot. I noticed this weekend that our second planting of radishes had started to flower, but there was no root growth! After a little research turns out soils high in nitrogen (peas return this to the soil) that are also planted in the shade and hit with high heat will flower. Flower = no fruit! So we had to pull them up. So sad!

- Peas like to grow up very thin trellis. Next year or this fall we will definitely be doing a teepee. The string we currently have is being pulled down by the peas, and honestly isn’t as “pretty” as I would like. The peas growing up the chain link fence however are doing awesome.

Pea Blossoms

- Just because the seed packet says that your carrot will be ready in 55 days does not make it so.

- Go with the best seeds. All of our seeds are from Seed Savers, and besides the taste, the fact they are 100% oganic and not GMO there is such love put in to these seeds. It’s so cool to know I’m eating a pea passed down through decades and decades by the Amish!

Provider Beans (Bush)

- Try, try again! The darn pigeons have basically killed just about everything I’ve planted in one spot of our yard. But I kept throwing new seed down in hopes that something might survive. We now have 7 baby swiss chard plants that are on their way UP!

- Herbs are a gardener’s best friend. I have always been afraid of herbs because I can never seem to keep them alive. This year I decided to plant a few together and the rest in their own pots all outside! And, they are all doing wonderfully. The key for our location is planting outside instead of inside I learned.


3 Responses to “Front Yard Farm Update”

  • My tomato seedlings all were eaten up the day after I planted them. :-( I’m going to have to start over on those, but we already had our first harvest of radishes and carrots and peas are looking good! Our biggest challenge is keeping the weeds at bay!

    • Mine, too Kelley! I actually love weeding … I find it relaxing, but it is one of the main things we have had to let go since having Eleanor. I can get the seeds in, and water them but weeding is out the door!

      Hoping my mom or brother will be able to help with that in the next few weeks.

      That sucks about your tomato seedlings! Confession: I have never planted a tomato from seed! We usually get our seedlings from the market. I think all the rain and lack of heat in the beginning slowed down their growth here, but maybe with summer finally hitting it will help. I can’t wait to try a carrot! Have you ever grown them before? It’s my first time.

      Ps. I would love to see pictures of your garden!

  • I tried peas this year and used the “Crocket Victory Garden” method…dig a small trench/square..sprinkle the peas..then get some old tree branches/sticks and put them in the trench ! Seems to be working and looks really neat.
    Also..something I have used for years to deter the bunnies from eating my new transplants is a piece of gauzy fabric that you can just lay over the row or put ontop of metal half circles to raise up. I use it on my beans till they are about 2 inches tall and in the frame style for cabbages/broccolis which are prone to get eaten by beetles. The sun/rain can go right thru it..you can use it year after year..and can get it thru a good farm store or Burpee type catalogue.

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